Lewis Adult Day Care – My Job Description: Personal Narrative

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Last Updated: 31 Jan 2023
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The business that I have decided to introduce is a Lewis Adult Day Care that I have been appointed as CEO that requires a process chain. As a process participant, my job description initially includes obtaining credentials such as a license and/or certification etc. to maintain the sustainability of the new business. Next, making a service plan, and budget plans of action on the size of the workforce that will be needed.

For the economic conditions, I will balance out the budget to keep the company running on a steady pace to increase profits. I will do the assessment on the company’s performance problems while planning ways on how to cut unnecessary spending. This will be done to alleviate any financial hardships on the company as well as the employees.

With direct interaction, I will monitor the service demands, overtime, and the marketing of new and bright ideas. However, I will ensure that there is an emergency operations plan to orchestrate the 4 Stages of Prevention, protection/mitigation, response, and recovery. This will allow for there to be a vulnerability assessment to be performed on the company before an actual disaster strikes.

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During the strategic planning process goals will be defined, information will be collected and surveyed, and strategies will be tackled to observe the outcome. Lastly, I will notify the company in a clear, concise, and consistent manner regarding any current events and changes in the company’s future.

The close related positioning of the services will be provided in a comfortable setting, have a sense of security, and encourage group participation. The services that I will provide are as follows;

  • Daily Activities
  • Advocacy Program
  • Medical Services
  • Meals
  • Door-to-Door Transportation
  • Physical Therapy
  • Outings
  • Barber/Beautician
  • Nail Salon

We will reinvent our existing services in order to be able to compete with other local companies. We will continuously improve concepts and strategies to introduce services to satisfy the customer’s particular need. It will be a local facility in the area of Warrenton, NC. It will be positioned in a suburban community that will sit on a large corner lot.

It will have free off-street parking, a handicap accessible ramp and restrooms, enormous dining room area, and fully-equipped kitchen for easy access.

Our mission is to give our customers great value, great customer service, and great savings. Recognize individual needs, rights, and responsibilities to enhance customer’s dignity, entitlement, privileges, and independence. Our values are to give the best product, with the most value, at the best price.

In conclusion, I believe that the Lewis Adult Day Care will have the opportunity to increase its competitive advantages services in the market (from what I have learned so far). Committing to a safe and secure environment, will provide high-quality customer service to guarantee the promotion of the customer’s well-being. Implementing and improving newly developed services can assist the Lewis Adult Day Care to have a successful business.

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