Undarstending Life of Older Persons with Special Needs

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Cherryfields opened in 2006 as the first scheme of its type in Dublin, offering another choice in care to those in need of a more supported living environment. Cherryfields provides 27 units of accommodation specifically for dementia care and 29 units for older people in need of 24 hour care and support. Cherryfields is not a Nursing Home and residents in upstairs accommodation have complete freedom to come and go as they please. Each dwelling is carpeted; unsuited bathrooms are provided with non slip flooring.

A range of storage is provided within each dwelling, including lockable units for use by residents. Each dwelling has a TV and telephone point. Residents have a key to the front door of their own dwelling. Staff call points are provided throughout each dwelling in case the resident requires assistance. Cherryfields provides a homely environment within easy access of local shops in Hartstown. At Cherryfields, Fold Ireland has provided three bungalows, each with 2 bedrooms, which are allocated in association with Fingal County Council.


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Fold Ireland currently has two Housing-with-Care Schemes in Dublin; Cherryfields is situated in Hartstown, Clonsilla, Dublin 15 and Anam Cara is in Glasnevin, Dublin 11. Each Scheme provides 56 units of accommodation; ground floor dwellings in each location provide a secure environment for those with dementia. Residents have their own flat let. This is their own home, where each is encouraged to bring personal belongings to make it a home-from-home. Each flat let has built-in wardrobes, en-suite and kitchenette, but is otherwise unfurnished.

Both schemes have communal areas where residents can socialize and take part in group activities. Our Schemes have garden and/or patio areas for the residents to enjoy, which are secure, well maintained and sensory in nature.


In Housing-with-Care, arrangements can be made for access to hairdressers, dentists, chiropodists and other professional services to come into the Scheme. Residents may of course choose to retain existing arrangements for such services.


Fold Ireland believes in providing a well balanced diet for residents using fresh and seasonal ingredients.

When a resident moves in, we will discuss their dietary requirements, including any specially prescribed diet. The catering services are inspected by local Environmental Health Services ensuring full compliance with Safe Catering Guidelines and Food Hygiene requirements. Meals are generally served in communal dining rooms, allowing residents to meet and socialise in small groups. There are daily menu choices for each meal.


Remaining active is the key to a long and health life. At Fold Ireland we embrace this, and Housing-with-Care provides a range of activities throughout the week.

Residents are encouraged to bring their own ideas for activities and participate in developing the program of events. From time to time day trips, shopping outings and evening social events may be arranged.


The health of our residents is as important to us as it is to you. Where possible residents will retain their own GP and other healthcare providers, or we will assist in arranging new providers where this is not possible. Fold Ireland will manage all aspects relating to medication if required, and can support residents to keep managing these themselves if that is an agreed choice.

The Coast of Housing With Care

There is a weekly rent for the accommodation and charge for care services provided. These prices have been agreed with the HSE. The care costs are means tested by the HSE and the rent is payable by the tenant at a rate of €108 per week. Tenants must contribute a small amount to the care costs each week pending their financial situation. A financial assessment is completed by the HSE in order to decide this. The HSE meets each tenant before moving into the schemes. Included in the charge are the resident’s meals, heating, electricity, laundry services and repairs to the property.

Services that are not included within the weekly charge are those of a personal choice including: a telephone in your room, hairdressing, chiropody and prescription charges. ELDERLY

People & Those With Dementia

Our Housing-with-Care schemes for Older People and those with dementia provide a relaxing and friendly atmosphere where the residents can feel secure and cared for. These schemes provide tailored care and support to residents, whilst promoting a healthy lifestyle through social activities, exercise and other activities agreed with the residents.

Residents are encouraged, where possible, to remain in control of their affairs, maintaining their independence for as long as possible. For those with dementia we aim to prolong our residents' cognitive and mental skills through a range of daily activities, which enable them to exercise their minds and bodies. This not only engages them but also provides an ideal opportunity for each resident to socialize. Fold Ireland understands that it is not only the person with dementia that is affected by this condition; it's their family, friends and careers as well.

We offer support as needed while the resident progresses through the dementia condition. Fold Ireland works in association with The Health Service Executive. HSE undertakes unannounced, periodic, inspections at both Housing-with-Care Schemes.


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