My Passion in Singing

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My Life Without music, my life would be a mistake because I exist in a world filled with songbirds. I live in a world filled with colorful hopes and dreams. I dream to climb the ladder of fame but I realize that living simply is my happiness while doing my very best to achieve my dreams no matter how high or low they are. I have many affiliations since elementary and most of these are into singing because it is one way of expressing myself. When I was a child, I already use my talent in singing because one of my dreams is to make my name shine in lights and make my faces known to everyone in the world.

I started singing in front of a crowd when I was 6 years old. Each one in our class was required to sing, and I was amazed at how my classmates and teacher admired my voice. That was the day when I found out that there was something special in me. That was the day when I started to dream of singing in front of more people and not just in front of the mirror. Because of that event, teachers and student leaders approach me whenever there is an event in our school and they ask me to render a song number. I always agree and prepare.

At the end of each song number, I always feel glad. I know I made others happy by entertaining them, and I made myself happy because I just had another chance to sing in front of a huge crowd. Nothing makes me happier than getting that experience and making myself more prepared to chase my bigger dream which is to become a famous singer. I always sang Japanese songs when I was elementary and through this, I became a regular singer at Mindanao Kokusai Daigaku for three years. I am also a cantor and psalmist at San Pedro Cathedral Parish.

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I have been part of Star Magic Davao since 2011 because I believe that it could also pave my way to being known nationwide. I takes part in their workshop and treats these as my training. I also believe that these will equip me with the right skills I will need in order to reach my dream. I am doing everything I can to achieve my dreams but staying humble. My angelic voice is a God-given gift so I must share this gift to everyone and not to hide it. I believe that through singing, I please our Creator.

My passion for singing, coupled with love for music comes from deep within my heart, mind, and soul. Singing is my cigarette, alcoholic drink, my escape from anger and pain. I really love singing because I think it is not just an art, it is a means of expressing one's emotion. Today, I am just a typical young girl but with all my efforts, I may be seen as a star in the future. There may be obstacles standing in my way but I hope I can go through these smoothly and succeed in reaching my dreams.

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on My Passion in Singing

How do you describe your passion for singing?
I have a deep passion for singing that has been with me since I was a child. I love the feeling of expressing myself through music and the joy it brings to others. Singing is a way for me to connect with people and share my emotions.
How do you say you are good at singing?
I would say that I am a good singer because I have been singing for many years and have developed a strong vocal technique. I also have a good ear for music and can pick up on harmonies and melodies quickly.
How do you say music is my passion?
I express my passion for music in many ways, from playing instruments to listening to my favorite songs. Music is an integral part of my life and I am passionate about it.
What does passionate singing mean?
Passionate singing is when a singer puts their heart and soul into their performance, conveying emotion and feeling through their voice. It is a powerful and moving experience for both the singer and the listener.

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