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Development Of Makeup For Men

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Make up is normally used by women but also it can be used by men as well. Of course, this applies to different 'policies' that every country has. Culture, civilization, tradition, customs and religion, to name just a few. For instance, men in countries like Greece do not tend to wear make up, unlike other countries in which the male population is more open-minded and cultured. France and Italy are examples of countries in which men usually wear make up. Beauty is a personal issue and subject to different tastes. However, every man yearns seduction, passion, romance, beauty and love.

For this reason, here must be a high-end make up product that will be used only from men. Market presents a lack nowadays in high end products that apply to the beauty of men and this result in the launch of a prestigious new make up devoted to the male population Fashion industry is one of the most interesting ones. Fashion houses come always with extravagant and attractive ideas in order to lure consumers. One of the most luxurious and best selling products that nearly every fashion house has to display is the make up.

Make up is used mostly by women, but not anymore. Channel is going to launch an amazing make up only for men. It will be perfect and for sure a great success story as the first make up used only by men appears to make a huge dream come true for the men around the world. Channel Home is a great make up only for male consumers around the world. Inspired by the passion for freedom of Gabrielle Channel, the Channel Makeup Creation Studio has designed Channel Home, a new spirit of makeup that is simple and flawless at the same time.

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Free like a breath of fresh air and spontaneous like the perfect getaway. Each man's intuition guides the brush as it sweeps across the face to create a personalized makeup result intensified with each sweep f the brush. Its five luminous and natural shades reveal an amazing make up result. Channel Home is recognized from its ultra-protective formula, enriched with cotton flower and white rose plant cells that become one with the skin. It is gentle on all skin types, even the most sensitive.

The make up Channel Home is going to include in its beautiful package, the glow make up foundation as well as a natural professional mini kabuki blush that promises exceptional results just like you have your own make up artist on your home. The first Channel Home ever created, reveals the healthy glow of each male ND provides a sensation of lightness, well-being and freshness. The mini kabuki blush is going to be a half-moon powder brush made of 100% natural hair which definitely makes the application look more sublime and give it a professional look as well to the face of the elegant male.

Moreover, Channel Home features an iconic Channel compact case that promises that the elegant male population will simply love it. Its big mirror, with a larger inclination angle, and its powder brush make for an easier application. Coco Channel once said 'In order to be irreplaceable, one must always be different room the others' and this make up is exactly for those men who always try and are at the top of the world and who always seek new ways of impressing people and themselves as well. It is for those who take it for granted that real beauty comes from inside and derives from a very special individuality.

Channel Home is going to be in a beautiful package seducing every male and tempting him from the first minute with its immaculate package. This package is going to have at the top of it, the logo of Coco Channel, a fashion house that knows better than anyone else what elegance and free style mean, due to the agenda Of its founder Gabrielle Channel. As the other products of Coco Channel that are globally being sold, Channel Home make up will be put in a gorgeous white bag with black letters that will write the fashion house's name with capital letters.

Channel Home foundation will be oval in shape, with the logo at the top and also the mini kabuki blush will bring the logo of the fashion house at the top and the name of the make up at its bottom. Packaging of all the make up products Channel Home will take place in France and they will be made there as well. Channel Home will be an exclusive product for hoses few around the world. Such exclusivity leads to a price that brings the number of two hundred Euros . If course this price might differ from a country to another one and it might be subject of different taxes and VAT that apply to the products.

As it concerns the locations that the demanding men will be able to find the ultra and brand new Channel make up, they can be found on the boutiques of Channel around the globe in big cities, renowned resorts and fashion capitals. Manhattan, London, Paris, Milan, Rome, Churchgoer 1 850 and many more. Moreover, it will be offered the possibility f distribution of the product to the place of their customers' choice. More specifically, men will be able to order this magnificent foundation either from the official website of Channel or by contacting the most convenient to them, store in order to arrange a delivery at their home.

That, surely promises more orders of the make up and gives the possibility to its customers to have their foundation arrived at their easiness and comfort to their place. Channel is a fashion house synonymous of luxury and style. The new Channel Home make up is going to be promoted through seductive and beautiful immemorial. Those commercials will be viewed at the television and Of course through the official website of the house. The advertisement campaign will include a new fresh man beautiful and elegant that will demonstrate the product.

The plot of the campaign is going to include a man that its character is always to defy the normal nature; he is incomparable and invariably seeks new ways of transforming himself in someone better and even more unique. He is falling in love with a photographer, with whom they meet under a hot romantic late evening in Proportion, the most picturesque place in Italy. They meet at Splendid Hotel, and they share passionate moments and till the times goes by, the photographer suggests to his new lover to follow him to the beach. They kiss under the moon, and the moon says 'CHANNEL FOREVER'.

Then they make a stroll down the amazingly gorgeous piazza at midnight. The kiss again in a more passionate way outside of the Channel boutique. The clock says that it is twelve o'clock when the street is becoming wider and wider when millions of men show up with the new Channel Home make up in their hands. The advertisement will close with a panoramic view of Proportion as seductive as it can be at midnight while the ocular men will take a bath nude at the rocky beach at night in a very provocative way kissing each other's bodies.

The advertisement will be very provocative and sensual at the same time.. Other promotional activities will include hiring the best actors and actresses in order to display the new foundation yet at the most provocative and beautiful at the same time way. The locations that the campaign will take place, are Cannes, Staten Cap Ferret Proportion and Paris during a hot August evening. Addressing the issue of competition, fashion houses are renowned from its customers around the world for their make up.

For example the Parisian fashion house of Christian Dior haste launched a new foundation, very luxurious and with the most immaculate look than it has ever before proposed. Of course, this powder can be used both from women and men for sheer professional look just like feeling the catcalling spirit. Another example responds to La Prairie, which is getting ready to launch also a new make up that will be made of the finest ingredients that make it perfect and smooth. However, Channel Home is the first make up only for men. That means that is convenient, fresh, easy-to- wear and suitable for all type of skins of men.

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