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Google Analytics

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Google analytics is a software program provided by Google which helps firms track traffic to a website. The program provides detailed reports that show how the traffic was generated, and which ads are preforming the best. It tracks them from different ads points such as search engines, social media, banner ads, display advertising, pay-per-click, e-mail marketing, etc. Google Analytics is combined with Adwords which allows firms to review online campaigns by tracking landing page quality and goals.

These stats also show which landing page is receiving the most volume of views. It can also help with managing other campaigns goals like sales, and lead generation. This feature allows firms to adjust their marketing strategy, and get viewers to their popular sites. Google Analytics can be a very valuable strategy for a firm success when used correctly. Applying business intelligence techniques a firm marketing strategy can give them the results they are looking for.

Google analytics is a cost effective tool for any firm. There is a free product, and an upgraded version for a small fee. By using the tool provided in this software firms can manage their marketing strategies by monitoring traffic to certain website, and adjust the advertising accordingly to create a higher action rate. Knowing which ad drives the most traffic will allow a firm to maximize their marketing budget by focusing on ads that work. Cookies are a popular tool with online advertising campaigns.

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Google Analytics

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They are a tracking system that allows a firm to monitor a customer action; weather the customer is new, and how long they spend on your websites. By using this tool you can devise a strategy to get new traffic, and keep repeat business. Using this technology my organization can learn about our marketing efforts, and utilize the best strategy to create action. This system will allow us to utilize our marketing budget and spend money on ads that generate leads and sales.

These ads will help us reach our goals as a company. We will learn about our demographics, and be able to develop products in emerging markets. We can track which products are getting the most attraction in each area and develop a strategy for different market to reach our potential. We will be able to utilize Google analytic will allow us to use money saved from marketing to expand the business and our products/services.

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