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As explained by the Spanish Proverb. Friends are an Indispensable part of our life. They help us understand new things. They enhance our self-esteem because they think we're the best, because we matter to them. We don't need to pretend in front of them, just show the real personality. We all have friends. However, different people have different tastes and viewpoints to make different types of friends. In a questionnaire answered from" World of Reading 3" by Eileen K. Blab, people identified the qualities of making rinds and the most important Is a friend keeping confidences.

A sense of humor followed closely. Good conversationalist Is the less valued quality. In general, throughout our lives we come across many types of friends: convenience friends, friend's of friends, online friends and close friends. Convenience friends usually are our neighbors or classmates who live close to us. These are the people we exchange some small articles of daily use. They will lend us their salt when we run out of it. They will ask us if we want to go shopping with them. They will aka care of our pets when we go on vacation for a week.

And, when we have visitors, they let us park at their garage. We do these for them also. However, we won't come very close or tell too much. We may have their faceable or MS, but conversation is rarely started, unless we talk about weather or colleagues "It's a beautiful day, isn't it? " "How is your new company? Are you satisfied with the current salary? "something about ordinary greetings. Thus, convenience friends benefit from each other, but are not usually very close. My friends are friends with your friends so I guess ere friends, too. These kinds of friends are all about connecting people.

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I am sure most people know what that means. I have Introduced my friend who Is going to CBS to a friend who already was a CBS student. After a period of time, they meet and know each other. Soon, their circle goes on with their other circles of friends. This kind of phenomenon always happens in big social gatherings, such as parties. We will have a lot of fun together, have delicious food and exorbitant wine. Adversely, we usually chat for an hour or so, and then the conversation Is over. Conversation will continue even If they have nothing much to say to each other.

If we meet on the street, the conversation would only last for a few minutes. I'd start with" Hey, what a coincidence, what are you doing here? ' and end with a "Okay, see you. " But I never really want to see them because I wouldn't take a time to drink coffee or eat dinner. In short, this kind of friends wont open hearts to each other. Teenagers now spend a lot of time on the internet, it has become a regular occurrence to get acquainted with online friends. This is the most uncommon type of rinds, however, they can also be the most precious.

Simply Just because you all are strangers, you can pour your feeling out to them without any worries. "Those who know us well want details and specifics; strangers allow us to operate more vaguely on a cosmic scale. You can only say 'l feel like Vie known you for years' to someone you have not known for years. "(From Roger Bert- Lost in translation). I used to have online friends who I almost everyday talk with. I wouldn't feel uncomfortable talking with them. In contrast, I told them all my happiness and sorrow. You can not Imagine topped talking, and life still goes on.

So, these kind of friends are more like passers- by. Last, no doubt close friends is the best category of all kinds of friends. These people contribute anything for us. They can make the winter feel warmer, the sky more clear, the water sweeter because they are there. In addition, close friends take care of us. They can skip the class to come and see us when we tell them we are sick. They lend us their money, bed, heart, time, everything they have. We feel absolutely reassured that we have them. When I was a little girl, I was living n a small countryside.

I still remember when I caught fire flies with my friend, Inning Hang. We were together so often, like each other's shadows. One charming night fall, we ran and played in a vast farm. From land to the farm, it has a slope with woods, so we would play on the slide. Ironically, we would both fall into a waterway and came home with our clothes all mucked up. My mom was shocked, and she asked me where I had gone and why I was like that. I decided to take of all the blame. The next morning she told me she did it in same way. That was a great impressive friendship.

To summarize, each type of friends brings us diverse Joy. Convenience friends bring a lot convenience to us; friend's friends make us have a greater social hub; we can pour all our worry out to online friends; close friends always stand right next to us although many other people come and go. Sometimes we get problem that we can not solve and they are also the best candidate to help us. Treat wholeheartedly friends, greet people with a smile from the heart and we will receive the same in return. Indeed, for feeling at ease, for comfort, for support- not according to blood but to friends.

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