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Human resources job description: Answer employees' questions regarding benefits eligibility and procedures. Explain and interpret District insurance program and options for employee and dependents. Consult with SAP Consultant to develop or implement new rates as needed. Develop reports and analyze data using human resources information system (SAP). Review enrollment forms to determine coverage. Interpret various group insurance plans, laws, rules, and regulations. Develop, maintain and monitor eligibility for the District benefits program.

Prepare COBRA notices and process election forms. Create COBRA file to monitor and track all COBRA enrollees. Coordinate enrollment, tracking, and administration of flexible spending accounts (FSAs). Respond to inquiries regarding the qualifications and costs of extending coverage, and benefit plans. Correspond with carriers regarding eligibility, rates discrepancies, and contract interpretations. Research and resolve problems related to COBRA activities. Plan, organize, and coordinate the District Employee Health Fair.

Assist the Benefits Administrator in the new employee employment orientations. Prepare and submit Proof of Death Claims and the Long Term Disability Claims. Conduct open enrollment process or employee benefits orientation. Coordinate other benefits programs such as tuition reimbursement. Other duties as assigned. To write a good job description and advertisement for a human resource assistant, the first thing I did was check the local labor laws and the federal laws to know what the requirements will be for an HR employee. Maple Leaf case study

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Then, I went to several online work websites including Monster and CareerJobs to attempt to find what types of things are usually discussed in an HR position. This job in particular focuses on the health are and health care benefits. It is a very focused area of human resources which is becoming more and more necessary. As employment law becomes more and more complicated, human resource professionals are required to me more specialist than the employment generalists of the past.

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