Alcohol Dementia

Last Updated: 25 May 2020
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The difference between alcohol dementia and dementia is that alcohol dementia is a form of dementia caused by a long term use of alcohol and excessively drinking to the point where the individual suffers from memory loss due to neurological damage to the brain. With dementia there is the person does not suffer from alcohol abuse. Alcohol dementia can cause very serious brain complications and ten percent of patients diagnosed with alcohol dementia have a history of extended alcohol abuse.

People that suffer from dementia also suffer from memory loss but not due to abuse of alcohol or other drugs. With dementia you have a serious loss of your cognitive ability, this is also like the old age illness known as Alzheimer’s disease. These symptoms result from a brain injury in the past, or a progressive injury or even if you are suffering from a disease in the body. It is found that people that are diagnosed with cancer are soon later diagnosed with dementia as time passes.

Long term consequences from both of these illnesses are very severe. Patients suffer from memory loss, attention p decreasing, speaking in incomplete sentences, and also problem solving is altered drastically. Suffering from dementia reduces the ability to learn, reason with others. What might be the worst about this illness is that people can end up forgetting who their family members are. There is also loss of patterns of thoughts, feelings and activities.

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In the later stages of the condition, affected individuals may be disoriented in time. People suffering from dementia might not know what day of the week it is or what year. This is very severe dementia of course. At the moment, scientists have not found a cure or even a treatment to slow down the process of dementia. It may be something majority of human beings go through and old age must play a factor with the memory loss.

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