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With more people on a budget and the increasing demand for authentic vintage and famous brands fashions, thrift stores that are well-stocked and operated can be quite lucrative. Opening a clothing thrift shop is cheaper than starting a traditional clothing store because building an inventory will not require as much money. Step 1 Focus on a type of clothing to sell. Tepee 2 Develop a business plan for your thrift store, including the following details: analysis of competing thrift stores, especially those in your niche; public relations and racketing plans. Step 3 Lease or buy a space for your store. Step 4 Create buying policies for your store, allow customers to sell their second-hand clothing to you, including what labels you will accept, condition the clothes, how clothing value is assessed and how customers will be compensated store credit or cash. Step 5 Promote your thrift clothing business.

Market Alignment Worksheet : I am a kind of person that like to buy clothes, actually I really like to buy clothes and I think I have a good taste about it. But like me I know a to women don't like to spend all your money buying good clothes, because it I have the idea about thrift store because you can find good clothes with a good price and still beautiful. And when you have a clothes that still almost new and you don't want anymore you can go to the store and try to sell them to someone that can like that clothes.

Empower our customers with easy to use products that really do solve their problems about spend a lot Money in clothes and will look good. Target Market Definition : My first target market will be women in their early ass who ran low incomes and then all the ages of women that like to be well dressed. SOOT Strengths : High barriers to entry. Limited competition in the Bay Area Very high gross margins Ability to sell products online Highly visible website Limited start up risk.

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Weaknesses: Competitors can offer similar products quickly. Marketing Plan By Amarillo-Maddens High transportation costs. Limited flexibility in pricing Opportunities : Continued expansion for online sales. Ability to develop additional stores. Affiliate relations with related vendors. Development of proprietary products. Threats : Changes in regulations can impact the business. Insurance costs are continually increasing. Increases in price inputs can cause upward pricing.

Communicating Your Value: For women who don't have lot money to spend in good clothes, our product is a store with used clothes but in perfect condition. That provides women well dressed without spend your entire budget in clothes. And unlike the other thrift store we will make a selection about the condition and beauty of the clothes. That's our solution to women that like to be well dressed but don't spend lot money; our store will have DOD and beautiful clothes with great condition and the best, with a good price.

Building Your Brand : New Closet Thrift Store. Elevator Pitch: Do you remember being a teenager or a college student? What you wore mattered, right? It still does. Yet a lot of low-income women have to wear clothes that make them feel embarrassed. That's why our mission is to make sure all women feel beautiful when they leave the house. If you have the chance, stop by our Thrift Store and you can see what I mean. Tag line : Where the old can become new. The best of yesterday, here today.

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