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La Grande Odalisque and Olympia: Comparison/Contrast

Two exquisite paintings with a female reclining nude as the focal point are La Grande Odalisque by Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres and Olympia by Édouard Manet. The female nude has been a crucial subject for art throughout history.  The angular curves and the sensuality that …

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Antoni Gaudi – Essay

Antoni Gaudi One of Spain’s most internationally recognized architects, Antonio Gaudi has left his mark throughout Barcelona and Catalonia. His whimsical vision and imaginative designs have brought a bit of magic to this historic region. Gaudi? s culmination of traditional elements with fanciful ornamentation and …

Visual Arts
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Jules Cheret

Jules Cheret, a name synonymous to the Art Nouveau movement of the late 19th century, was born in 1836 in Paris into a humble family of typographers and artisans. Thus, creativity and aesthetic awareness were instilled in him as the household that he grew up …

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Emily Carr Research Essay

Emily was accepted by the Group of Seven, and by far is British Columbians favorite artist. Emily Carr was a rave girl who strode to be different and was not afraid to show off her unique style of art. Her interest and talent for art …

ARTCultureVisual Arts
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Pages 6
Landscape with St. John on Patmos

Rizza1 The piece of work that I really admired and found myself starring at much longer than the others that was made between 1450 to 1750 was, Nicolas Poussin’s, Landscape with St. John on Patmos. Knowing from my past art history research and education, Nicolas …

CulturePaintingVisual Arts
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Pages 3
Bob chuck close

Bob is a piece of artwork created by chuck close in 1970 in the united states. A synthetic polymer white and black painting on canvas. Let is one of the one of series of eight large black and white portraits that Close painted between 1967 …

ARTPaintingVisual Arts
Words 657
Pages 3
David Carson: Renowned for His Inventive Graphics

He was born September 8, 1952 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Carson and his family moved to New York City four years later. Since then he has traveled all around the world but has maintained New York as his base of operations. Carson now owns two …

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Marcel Duchamp Why Is the Fountain Art

The In-depth Artist of the What was Fountain originally submitted for and what happened to it? The 1917 urinal aka Fountain was originally put on display during a show promoting Avant grade art. Avant grade means advance guard which is a military term. Avant garde …

AestheticsARTVisual Arts
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Overview of Jeff Koons’ Life and Career

Artist Research Assignment: Jeff Koons Jeff Koons was born in 1955 in York, Pennsylvania. When Koons was 7 years old, his parents put him in art lessons. In 1972 to 1975, he enrolled at Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. In 1975, he …

ARTCultureVisual Arts
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Velázquez’s Las Meninas

The work of art of Diego Velasquez de Silva entitled Las Meninas is claimed to be the “Theology of painting” by art critic Luca Giordano. Other art critic such as Palomino states that Las Meninas was “truth, not painting” and Téophile Gautier says that “wondered …

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Neriagi Nerikomi

Neriage and Nerikomi are two ceramic techniques that have been used for many years by various ceramicists. Although the terms Neriage and Nerikomi are used interchangeably they are very different. Neriage is done on a potter’s wheel and means that the clay is being mixed …

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The Virgin of Vladimir

http://www. flickr. com/photos/t-a-a/5340663023/    The Virgin of Vladimir Byzantine painting was not realistic in its representations of the divine and super natural. (Online Lectures) The final results were paintings and mosaics that had a blending of some naturalistic elements and abstractions. (Online Lectures) The unifying element …

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Visual Argumentation: Gary McCoy’s Political Cartoon

The election fever has once again struck the land. Now more than ever, nationwide attention has started to zero in – quite lopsidedly in fact – on key political figures such as Barack Obama and John McCain. The two have been landing in major news …

Political CartoonVisual Arts
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Mannerism Movement Overview

Mannerism in art characterized by the distortion of elements such as proportion and space, in general Mannerist artists took the classical or idealized forms developed by Italian Renaissance artist of the early 16th century, but exaggerated or used these forms in unconventional ways in order …

ARTCultureVisual Arts
Words 259
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Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is an creative person that has been associated with the Pop Art civilization and besides was portion of the pragmatism that came out of the United States west seashore. Thiebaud ‘s existent life representation of his topic has been seen as one of …

ARTPaintingVisual Arts
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Susana and the Elders

Susanna and the Elders On my trip to the Norton Simon Museum, a painting labeled Susanna and the Elders, Flemish women Jan Massys, really stood out to me. The specifications of this oil on canvas work of art are 42 x 77-1/2 in. (106. 7 …

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Mannerism: Definition, Characteristics, Art, & Facts

According to Wikipedia Encycolpedia, “mannerism is the term applied to an artistic style, usually painting, which emerged after the Sack of Rome in 1527, and in concept of time immediately followed the High Renaissance.” Simon Watson Taylor identified mannerism as, “The artistic expression of an …

ARTCultureVisual Arts
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Bacchus And Ariadne

Here, to create drama and depth, the warm hues of Aridness hair are contrasted against the white and pale blue of the sky in the background. Complimentary colors (inside Art’, 2014), the rich red and blue of her gown and sash are juxtaposition’s and contrasted …

DionysusVisual Arts
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Ghent Altarpiece Reflection

The Ghent Altarpiece is considered by scholars to be one of the most ambitious and complex paintings of the 15th century. Its detailed panels convey its sacred matter with such realism that art historians mark It as the start of the Northern Renaissance. The altarpiece, …

