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Big Data Analysis

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Nowadays the volume of data has grown massively due to the evolution of technology. Smartphones, social media, and the Internet of things are the most important factors in the occurrence of big data. The most challenging part is that the data is present in a various format and at the same time it is huge in size.

They have exceeded a traditional machine processing capacity and conventional competing mechanisms which led to the use of distributed processing mechanisms and need to improve Infrastructural technologies which is the core of the Big Data ecosystem.IntroductionSince the beginning of computers, the people had used landline phones but now they have smartphones.

Apart from that, they are also using bulky desktops for processing data, they were using floppies, hard disk and now they can store data in the cloud. Similarly nowadays even self-driving cars have come up and it is one of the Internet of things (IOT) examples. We can notice due to this enhancement of technology we're generating a lot of data.

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Let's take the example of IOT, have imagined how much data is generated due to using the smart air conditioners, this device actually monitors the body temperature and the outside temperature and accordingly decides what should be the temperature of the room. So we can actually see that because of IOT we are generating a huge amount of data.

Another example of smartphones, Every action even one video or image that is sent through any messenger app will generates data. List this data is not in a format that our relational database can handle and apart from that even the volume of data has also increased exponentially.

We can define Big data as a collection of data sets vary large and complex that it is difficult to analyzing using conventional data processing applications or database system tools.

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