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Globalization in Canada

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Globalization in Canada Canada is considered to be one of the biggest countries worldwide, yet as far as it gets from other countries, globalization seems to have a strong impact on the people regardless of what it offers from products and/or services from abroad, it may seem to have taken some of Canada away to the rest of the world too.

Globalization is affecting most of the aspects that control life in Canada, from social aspects, to economical aspects, also reaching to as far as to political aspects, and that may have pushed us ten steps ahead, yet it has blinded us through a few. This has resulted in separating people from each other, where as the immigration of people to Canada is now separating the people of Canada from each other (Gerges, 2006), for example, poor immigrants live in poor communities while other Canadians with more resources (money, land, investments... tc. ) are moving to better and newer suburbs by themselves. (Gerges, 2006) One other issue adding to the peoples fears is that they are afraid that foreigners are going to take credit for what Canadians did, just like what happened with Alexander Graham Bell, where he conducted most of research and work on the telephone in Canada, and now the United States of America is taking credit that the telephone has been made there. Gerges, 2006) As David Kilgour, (2000), says in his website that globalization aims for a borderless world, this has actually resulted in providing ease in laws affecting foreign imports and international trade, which in return provided more choice for Canadians as consumers, leading to higher satisfaction. (Daniels, 1996) it “has led to forming a world government to normalize the existing interaction among countries,” (EconomyWatch), strengthening the rights of countries in addition to the bonds between each.

According to a discussion paper by Ronald Daniels, (1996), investors are now free from abiding by Canadian laws regarding manufacturing, and certain issues, and are now free to move their factories and/or companies to other locations, which negatively affects Canadian exports and international sales. Globalization, however, has decreased unemployment in Canada since most foreign companies open remote of? ces and showrooms in Canada, resulting in employment of the people, eventually helping the economical aspects of the people, and ? nally the country itself.

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To some people, globalization seems to have a tightening effect on the people of Canada (Gerges, 2006), but in my point of view, I believe that due to globalization, all the countries, including Canada, are now in rapport with each other, in addition to business being connected and intertwined, Canada is now dependent on other countries, likewise all the countries on each other and Canada, yet it has helped in making Canada more independent, and it has strengthened relations between people, where Canada and its people are known for their hospitality, and their welcoming to different cultures, different people, and different mentalities from all over the world. This has resulted in strengthening the morals of people, and the principle of equity in between people. Globalization has not only helped in doing all this, but it made Canada what is it now; a place for and with everything, and everyone.

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