Marketing and communication plan for Singapore Airlines

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These marketing and communication plan will seek to plan and analyze the plans for Singapore Airlines Company in the Singapore Aviation market. Singapore Airlines is among the leading airline in Singapore with high marketing techniques that make it possible to compete with other major Airlines. Singapore Airlines has formed one of the significant travel industries in the Singapore state as well as the whole part of the Asian region. It is iconic product in the service industry of travel and tourism. The firm has been renowned as one of the long serving company that had unbroken records persistently and consistently for several years.

The Singapore airlines as therefore set a competitive business for sometimes and this was reflected from its substantially huge profits that it has been deriving from its operations. As business profitability is derived from its customers, the firm had built itself a core reputation hence making itself a trendsetter as well as industry competitor. The Singapore airlines firm has therefore been a good competitor in the travel industry, and this made it thus enjoy the fruits of competitive advantages over its competitors. like any other business organization, the firm had a reason to cherish .

This reputable situation is attributed to several reasons which saw the firm rise to the top competitors Background history (David, 2004, p. 45) The Singapore airline is traced back in the year 1947. It was established in 1947 as Malaysian airlines through the joint cooperation of the Singapore and Malaysian governments. The Malaysian airlines served basically the parts of south East Asia until 1965 when the Singapore felt it necessary to separate from Malaysia. They thus established the Singapore airlines coming into its full operations in 1972.

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During its birth, it was surprisingly to find that there was no domestic airline routes n to serve. This implies that the company was started at time the local competitions was minimal. Although the firm was thought to have been strategically set in terms of sites, the company had begun its operations from the highest competitive positions and risk operation. It began offering its services to the international travelers where it met with other airline services providers. (Mark, 1990, p. 36) Strategic analysis- External analysis PEST Analysis Political factors

The political situation in Singapore has been convenient for conducting business. This has ensured steady growth of the business over the years. Being the largest democracy in the world, Singapore has experienced stable political situation creating an ideal investment environment. Although there are conflicts in some part of the country, the major conflicts which can retard business growth have not been experienced for along time in the country which signifies the level of maturity of democracy and creating a good business atmosphere. (Greider, 1997, p. 34)

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