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So often people associate with others in terms of status and call them friends

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A friend always believes in you even when you are going through tough times and your own sense of security and confidence has been torn apart. He is your best and worst critic and he shows you a path to a higher self by being there in times of crisis even when others have deserted you out of their selfish motives.

Ivan sat alone in the playground feeling low. He had failed the exam and it was like a reality check that he had been evading since long. He did see it coming, but his evasive tendencies had stretched him too far this time. He sat there remembering how David had tried to warn him about the consequences and how he had ridiculed him in front of everyone.

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His life was falling apart because the ‘friends’ the associated with were busy partying and had no time for him now. Tears swelled up in his eyes as he sat there in the realization of his mistakes when he felt a hand on his shoulders. David stood there looking gently at him. While he expected an expression of righteousness, there was just a benevolent smile.

David sat down and shared with him how he had gone through a similar phase earlier and so he had felt a sense of responsibility in guiding him. He shared with him his experience and Ivan could see the remedial actions he needed to take now. True, it was a setback but David made him see it was just a stepping stone to a better self and that this was not the end of the world. He began to feel better and could now recognise what it meant to be a friend to someone.

A friend is not one who always hangs around with you as long as his own interests match with you but one who is there to guide you even when things are not going well with you.

He may not be always present by your side and may not lead you to a false sense of security but instead he is the one who will stand by you and help be a better person, even if that means being critical of your actions when required.

So often people associate with others in terms of status and call them friends. But they are the first one to turn their backs in times of crisis. A friend will stand by your side then and without being judgemental will guide you to a better self.

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