PaintingVisual Arts
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My Opinion on Picasso

I have studied Picasso work because it is simply spectacular. The way he makes the cubists painting is amazing, he can show more than Just one viewpoint in a single angle which makes the painting that much better because it is like an entire book …

ARTCultureVisual Arts
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Pages 3
The Kiss Klimt

The Kiss Gustav Klimt The Kiss is a work that was painted by the Austrian artist, Gustav Klimt, between the years 1907 and 1908. Klimt utilizes his personal experiences and life changes as his inspiration for the creation of perhaps his most famous work yet. …

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Helga by Andrew Wyeth

The “Helga Pictures” by Andrew Wyeth are a fantastic compilation of tempera and dry brush paintings, watercolours and pencil studies secretly created within a span of over fifteen years. Andrew Wyeth created over two hundred and forty individual works of neighbor Helga Testorf from 1971 …

PaintingVisual Arts
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Book design, visual analysis on “The Art of Looking Sideways”

The above quote was used by The Daily Telegraph to describe Alan Gerard Fletcher on his obituary. Fletcher was a well-known British graphic designer who was awarded the Prince Philip Prize for Designer of the Year, and was elected the President of the Designers and …

ARTVisual Arts
Words 64
Pages 1
The Shift from Medium Specificity

Yinxuan Ma 1 The shift from medium specificity as the organizing principle for advanced art production to the notion of “site” and “system” can be seen as a bold attempt—it challenges the expectation for art marketing as well as criticizing consumer centric culture. During the …

ARTPaintingVisual Arts
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New British Sculpture Movement and Julian Opie’s Contribution

By Billie-Jo Ellis ? ? ? He was born in London in 1958, but was raised in Oxford. He is recognised for his distinctive contribution to contempory art over the last 3 decades. He graduated from Goldsmith’s School of Art in 1983. In 2008, the …

CulturePhilosophyVisual Arts
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The Palace of Versailles and Contemporary Art: Takashi Murakami

The Palace of Versailles located approximately twelve miles outside Paris, France and is viewed as a place to showcase modern art. Much of the art that the palace has put on exhibitions over the years has brought a lot of controversy including the most recent …

ARTCultureVisual Arts
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Gregory Crewdson

Crescendo’s photographs draw on Gothic Romantic and he as an artist’s focuses on dramatic surrealists. Known for overtly cinematic photographs that use tricks of light to convey their mystery. Photographs: often of suburban scenes that exude the kind of eerie terror of Hitchcock films. His …

CulturePhotographyVisual Arts
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Digital Art: The Use of Technology in Contemporary Art

Digital art is a general term for a range of artistic works and practices that use digital technology as an essential part of the creative and/or presentation process. Since the 1970s, various names have been used to describe the process including computer art and multimedia …

Computer ScienceTechnologyVisual Arts
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Appreciating Visual Art forms through Fashion

Art can be defined as the product or process of deliberate arrangement of elements in a manner to affect the emotion or senses of a viewer (Tolstoy, pp.28). A diverse range of human activities, forms of expression and creations encompass art. These would include visual …

ARTVisual Arts
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Mona Lisa Paper

Is It Her Twin or Sister? An art collector in 1913 made a discovery that has baffled many historians for some time now. Huge Blaker, an English art collector found the Isleworth Mona Lisa shortly before World War I. The Isleworth Mona Lisa is a …

ARTPaintingVisual Arts
Words 1040
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The visual arts are art forms that create works that are primarily visual in nature, such as ceramics, drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, design, crafts, photography, video, film making and architecture.

Frequently asked questions

What is visual arts in your own words?
Visual arts generally refers to art forms that are primarily visual in nature, such as painting, sculpture, photography, and printmaking. However, the term can also encompass applied arts and decorative arts, such as architecture, ceramics, drawing, fashion, graphic design, illustration, jewelry making, mosaic art, and textile art.The history of visual arts is as long and diverse as human civilization itself. Whether created for utilitarian or ceremonial purposes, works of art have always been prized for their ability to capture the human experience and communicate ideas and emotions. In the modern era, the rise of mass media and new technologies has expanded the reach of visual art, making it more accessible than ever before.Today, visual arts play an important role in our lives, providing us with a way to express our creativity, communicate our ideas, and connect with others. Whether we’re admiring a painting in a museum, taking a photo on our phone, or simply enjoying the view from a window, the visual arts are all around us.
What are visual arts essay?
Visual arts essays are typically written about a specific work or body of work, and discuss the elements that make it successful (or not). They may also discuss the historical context surrounding the work, or the artist's life and influences.
How do you start a visual art essay?
When starting a visual art essay, it is important to first choose a specific topic to write about. Once a topic is chosen, it is important to do research on the subject matter. After researching the topic, it is important to develop a thesis statement. This statement will be the main idea of the essay. After the thesis statement, it is important to brainstorm ideas and develop an outline. This outline will help to organize the essay. After the outline is complete, it is important to write the essay. The essay should be clear and concise. It is important to proofread the essay before submitting it.
What is the importance of visual arts?
There are many reasons why visual arts are important. For one, the arts can help us to better understand and appreciate the world around us. They can also be used as a form of self-expression, allowing us to share our feelings and thoughts with others. Additionally, the arts can be a great source of enjoyment and relaxation. They can also help to improve our mental and physical health.

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