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1. Needs ,Wants and Demands That Build-A –Bear customers demonstrate. Needs it is when every customer of Build-A-Bear needs a stuff toy when they purchase from the store. It is the basic product that Build-A-Bear must produce. Wants those are the options of the customer to customize the stuff toy or the product like the dress me filled accessories galore, name me where a birth certificate is created with child selected-name and accessories using the high-tech available. Demands these are wants of the customers where they request to Build-A-Bear. It is the option of Build-A-Bear to make to cater the demands of the customer.

BUILD A BEAR’S ACTIONS : Customers’ needs for toys are satisfied through selling stuffed animals and bears. To fulfill customers’ wants to have a unique toy or bear, they have made an environment where which is a cartoon land or a fantasy where their desired toys can be manufactured by themselves. To meet the customers’ demand of adding accessories to their self created toy, Build A Bear offers different accessories which raises the price of the toy. A customer will add only as much accessories as its buying power. 2. In detail, describe all of Build-A-Bear’s product. What is being exchanged in a Build-A-Bear transaction?

FACETS OF BUILD A BEAR PRODUCT: The eight facets are shaped into eight workstation through which their toy is processed step by step with the help of workers. The facets are: a) CHOOSE ME: Where customers select an animal of his choice to be stuffed. b) STUFF ME: They blow in the stuffing as much as he/she wants. c) HEAR ME: Where the customer adds a voice box. d) STITCH ME: Where the child stitches the animal shut. e) FLUFF ME:Here blow drying spa treatment is done. f) DRESS ME: The animal is dressed here. g) NAME ME: At this point the birth certificate of the toy is made in the name of... [continues]

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