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Essays on Impressionism

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Painting: Vincent Van Gogh, Bedroom in Arles

On a smaller canvas than two other similar paintings, Vincent Van Gogh carefully painted for the third time his bedroom in Arles, a charming town in the south of France, and thus created this approximately 22 ? x 29’’ artwork. In fact, Van Gogh made …

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Pages 4
Comparison: Claude Monet and Van Gogh

This as not due to a lack in technique or training; this is a style that Monet acquired by using very dappled brushstrokes in his work. The individual brushstrokes portray the different shapes of each object, which enhances the composition of this piece. The overlapping …

AestheticsARTClaude MonetImpressionismPainting
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Manet and Paris De Refuses

Edouard Manet lived an intriguing life significantly changing world history, especially in the arts. In the 19th century, Salon De Paris hosted a yearly public exhibition of artists paintings approved by the board. Edouard Manet’s controversial and unexpected paintings became the biggest challenge and publicity …

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Moma Visit – Compare and Contrast Paintings

MoMA visit – Visual analysis Art is an effective way to express beauty. Artists have different ways to express their ideas and communicate nonverbally through their work. In the Early Modern Art period, artists were free to create their pieces in diverse ways that never …

Words 2020
Pages 8
Examining Mary Cassatt And Her Paintings Art Essay

Cassatt is possibly best-known for her pictures of female parents and kids, plants which besides reflect a surprisingly modern esthesia. Traditional premises refering childhood, child-rearing, and the topographic point of kids in society were confronting challenges during the last portion of the nineteenth century and …

Words 1918
Pages 7
Edgar Degas and his Passion for Ballet

Ballet was considered as a classical form of art. The beauty of this dance type was considered timeless and unchanging. It was considered as an art in itself. The movement of the ballerinas represented years of training. Routines were rehearsed until they were perfected. It …

ARTBalletEdgar DegasImpressionismPaintingPassion
Words 65
Pages 1
Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Pierre-Auguste Renoir was a French painter, printmaker, and sculptor. He is one of the most prominent founders and leading exponents of the Impressionist style of painting from the late 1860s. “Renoir’s art is a celebration of the beauty of women and nature; his images both …

Words 1493
Pages 6
Autumn on the Seine, Argenteuil

The beginning of the first distinctly modern movement in art history marks the beginning of generations of artists purposefully deviating from the beaten path that lay behind them in an attempt to question what the meaning of art is, to evoke emotion, and/or to communicate …

Words 747
Pages 3
Van Gough Poet Garden vs. Monet Water Lilies

Art has been part of human lives for thousands of years. From the cave paintings to metal framework, people have gazed at arts while comparing and criticizing it. It is said that an art is representation of an artist’s lifestyle and events. Basically Artists paint …

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Pages 7
Claude Debussy

Claude Debussy: The Father of Impressionism Claude Debussy was among one of the most popular twentieth century composers of his time. He is known for his famous “Clair De Lune” and “La Mer”. This impacted the 20th century music genre with his difficult impressionist technique. …

Words 993
Pages 4
Impressionism in Conrad and Joyce

Impressionism in Literature: Joseph Conrad & James Joyce. This essay attempts to give a brief comparison between two of the major representatives of the English Modernism, James Joyce and Joseph Conrad. Although these two writers come from very different backgrounds, they share the rejection of …

Essay ExamplesImpressionism
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Claude Monet

Art History 9 November 2012 Claude Monet: The Impressionist Claude Monet was a French Impressionist painter born on November 14th, 1840. Monet was born in Paris and was the second son to Claude Adolphe Monet and Louise Justine Aubree. On May 20th 1841, Claude Monet …

ARTClaude MonetImpressionismPainting
Words 2216
Pages 9
Leonardo Da Vinci and Pierre Renoir Comparative Essay

The two renowned artists Leonardo Da Vinci (1452-1519) and Pierre Auguste Renoir (1841-1919) are both good role models for the progressing art society but when comparing these two gifted men it is evident that their artworks both relinquish a different message to the viewers and …

ARTImpressionismLeonardo Da VinciPaintingRenaissance
Words 1371
Pages 5
Abstract Art Development

