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In recent times, the discrimination of polytechnic education in Nigeria in the area of employment and even in admission has always created panic among polytechnic graduates and the youths in general. Various questions have been raised by students in the polytechnics and other similar institutions about the situation but there seems to be no answer. This paper therefore seeks to establish the relevance of polytechnic education in youth empowerment, economic self-reliance and national development. A sample of 200 respondents from different places was selected and a structured questionnaire was administered on them.

It was established that, in spite of the discrimination on the National Diploma (ND) and the Higher National Diploma (HND), the demand for polytechnic education is on the increase. It was also noted that the polytechnics were established to train graduates for skill acquisition and practical knowledge necessary for industrial development. The paper concludes that though the Universities are the citadel of highest education, the polytechnic education was the first higher institution in Nigeria and West Africa in general and it has trained personnel for public and private organisations. Some of the recommendations made were:

(a)The government should harmonize the admission criteria of the polytechnic in line with the universities (b) All Nigerians should change their orientations about paper qualification and learn to accept knowledge and experience in some areas during employment especially where practical knowledge is required.

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