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Women With Makeup and Beautiful People

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I think if you're a girl and you want to dress up as Spider-Man or Batman you can do it. Some other people think nope a girl needs to be perfect, wear, dresses, and skirts also have glitter and makeup too. Also, boys can’t like glitter or have long hair. I think that is totally unfair and I am going to tell you why. It’s like saying that a human being can’t be whatever they want to be. You can’t just judge people on their gender. What that person does and want you to want them to look like is not them it’s like saying that person has to be perfect, but face the facts no one is perfect.

Then if girls like to wear boy clothing go ahead because all the boy clothing is made out of the same thing as girl clothing. Also if girls want short hair I don’t care because shorter hair is easier to take care of than longer thick or thin hair, and maybe some boys like long hair because they can design it. Even if it is not thin hair and it is thick hair.

Half of the girls feel stifled by gender stereotypes, with children as young as seven believing that their looks matter more than achievements or character. Also because of that it shows a quarter of girls exhibit symptoms of depression by age 14. This could have a negative impact on girls’ mental health. I hate that people judge you on popularity and what you look like. It’s like they trying to be Judge Judy and judge what people look like. Also, I learned that when girls are only in girls' schools they build their confidence and share their opinion more. Girls in girl schools like more classes than boys in their school.

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Then for boys, if there was only a boy school social pressures are less stressful. So like they don’t have to care what they look like. Also why social pressure is less stressful because they don’t care what you look like. All of these things are why certain people get paid more. Tall people, fat people, Blondes, workers who work out, women who wear makeup, and handsome people. Boys think girls shouldn’t play football and tease girls about it.

I don’t like how people have to wear a certain pair of clothing. Like if a man and woman went to a beautiful restaurant. The man would be expected to wear a tuxedo. Also, the girl would be expected to wear a dress. Let’s say they don’t like to wear that and the man wears a shirt and jeans. Then the girl wears maybe the same thing. Everyone would judge them. As I was saying at the beginning I think girls and boys can wear whatever the heck they want. Also for a while, people keep on saying you can’t judge people on their gender and I think whoever said that was right. If you want to say the other way I think you are wrong and self-observed. That is my argument and what I think.

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