How to Write a Job Description

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A job description is developed to state basic information about the job itself and the role of the employee for that job. A copy of the job description is usually sent to all applicants so they are aware of what they are doing and to make sure that they are fit for the job before they apply. It is vital to add the following information in the job description; job title, department and location, responsibilities, position within the organisational structure and scope of post.

Person specification

A person specification is also known as a job specification. This lets the applicant to form a description of his or herself. This description made by the applicant examines the applicant's personal attributer including physical attributes, qualifications, experience, training, competence, personal circumstances, attitudes and practical and intellectual skills. This shows a proper profile of the type of person the business needs to do the job.

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A person specification is a summary which provides knowledge relating to the skills needed which are essential to the post or desirable. There are several ways of advertising a post. Certain businesses use newspapers, posters, emails and fax as a method of advertising a vacancy. The internet is becoming more and more popular for advertising jobs. Jobs can also be advertised through agencies or job centres. Very few vacancies are advertised within a business.

The reason for this is because the business feels that they already have the expertise available. All organisations have to advertise their vacancies as wide as possible; this is because they have to comply with equal opportunities legislation. Businesses have to also recruit internally and externally. The reason for this is because if they only recruit internally then they may no find t the most suitable person for the job; also if they decide to recruit externally, it can be expensive. This can take a lot of time and there may be fewer and better applicants compared to a job advertised externally.

One of the best ways of advertising a job externally is to place an advertisement in the newspapers. Depending on the size of the advert, the cost of an advert can vary from ½ 40 to ½ 8,000. Advertising online has started to become much popular amongst organisations. Each organisation which publishes adverts online has their own house style for their advertisements meaning they are likely to use the same layout for the vacancies they advertise in and out of an organisation. This allows the public to recognise a job vacancy in the organisation.

McDonalds and Asda McDonalds McDonalds was founded in 1940 by Dick McDonald in San Bernardino, California. This organisation is the largest chain of fast food restaurants selling fast food. More recently, with the successful expansion of McDonalds into many international markets, the company has become a symbol of globalisation. McDonalds opened its first restaurant in 1974 in the Auk. Today more than 2.5million people in this country place their trust in McDonalds each day, trusting the company to provide them with food of a high standard, quick service and value for money.

Asda Asda is a huge supermarket chain. It retails in food, clothing, toys and general merchandise. It actually became the subsidiary of the American retail giant Wal Mart., the world's largest and successful retailer in 1999 and is the second largest chain in the UK after Tesco overtaking Sainsbury's. Asda is Wal-Mart's largest non-U.S subsidiary, accounting for almost half of the company's international sales.

The employees of McDonalds are transferred from one department to another according to their efficiency and experience. Promotions The employees of McDonalds are promoted from one department to another with more benefits and greater responsibility based on efficiency and experience. Retired and retrenched employees The retired and retrenched employees of McDonalds may also be recruited again in case of shortage of qualified personnel or increase in load of work. Recruitment with such people saves time and costs of McDonalds as the people are already aware of the organisational culture and the policies and procedures.

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