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Labour Relations Management

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The Dunlop model "One of the significant theories of industrial labor relations was put forth by John Dunlop In the sass. " (Industrial Relations, 2007) According touch Dunlop, The Industrial Relations system should be categorizes into 3 factors. Firstly Is the Environment follow by the three Actors and lastly the outcome. (Kaplan Labor Management Relations Study Guide, peg 19) The first factor is the Environment in Dunlop Model focus on technology, labor and product markets, lastly the distribution of power In wider society as It Impacts upon individuals and workplace.

The Second Factor Is the Actors or three participants; they are the Workers or laborers and their respective unions, the employer whom are known as the Management representatives and lastly is the Government and the various government agencies. These three parties work together by an Idea of a common set of beliefs. The third factor is the outcome which was the compromised effects of the three actors and come out with rules to guide the workplaces in the various Industries.

The ideology behind the Dunlop model was to bind the three actors together and thus helping the country to progress economically. The Dunlop model Is subjected to change as different country may modify the model slightly for the particular country. Singapore is one of the many countries that practice the Dunlop model with slight modification. Tripartite Gum Model Dunlop Model.

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The Ministry of manpower (Ministry of Manpower, 10 Feb. 2012) states that tripartite in Singapore is important as it is a key competitive advantage of Singapore. (Tripartite Gum Model, Kaplan Study Guide) Singapore Tripartite system consists of 3 main Participants. Firstly is the Ministry of Manpower, which is part of the government sector. Secondly is the NUTS, which is he Singapore National Trade Union Congress and lastly is the SEEN, which is the Singapore National Employers Federation.

The primary objective of this tripartite relationship was to continuously ensuring Singapore competitiveness in the global market and at the same time continues to maintain harmonious labor relations for the country to prosper as a whole. These 3 participants are to work together and through formal or informal discussion session thus make decision on solutions to counter certain problems faced in Singapore, which would threaten the stability of the economy or the labor relations armory; decisions thus have to go through the parliament before legislation can be made.

Roles of the 3 Actors The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) The Ministry of Manpower (MOM) of Singapore aspires to develop the country into a globally competitive workforce and a great workplace for all Singapore at the same time, continue to maintain a cohesive society for a better and secure economic progression for the country. The purpose of the MOM was to settle industrial dispute.

As a preventive practice to develop good labor relations, the MOM plays the mediator in the process whereby o get both parties, the employer and employee to come together for negotiation and come to an understanding of the problems face by both parties to help conciliate and Unfortunately, a dispute can happen that is too huge to be solving through negotiation or conciliation. In a case as this, the upsetting issue would then be brought forth to the Arbitration Court to reach a settlement for a fair Judgment. National trade Union Congress (NUTS) The National Trade Union Congress (NUTS) of Singapore comprises different groups of Unions.

These Unions which form the NUTS are of various industries, they are the manufacturing, service and public sectors. The Objectives of UNTIL are to help Singapore stay competitive and to ensure that employees remain employable for as long as possible. According to NUTS, when workers in Singapore has work to do and have a stable income, this will eventually enhance the social status and the well being of the workers. NUTS will then be able to foster a strong and responsible labor movement. Therefore the vision of the UNTIL is to be able to help all workers despite races, age and nationalities.

In order to adhere to its vision, NUTS also provide skill upgrading workshops and earnings to workers to ensure they remain employable and the same time increasing productivity in the companies thus it will also increase the economics of Singapore. Singapore National Employers Federation (SEEN) Singapore National Employers Federation (SEEN website, 2010) was form by different groups of Employers in various industries coming together to help all employers in Singapore to enhance their productivity in the companies and continue to remain competitiveness in the global market.

By actively working towards its goal, SEEN has helps employers to promote work life lance and workplace safety in the various industries as of the part of the mission in the tripartite relationship. In conclusion, the NUTS, MOM and SEEN have a tripartite relationship and have a common goal together, which is to maintain the good Labor relations in Singapore, enhance the productivity in the country and bring forth good economic. The National Wages Council (NC) and its effect The National Wages Council (NC) was formed in 1972, during a time when Singapore was undergoing the period of industrialization.

