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Changes in Canada

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Lastly, in 1905 the 9th and 10th provinces were added in which were Alberta and Saskatchewan (All Website 1 and 2) which are colored red. As you can see a lot of changes had happened during hose 38 years but we have yet to discuss Unapt which was created in 1999. Canada now has 10 provinces and 3 territories. Canada has been through many changes for it to become the great country it is now. Stronger and Better Canada The Confederation and the changes that had happened to Canada had a positive effect on Canada.

A large effect the Confederation had on Canada Is on the economy and Canada's social structure. This lead to Canada being a strong country as It Is today. The Confederation helped with transportation problems. All the colonies were Joined to make one whole country to spend less money on International railway systems. This saved tons of money (Website 3 and 5). The railway also helped with Canada's defenses and soldiers. If a colony was under attack they could easily send soldiers on the railway systems throughout Canada. Secondly, the Confederation mainly helped Canada's economy.

Economy In any country Is Important, and Canada's economy Is great compared to most countries. External trade at this time was not working too well, so Canada had to rely on International trade. New railway systems created in this process, because External trade was not working, Canada had to rely on its farmers and manufactures (Website 4). Canada's rose, causing the creation of ore and more Jobs as the years progressed. Industrialization was becoming more common as Canada started to grow. This resulted in arbitration.

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Finally, the Confederation created an organized government; because of a more organized government more laws were able to be set. One important thing that was done was equal rights. The Constitution allowed First Nations, women and blacks to be heard in parliament, as their voices were not heard until the early sass (HUH). Canada many important pull factors and attracted many immigrants during the sass. The government started to give out land for these immigrants to settle, immigration is important for Canada as our economy is stable and there are many Job opportunities (HUH-96).

In 1999 Unapt Joined the confederation making it Canada's 3rd and last territory. It was created to give Intuit people more freedom (HUH). In conclusion the Confederation helped Canada develop to where it is now; it is an important part of Canadian history. The Confederation created a more organized government system for laws to be passed, transportation problems to cut down on prices for railroads and making trade more efficient. Now we know how Canada became such a great and successful country.

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