Nhs Database Administrator Criteria and Job Description

Last Updated: 26 Jan 2021
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? On of the tree jobs I chose to research is as an NHS Database Administration in this page I will explain some of the tasks that a Database Administrator will do and how many files need updating. And why the job role is available and what skills I would need to have to apply for this job. The role of a database administrator is to: Ensure patient medical records are correctly updated Make appointments Check in arriving patients using an internal database system Problem solving skills

Telephone work both internally and externally Administration Support In this job there are a large number of files that need to be updated because they have incorrect information included in them. This problem is solved by the database administrator who investigates the files and resolves any issues that crop up so that the information in these files is completely correct and filed correctly. Part of the reason this job is available is because clients have a back log to get through.


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I think this job would be good for me because it is a temporary ongoing position that requires the person that gets this job to be flexible in the tasks asked of them. The skills I would need for this job are as follows: Experience working within the NHS. Minimum of 1 year of administration experience. Good IT skills using Microsoft word and excel. I would need to be able to work towards meeting and meet the agreed deadlines. And I would need good communication skills.

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