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Reflect on and develop your practice

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Sometime I also come across patients with challenging behaviour. Once I had a patient admitted on my ward named Mr F with challenging behaviour and communication was a problem. Understanding his request I found it very difficult, because the communication skills were very limited by the patient. One occasion became very frustrated with his behaviour and I became angry because of his demands. I got irritated and became rather “short” with him. I realised that this approach is in fact negative and that I needed to change my way of thinking.

To be a commencement worker I needed to use skills of empathy and realised that it could be easy for me to lash out. I needed to deal with this and adopt a positive approach. I took into account that I am a care worker and that I have to change my attitude and to give more of myself. I felt I have to learn more about individuals with challenging and complex needs. Any values of beliefs of my own needed to go on the back burner and not stereotype those I am working with. I had to improve my practice as well and seek feedback from my manager.

My manager has given me feedback and has encouraged and appreciated my thoughts. She has worked with me to improve my practice and truthfully informed me about the problem with my behaviour to ensure that I was directed and able to deal more effectively with my clients with particular needs. I have attended training sessions on communication and few seminars on stress management. This I felt helped me to be more competent person and able to deal appropriately with my clients.

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The session on communications and learning disabilities lightened that my clients’ problems were not their fault. I discovered that I had taken their behaviour personally.. In order for best practise to take place I needed knowledge about their disabilities, this has improved my practise and has helped me to understand them more. I have regular supervision regarding my practice and have been told I have improved and have become more professional in my approach. I see training as ongoing and valuable.

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