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Fenty Beauty‘s purpose is to create an inclusive and diverse range of makeup products that include all women regardless of identity, age, skin color, ethnicity, and sexuality. This brand was created for people who tend to be excluded from mainstream cosmetics brands. The brand focuses mostly on adults from the ages of 18 – 30 but is used by people of all ages. While Fenty’s branding and marketing are primarily focused on women, the brand encourages all genders to use their products. Their primary target audience believes in holding companies accountable for their social and environmental actions. Fenty Beauty is a cruelty-free brand that also strives to be vegan-friendly and caters to people allergic to gluten, as their products are gluten-free.

Fenty Beauty took the market by storm and positioned their brand as a very strong contender in the industry; they were able to fill a market that has been desperately demanded inclusivity and diversity. According to, Fenty Beauty earned a record of $100 million dollars in their first forty days; and ranked third in earned media value in the cosmetics industry in 2017 according to Woman’s Wear Daily. Fenty Beauty promises to create high-quality products focusing on the inclusivity of women of all skin tones, races, and backgrounds. They want to make make-up fun and exciting instead of feeling pressured by society to wear makeup.

Fenty Beauty has a simple, minimalistic look; they use neutral tones that match with the skin tones of their models or their make up shades. Their elegant monogram ‘FB’ pressed into their pressed-powder products such as highlighters or eye shadows, while their liquid products are sold in frosted glass packaging, creating a luxurious and upscale feeling to their products. They are known to use women of color, and hiring models that are known for their unique personality, unconventional beauty, activism and more. The use of women of color, especially very dark skin tones, disrupted the beauty industry since the majority of cosmetics companies did not cater to these women.

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Fenty Beauty is accessible to their broad audience, they are conveniently located in Sephora stores, both brick and mortar and online, as well as their own website, They are priced lower than their luxury brand competitors, and their wide range makes them more inclusive than other brands. Fenty Beauty has established themselves as the leaders in diversity in their wide range of products, from very dark to very light. Mainstream cosmetics brands tend to have less range when it comes to shades for people of color; Fenty Beauty has 50 shades in their foundation range. Not only are they leaders in their industry, but they’re also top of their game in terms of marketing, branding and creating more intimate relationships with their audience.

As I stated before, Fenty Beauty is all about diversity, inclusiveness, and social issues. They support minority groups, women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, animal rights and they support Rihanna’s Clara Lionel Foundation. This foundation focuses on improving the standard of living for young people around the world, funding programs that provide education, health services and more. Fenty Beauty’s brand attributes would be their popular and positive reputation in their industry making them relevant, they have positioned their brand well, with many people choosing this brand just to support diversity. They are a trusted brand, with consistent products that satisfied their audience’s standard of quality.

Fenty Beauty’s long-term goals would be to become the leader of their industry while creating new products that their audience loves. They want to make a positive social impact as a company that got their start from social issues. Short-term goals would be to become a fully vegan-friendly brand, as well as creating new products to keep their brand relevant and to promote growth. Fenty Beauty is leading in the cosmetics industry with new ideas, diversity, and excitement to be inclusive of all women and to bring out their confidence.

Fenty Beauty wants to remain relevant; one of the benefits of supporting Fenty is supporting diversity and inclusiveness. A way they can stay relevant but also staying true to their values would be to do exactly what their brand stands for, and to hire women of color, women who don’t fit society’s image of ‘conventional beauty’, women of different gender identities and sexualities and so on. Using women that stand out from the usual cosmetics advertisements will help Fenty not only bring awareness to the brand but also brings awareness to what the brand stands for. This will be implemented throughout their social media platforms, online website and other promotional avenues.

I believe a large part of the appeal to Fenty Beauty is how relatable the brand is compared to other luxury cosmetic brands. I think holding a special event for fans of Fenty Beauty or Rihanna will help make the relationship between the brand and consumer stronger. When your brand is relatable it’s easier for consumers to trust the brand and for brand loyalty to increase. Not only will the event make consumers connect with the brand, but they may also feel like they’re apart of the Fenty family or experience.

Lastly, I would create videos for Youtube to help promote the brand, show how the products can be used, and just general information about the brand or promotions. There is a large beauty section of Youtube, with likes of Jeffree Star, Michelle Phan, Huda Beauty and more, there is huge potential for Fenty Beauty videos on Youtube. This will help with brand and product exposure, the brand could bring on popular YouTubers who have huge followings in the millions. These videos can be makeup tutorials, makeup tips and hacks and even questions and answer videos.

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