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Village of Schaumburg Sex, Age, and Employment Demographics The village of Schaumburg is a large village located in Cook County in Northeastern Illinois. The village is a northwestern suburb of Chicago and is part of the Golden Corridor. Schaumburg has the reputation of being the model community of Cook County. Schaumburg is located roughly 28 miles (45 km) northwest of the Chicago Loop and approximately 10 miles (16 km) northwest of O’Hare International Airport. As of the 2011 community survey the Village of Schaumburg had a total population of 49. 0% of males and 50. 10% of females. It can be determined by the chart below that the populations of females in the village of Schaumburg make up approximately 37,160 while males come in at 37,038. These estimates were based on a total population of 74,198 people. For this paper the focus will remain on the population of males and females in two separate subgroups of 18years of age and over and 65 years of age and over. I will also discuss the emphasis that is associated with these age factors and the employment rate in Schaumburg.

According to the 2011 American Community Survey for the village of Schaumburg, the total provisional population of males and females 18 years and over stood at 59,489. The percentage break down of the population of males 18 years and over has a percentage of 48. 10%, while the percentage for females 18 years and over consist of 51. 90%. In contrast, the percentage of males ages 65 years and over is 39. 20% while females 65 years and over maintains a percentage of 60. 80%.

Based on the information provided it can be determined that the village of Schaumburg has an increased population of males and females over the ages of 18. My theory is that the Village of Schaumburg is heavily populated with younger adults due to the opportunity of jobs the village has to offer. Major corporations like Motorola, IBM, and Comcast hold company headquarters in the Village of Schaumburg. Working class adults are more willing to live in communities that are abundant with job opportunities.

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According to the economic characteristics for the Village of Schaumburg the overall employment status stood at 61,311. The breakdown of the populace in the work force outweighs the total number of unemployment citizens in the village. The percentage of employed citizens is right around 66. 30%, while the unemployed come in at a low 4. 90%. It is evident that the Village of Schaumburg maintains a steady employment rate due to the numerous employment options available in the area. I found the low 2011 unemployment rate in Schaumburg surprising, considering that the overall economies unemployment rate was at 8. %. Based on the information provided it can be determined that the Village of Schaumburg is a community that has a population that is heavily populated by young adults. The influx of adults can be contributed to the accessibility and variation of jobs in the area. Also, the notable changes that were brought about in the year 2000 with attractions such as Streets of Wood field, Game Works, and the Convention Center attributed to the increase of young adults and the working class citizens in the Village of Schaumburg.

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