Essays on Guernica

Essays on Guernica

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A Reaction Paper to Pablo Picasso’s Guernica

What would be the best way to express an outcry against war? How could one influence another, a crowd, or even the world? During the Spanish Civil War in 1937, the Basque town of Guernica was bombarded by the German Air Force, which led to …

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Guernica, Picasso 1937

The Spanish painter Picasso was a cubist and his worldwide famous ‘Queering’ is a mural-sized flat oil painting on canvas (3. 5 meters tall and 7. 8 meters wide). It is all grey, blacks and whites and was painted in 1937. Picasso started the painting …

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The Interpretations of Guernica

It is certain to say that Pablo Picasso is one of the most famous and influential artist of the twentieth century. Many of his paintings have deep meaning to them, but the painting Guernica was one of his work that really stood out – to …

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Synthesis of Guernica

During the Spanish Civil War, a small Basque village was bombed by German troops. In April of 1937, Pablo Picasso paid tribute to the bombing by creating the painting, Guernica, which showed a horrible scene of corpses and disaster stricken community. In 1985, a replication …

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What is the story behind Guernica?
Pablo Picasso, a Cubist Spanish Painter, painted Guernica. Guernica is the Spanish Civil War's bombing of Guernica. This painting depicts the horrors that war can cause and is now a symbol for anti-war and a reminder about the tragedy of war.
What is the message of Guernica painting?
Guernica illustrates the tragic effects of war and the suffering they inflict on people, especially innocent civilians. This work has been elevated to a world-famous status. It serves as a reminder of the terrible effects of war and an antiwar symbol.
Why is Guernica black and white?
Guernica's black and white is because it is probing into the truth behind pictures. A picture should be viewed in its entirety. Picasso in Guernica is not asking us to stare passively. He wants us to picture this terrible moment from the inside.

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