Singapore were starting to have concern over their wages. There were concerns that high wage expectations would lead to serious industrial disputes" (Singapore Tripartite Forum- National Wages Council) Singapore have come to demand more wages during the industrialization period, being a country with huge scarcity of natural resources, cannot afford to upset foreign investors and workers as well. Therefore the NC was formed to resolve wages issue during that period and the Tripartite was formed then. NC was to set up wages guideline for the society to be in line with the long term economic growth of Singapore. The NC recommended this increase of at least S$50 for workers earning a basic monthly salary of up to S$l ,OHO. " (Cited at today online, 23 May 2012) On 23rd of May Earlier, NC has made a recommendation to allow the minimum increment of $50 to the lower income workers of Singapore; This increment will allow low-wage workers in the company a proportionately higher built-in wage increase, there were also suggestions for the employers of these low wages worker to consider giving the workers an additional lump sum payment as to help low wages workers to cope with the high cost of living in Singapore. Everyone needs to do their part in raising the minimum wage of low-wage collar errors in Singapore, including the government. " (Zinnia Safari, 13 May 2012) Zinnia Safari whom is the PM for Passer-Iris-Punning also gives his support to the NC by voicing out the government can be equally responsible in widening the income gap between the rich and the poor of Singapore. The government has accepted the National Wages Council's proposal to impose a minimum pay rise for the low wages workers and also encourage organizations to take advantages of the government grants for productivity improvement. Employees with a base salary of less than $1,000 a month will receive almost $140 extra per month. " (reach. Gob. So) Two days after the National Wages Council's recommendation, UNTIL was the first to practice this increment. UNTIL Fair price have announced that they will be increment of $140 to all non executive staff in the company. With a higher income for all the low income workers, dispute will lessen, workers will be more motivated to work and hence increase the productivity in the country, the social aspect of the workers were also taken care of as higher standard of living may happened in the long run.

In conclusion, through the above issue, the tripartite effort of Union, Management ND the Government has helped maintained industrial harmony and the economic progress in Singapore. Employment Act will Review The Employment Act is a legislated law that is passed down on 1968, which has thus been through changes and modification to suit the Singapore economy. The Act has thus cover workers whom are working under contract of services and part timers too. The Employment Act lays out the general terms and conditions of employment and the rights of both employers and employees. Homo falls under the Employment Act was earning around the range of $1600 to 2000 each month and there were calls for the ceiling to be as high as $2300. "Median gross monthly income from work for the resident workforce rose from $2588 in 2008 to $2925 2011 " (Astatine. Com/business, 25 Par 2012) Firstly, this figure shows in short p of three years, the bar has been raised. The Workforce is now more educated and highly skilled; the workers are entitled to ask for more pay, which made the gross monthly income of the household to rise significantly.

Therefore the increment of the household income warrants the need to review the employment act as of the latest version. If not, Singapore would soon find themselves fall out the protection cover of the act, as the Act does not change Fast enough. Secondly, there are more professionals, managers and executives (Ames) in the workforce in Singapore compared to last year. In the current employment act, there were still some forms of protection for (Ames) earning below $4500, can turn to the MOM to get help in salary dispute.

Yet $4500 is the threshold for the government in 2012, which needless to say, for (Ames) earning higher than $4500 they were on our own now. Clearly the threshold is push again. Workers or Ames) falls out the protection of the employment act, unhappiness is sure to occur. People will start to push lose motivation to work and the productivity of Singapore will be affect and the same goes to the economic of Singapore follow by social unrest as this issue concerns the majority of workers in Singapore.

The Government has made known that the employment act will be review, the tripartite of Singapore will once again come in to take action for a better economic and industrial harmony soon. Those Workers whom are currently facing this problem will have to wait and see how the employment act has varied. In Conclusion The different participants namely the NUTS, MOM and the SEEN of Singapore tripartite system have indeed done a good Job to help maintain the industrial harmony and the economic progress to Singapore form the past to the present.

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