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This section will identify the firm’s marketing mix. The products, pricing, place and promotion efforts of the company will be discussed. The products of the company are well restricted within the apparel and clothing industry. However, within this industry the company has multiple products per category. In order to streamline its business, the company has categorized its products. The company’s biggest and most profitable product line would be its Jeanswear. This is the first category. The following are its other categories: Imagewear, Outdoor, Sportswear and Contemporary Brands.

Among the more readily recognizable brands within each category, Jeanswear features Wrangler, Lee, and Timber Creek. For Imagewear, we have NFL Red and Bulwark. For Outdoor, we have JanSport, EastPak, and NorthFace. For Sportswear, Nautica is the more recognizable brand out of the two brands carried. Lastly, for Contemporary Brands, 7 for All Mankind is recognizable among its limited brands carried. Pricing for each product is varied. This is in line with the company’s strategy to provide a wide range of products to reach a variety of consumer segments across all retail channels.

Each product would feature high-end and low-end lines to cater to the various segments. Place of marketing is also varied. These brands have been marketed not only in the United States but also in Latin America and in Asia. The goal of the company to create an international presence pushes the company to expand even those products which are manufactured locally to be marketed internationally. A good example would be Wrangler International which is marketed in North America, Latin America and Asia. Promotion for the products has been focused on “consumerization”.

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The concept of “consumerization” has been coined by the company’s CEO McDonald ever since taking its helm in the late 1990’s. It is a process in which the company aimed to reorient all of its operations – including manufacturing, marketing and systems technology toward meeting the needs of the customers. (Pederson 2003). Promotional efforts have also been much tied into with its e-commerce efforts where the company invested in web-based business to business capabilities. Implemented in 1999 through i2 Technologies, the company aimed to provide the consumers and retailers a web-enabled marketplace for procurements of goods.

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