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Stationery Supply Proposal

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XXX Nigeria Limited requires an a prompt and economical supply of general office stationery and related materials.

Intellect Resources Limited is committed to supply books and general office stationery to XXX Nigeria limited in a prompt and cost effective manner to avoid unnecessary delays in XXX Nigeria Limited service deliveries, office operations, etc.

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  1. To employ the best practices in the conduct of business
  2. Supply of goods that meet the requirement of client
  3. Provide prompt and timely supplies irrespective of client location and status
  4. Provide a network that ease access to urgent requirement and supplies
  5. Make available a pedestal for customization of office equipment and preserve identity

Scope Of Service

Our services include but not limited to the following

  1. Supply of basic office consumables and supplies, mailing supplies, small office electronics, multimedia storage devices, ink and toner supplies and light office machines.
  2. Supply of academic books ranging from creche to higher education books
  3. Supply of business and motivational books
  4. Conferencing and Meeting support services
  5. Customisation of office equipments and identities
  6. Library and allied services

Cost Summary

The cost summary of services rendered is provided on client’s request.


In-stock goods are delivered within six hours after receiving a PO (Lagos only) and within 48 hours outside Lagos.


We are committed to prompt, timely and satisfactory delivery of goods and services. Our professional, dedicated personnel and open-ended supply chain keep us above board among our peers. We guarantee satisfaction of client in all areas of our business.

Stationery Supply Proposal essay

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How to start stationery and office supplies business?

However, if you want to start your business at a large scale, you must seek help from marketing analysts and experts for making your stationery and office supplies business plan. Stationery items are the most consumed articles in the educational institutions, as well as other institutes and offices.

How to write a proposal for materials supply?

Tell the reader what, how, when and how much in the body of the proposal. For a materials supply proposal, all details relating to the materials should be included, and it should state the exact type of materials to be sold, the delivery methods and the costs. The reader must fully understand the costs of the materials after reading the proposal.

Why choose Phoenix – Arizona for your stationery shop?

We conducted our feasibility studies and market survey and we came to the conclusion that Phoenix – Arizona is the right location for us to launch our stationery shop and office supply business. We are in the stationery store and office supply business to make profits and at the same to give our customers value for their money.

What is an RFP for printing and stationery material?

RFP for Supply of Printing and Stationery material, which is suitable for the Company, after taking into consideration the efforts estimated for implementation of the same and the resource and the equipment requirements.

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