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My Favorite Movie Titanic

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Many people are attracted to different kind a movie. The best movie I have ever seen that attracted me with all kinds an emotion, the best looking and interesting actors and the music was "Titanic". The movie "Titanic" ignited many emotions and attractions on an audience. When it first came out in the theaters,everybody was talking only about "Titanic" and movie characters. Some of one was curios to see what happen and after almost three hours sitting in front of the screen they were full of all kinds an emotion. For sure "Titanic" got most of the Oscars for the best movie of the year, and I think it really deserved with all the best characters and the best picture.But what is that, that really attracted me in that movie?

The first attraction that I had is because it is based on one of the true stories,that really happen.The plot was great and all characters are really amazing. When I first heard about "Titanic" I wasn't that much interesting to see it, but when my friend told me what is it about,I was curious. Usually I don't like long movies,but "Titanic" was something different, when I watched the time past so quickly,I was into movie so much that I didn't even felt how time goes so fast. However, the special effects were truly amazing. They gave me a sense of actually being there, and brought home how tragic the entire episode was.

To see and hear those hundreds of people crying out while floating in water was the most emotional part of the movie for me. I don't like seeing death people any ways if I know that is not truth or how people cry out for help, I was so into movie that I had emotion I could help those people,but that was just in my mind. I was so dissapointed that I cried at the end of the movie because how nobody could help many people to survive and how one romantic story finished with tragic end. James Cameron (director) went to such great length to make sure that his movie was seamless.

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For example, as is pointed out in the Trivia, Cameron shot footage of icebergs off Nova Scotia under the pretense of making a film called "Planet Ice". He did this before he announced his plans for the development of the film. And I like that what he did,I think that was great. Another example is that extent from which he went to get the footage for the remains of the Titanic. Not only did he film the actual wreckage,but also he created new equipment in order to do it.I was impressed by was the method from which the movie was made.

The second attraction that I had was actually characters in the movie; Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet make a beautiful couple. They're both so young and full of energy and they are also very interesting characters. Their chemistry worked wonderfully on-screen. It's that chemistry that keeps my eyes glued. However, due to the fine acting by these,as well as the other cast members,it was very easy for me to get quite involved in the story.

Kate Winslet (Rose in the movie) was one of the survivals on the ship. How I saw Rose is that at the beginning of the movie a 100-year-old lady reliving her past. I mean she's just remembering key points. So, it's not all romance which is central, but more, how the events on the Titanic changed her life so drastically to make her who she is today. What she become at both the beginning and the end of the movie make me think about diffrent situation in life.

At the beginning, I saw a woman full of life, she's making poetry, and getting her hands dirty,etc. The old Rose would never have done this. And at the end,I saw the pictures which she carries with her everywhere-pictures of her living life to its fullest, alone, "never letting go" of what Jack has given her -a life. I like this because this is the story of the Titanic, a woman breaking through society's constraints, and becoming what SHE wants to be and do. All that made me relate to my own life and how sometimes just small things could change a lot in our life.

It gave me reaction that I didn't feel for other movies as I felt for "Titanic", because I like when people can change their own life just doing and listening some small things and after seeing movie I could think to change some small things in my life.When Jack said last word to Rose and he died I was so full of different question like is "why people who love each other can't be together?" or "Why some love story are with happy ending and some tragic?" But those question nobody really can answer.I felt so sorry what happen with Jack and Rose,and their short love story. I feel like I was related to that movie that I could watch that movie again and again, and never get tired of watching because every time I watch again I felt like I missed something.

The third attraction I had was music in the movie.I was surprised how music could have so much importance in a movie. It was so nice to listen one of my favorite singers to sang, Celin Dion.All that gave me more emotions like was, happy and sad in the same time.Sound is one of the most important thing in "Titanic", without that movie would be bad.I think from this movie you can take something from as I did,to think more about what just some one moment in my life could change me and my personality in all different ways.

Titanic is a timeless tragic love story. It the fictionalized story was effectively woven into the very real story of the unsinkable voyage of the luxury liner, Titanic. The energy of all the actors creates an explosion of energy.Not only does the main featured couple have chemistry,the entire movie is one cohesive effort.I will have to rate this one as the modern classic, one destined to in spare men for years to come. For me it has the most interesting plot, the best character,music, and it is the best movie of the year.

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