If you take a look at the paintings, you will see that they are abstract. In fact, they are painted in a style that is sometimes referred to as “Abstract Expressionism”. Many people have trouble understanding and appreciating this type of art. The purpose of …

Words 4142
Pages 16
What influence has Vincent van Gogh

Artists had many original ideas during van Sago’s lifetime, though they could not be conveniently categorized. The term ‘Post-Impressionist’ denotes a few independent artists, like van Gogh who at the end of the 19th century rebelled against the limitations of traditional Impressionism. However, it does …

AestheticsARTImpressionismPaintingVincent Van Gogh
Words 1350
Pages 5
Paul Cezanne and His Influence on Cubism

Cubism can be, and has been, defined as the world’s first style of abstract art. From its lack of landscapes and foreshortening to the multitude of geometric forms, Cubist art can be quite hard to analyze. An abundance of geometric shapes and monochromatic colors can …

AestheticsARTEssay ExamplesImpressionismPainting
Words 1567
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Analysis and Interpretation

Impressionist movement. He saw “Claude Motet’s Impression, Sunrise exhibited in 1874, and stated it was a sketch or “impression” not finished painting. Short visible strokes are the style included in Impressionism. This may include dots, commas, smears and/or blobs. Paintings in this style often show …

Words 1216
Pages 5
Parisienne Fashion and Impressionism

Impressionist Effect on Parishioner Fashion The saying, “A woman is a corset is a lie, a falsehood, a fiction; but for us this fiction is better than reality was decorating Art Institute of Chicago walls, supporting the main idea behind Impressionism, which is “impression”. This …

Words 949
Pages 4
Western Art Exhibition Critique

The show “Renoir in the 20th Century” is a group art exhibit of the French artist Pierre-Auguste Renoir and his friends, held at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA), exhibiting from February 14 to May 9, 2010. The paintings on exhibit are the …

AestheticsARTArt ExhibitionExhibitionImpressionismPainting
Words 1097
Pages 4
Fashion 1890-1900

 Table of contents Introduction History and Events Art and Architecture Fashion in the 1890s Conclusion Appendix Bibliography Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world’s original sin. If the cave-man had known how to laugh, History would have been different. ” Oscar Wilde Introduction: …

Words 4616
Pages 17
Arts Essays – Expressionist, Fauve ; Cubist Art

In 1914, the early modernism critic Clive Bell wrote, The representative component in a work of art may or may non be harmful, ever it is irrelevant. Or, to appreciate a work of art we need conveying with us nil from life, no cognition of …

Words 1708
Pages 7
Works of Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne was born in 1839 in the southern French town of Aix-en-Provence. He was the son of a wealthy banker. He became interested in art at an early age, which did not please his father. Cezanne was educated at the College Bourbon at Aix, …

Words 605
Pages 3
Edgar Degas: From Law School to Artistic Success

Edgar Degas Edgar Degas was born in France; being the oldest out of five children. His family was quite wealthy working as bankers. At a young age, he showed his talent and wanted to become an artist. Being in a wealthy family, he was able …

AestheticsARTEdgar DegasImpressionismPainting
Words 652
Pages 3
The Impressionism of Degas Edgard

Degas Edgar was born on July 19, 1834 in Paris to Celestine Degas and Augustin Degas. Degas was the eldest of 5 who later died in Paris on the 27 September 1917. He was French and considered a master in drawing the human figure in …

Words 872
Pages 4
Vincent Van Gogh – his Biography and Paintings

Vincent van Gogh was an interesting man. Vincent van Gogh had one of the strongest impacts on the art world in the sass. He was not recognized until his death and he sold only one painting when he was alive. This painting was “The Red …

ARTAutobiographyImpressionismPaintingVincent Van Gogh
Words 1844
Pages 7
French Impressionism and Post Impressionism in the Late 19th Century

Before the emergence of Impressionism we can see a major political and social transition in central Europe which has demonstrable artistic and literary consequences. The major aspects of this change include: The ICC industrial expansion which took away opportunities of individual farming and craft practice …

Words 2030
Pages 8
Research Paper On Mary Cassatt: A Really Influential Person Into The New Idea Of Impressionism

