Essays on Skin Cancer

Essays on Skin Cancer

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The ABCD Rule: Detecting the Symptoms of Skin Cancer

Mary noticed a large, brown spot on her skin. She has been playing tennis in the sun for several years without sun protection. She reported the discovery to a friend, who told her to apply the ABCD rule to determine whether or not she had …

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The Problem Of Skin Cancer

It mostly found in Caucasians and is usually found on fair-skinned people. It may appear as nodules, or as red spots, scaly patches on the skin. This topic is very crucial, for all of you today, because you or someone you care about may be …

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Unit 4, Case Study 4 Skin Cancer

I have researched many different Web-cites and articles to try and determine what role genetics plays in skin cancer. Yes there are certain genetic mutations that are inherited, or passed through the germ-line, but the main cause of skin cancer is UV radiation which is …

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Vascular Sounds, Abdominal,

The clinical treatments described and recommended in this publication are based on research and consultation with nursing, medical, and legal authorities. To the best of our knowledge, these procedures reflect currently accepted practice. Nevertheless, they can’t be considered absolute and universal recommendations. For individual applications, …

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Battle with Skin Cancer

While eagerly awaiting the end of High School, in the year 2005, my world disintegrated. I was in the last Semester of High School when I was diagnosed with stage 3 Skin Cancer. (more…)

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How would you describe skin cancer?
Skin cancer, or the abnormal growths of skin cells caused by the sun, is most commonly seen on skin that is exposed. This common form is also possible on areas of the skin not usually exposed. There are three main types, basal cell carcinomas, squamous carcinoma and melanoma.
Why is skin cancer so important?
Skin cancer is the most frequently diagnosed type of cancer in the United States. Most cases can easily be avoided. Skin cancer can significantly impact your quality life. It can also be very disfiguring and even deadly. Individuals, families and the nation face significant medical costs when treating skin cancer.
What is skin cancer caused by?
Unprotected and repeated skin exposure to UV (UV) rays from sun and man-made sources, such as tanning bed radiation, is the main cause of most basal cell or squamous skin cancers. UV rays can cause damage to the DNA within skin cells.
What is skin cancer called?
There are three main types: basal cells carcinoma, squamous-cell carcinoma and skin cancer.

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