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The reason is government policy or we should say currency cause different country has different currency. Another reason for this is taxation for warranty. If their watches are not functioned well, customer can claim their watches for services at Role Services Center located at Meaner Din, Clan Sultan Small for free because the services are including in the list price when customer purchases their products. -Quality materials (function) - design (official website) -Role watches have celebrity to promote their watches for example Roger Federal, James Bond.

This strategy bring customer feel that they are such an important or tenting more popular If they are wearing Role watches that promote by celebrity. Role watches mostly target on high Income and status people because they can afford the price. We know that Role is luxury but why people still prefer to buy Role rather than other brand? The reason is a lot of people know about Role well because world of mouth. When people talk about Role they will know that this product is a Role. Return in Investment( ROI) Value proposition What is the competitive advantages does Role have and other competitor do not have?

The answer is waterproof casing. Customers are being aware about the resistance about their watches. Role The Role Deeps Is water resistant to a depth of 3,900 meters (12,800 feet) and built to meet the exacting demands of professional divers (Role, 2013. ) Besides that, Role being able to tell the time In two zones at once. Role Is their outstanding durability and reliability. Roles have been tested in the deepest parts of the ocean to the highest places on earth. A special edition of a Role watch was attached to the side of a submarine to the bottom of the

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Marina Trench. Upon surfacing the watch was intact and keeping good time. Later the Explorer series was developed to help Everest Expeditions keep time and return back to base camp before they ran out of daylight. Hard Role by far is not the highest in quality, but it is the most respected with value proposition is people wearing Role watches, and then people will think he is such an important. At the end of the day, what people think and how you feel about what others think truly determines the value proposition. Http://www. Role. Com/watches/Role-deepest/ l 16660-0001 . HTML http://Lackawanna. Hubcap's. Com/hub/Luxury-Watches-Roles http://w. NM. Role. Com/watches/submariner/ml 1661 Olav-0002. HTML http://YMMV. Authenticates. Com/Role-submariner. HTML Business Proposition By imaging networking for example Faceable. They also can gather the information through friend opinion. Both countries are promoting the same products but why Role getting more popular if they are wearing Role watches that promote by celebrity. Role watches mostly target on high income and status people because they can assistance about their watches.

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