I have chosen to talk about Mary Stevenson Cassatt. Born 1844 in Allegheny City, Pennsylvania. She spent her early years of life in France and Germany with her family. Her father was very against her doing anything with artwork. He told her that he would …

Art MovementsImpressionismPainter
Words 1773
Pages 7
Paul Gauguin

Like so many artists one studies, the life of Paul Gauguin was filled with internal struggles on daily matters and beliefs. Gauguin was not dealt an easy life from the very beginning. Born to French journalist and half Peruvian mother, Gauguin came to know the …

AestheticsARTEssay ExamplesImpressionismPainting
Words 1636
Pages 6
Vincent Van-Gohg

VThe movie we saw In class was really interesting, I really got to know the personality of Van-Gogh and how hard his life was. I really enjoy this video, but I stay with two main Ideas that really change my point of view of Vincent …

ARTEssay ExamplesImpressionism
Words 699
Pages 3
John Glover, Russel Drysdale, Lauren Berkowitz & Barbara Reid

Throughout history the unique and changeable Australian landscape has inspired a diverse array of artistic responses. Impressios of its power and beauty, expressions of individuals’ responses, symbolic religious orientation, the range of landscape art works extends onwards. A great example of the vast variations of …

Words 1144
Pages 5
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Impressionism is a 19th-century art movement characterized by relatively small, thin, yet visible brush strokes, open composition, emphasis on accurate depiction of light in its changing qualities, ...

Claude Monet



Impressionism originated with a group of Paris -based artists whose independent exhibitions brought them to prominence during the 1870s and 1880s. The Impressionists faced harsh opposition from the conventional art community in France.


The Impressionist painters used layers of colours, leaving gaps in the top layers to reveal the colours underneath. The technique is achieved through hatching, cross-hatching, stippling, drybrushing, and sgraffito (scratching into the paint).


  • Impression, Sunrise - Claude Monet
  • Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son by Claude Monet
  • Le Déjeuner sur l'herbe - Édouard Manet
  • The Artist's Garden at Giverny - Claude Monet
  • Luncheon of the Boating Party - Pierre‑Auguste Renoir


  • Claude Monet
  • Pierre‑Auguste Renoir
  • Édouard Manet
  • Edgar Degas
  • Paul Cézanne

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  • Expressionism
  • Post‑Impressionism
  • Cubism
  • Surrealism
  • Realism

Frequently asked questions

What is Impressionism essay?
Impressionism was a movement in painting that began in the late 1800s. It was characterized by short brushstrokes, bright colors, and an emphasis on light and its effects. The Impressionists were a group of artists who rejected the traditional rules of painting, which they felt restricted their creativity. Instead, they sought to capture the momentary impressions of the world around them. They believed that art should be about the artist's personal experience and expression, not about trying to copy nature or adhere to strict rules. The Impressionists were some of the first painters to use photography as a reference tool, and their style was often seen as a response to the new technology of the time. While the movement began in France, it quickly spread to other countries, including the United States.
What is the main idea of Impressionism?
The main idea of Impressionism is to capture light and color in a painting to create an impression" of the scene. The artists of this movement believed that the viewer's first impression of a painting was the most important, and they sought to create an overall feeling or mood rather than to paint a realistic picture. The Impressionists often used quick, loose brushstrokes and vivid colors to achieve their desired effect."
How do you describe Impressionism?
Impressionism was a style of painting that developed in the late 1800s. It was characterized by brushstrokes that were visible to the naked eye, and by an emphasis on light and color. Impressionist paintings were often of outdoor scenes, and they frequently depicted light in unusual ways, such as reflecting off of water or shining through trees.
Why was Impressionism so important?
Impressionism was an important development in painting for a number of reasons. Firstly, it represented a break from the traditional, highly-detailed approach to painting which had been dominant up until that point. Secondly, it allowed painters to capture a moment or an impression of a scene, rather than trying to create a highly realistic and accurate portrayal. This meant that paintings became more about the artist's own interpretation and perception of the world, rather than simply trying to recreate it as realistically as possible. Finally, Impressionism had a huge impact on the development of modern art, and many of the techniques and ideas pioneered by the Impressionists are still used by artists today.

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