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Essay on The American Education System

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The amount and sort of knowledge being captured by firms these days is staggering. The abundance of information, combined with the poor availableness of powerful knowledge analysis tools, has given rise to a data rich but poor data condition. The widening gap between information and knowledge has generated a pressing want for brand pking new techniques which can flip these immense amounts of knowledge into "golden nuggets" of information.

This realization, spawned from four years of my undergrad studies, has motivated me to figure towards changing me into a veteran within the field of information Technology. To this end, I'm very excited to apply and in fact study at Northeastern University's Master's in skilled Studies in Analytics.

A successful Systems Analyst, has a perfect blend of analytical, managerial and communication skills, creativity and spirit of teamwork. My undergraduate education at D. Y. Patil College of Engineering and Technology - one of the foremost institutes in my region - affiliated to Shivaji University, has played a key role in developing these skills. It has given me a comprehensive exposure to courses like Database Management Systems, Data Warehousing and Mining. My proficiency in languages such as C, C++, and SQL has established a solid framework towards accomplishing my objective.

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Through different testing ventures, I picked up knowledge to how the IT business functions. From building up a database administration system for my web application, I understood that while arranging toward the starting, collaboration is critical, cooperation is the way to the fruitful usage of undertaking. These undertakings associated with utilization of what was taken after inside the classroom and gave a dynamic practice with programming languages like PHP, HTML, XML, and MySQL. Courses like 'Communication Skills' and 'Presentation and Communication Techniques' upgraded my relational aptitudes which I had used to effectively execute my projects.

In the last year of my Bachelor's degree, I worked on a project titled 'Know Your Trade' that went for building up a web application for the automation and maintenance of manufacturing progress of orders for the company 'Nutrich Foods Pvt. Ltd.', based in Kolhapur. In a joint effort with three of my partners, I achieved the objectives of making intuitive web application which enables user to create purchase and dispatch processing notes, view results of statistical analysis as well as output of the cashew cutting machine. Finishing these colossal assignments reinforced my investigative and critical thinking aptitudes. The most striking element of this project was the weight sensing by the load sensor. This web application can be utilized as a part of any commodity industry. The project was granted as the best project by the organization Nutrich Foods Pvt. Ltd.

This task has infused in me the organizational abilities adequate to organize work and oversee time viably keeping in mind the end goal to meet approaching due dates without compensating the quality of the output.

The mounting misuse of computers and expanding risk to individual protection has stimulated my enthusiasm for the field of Data Security. To protect critical information from getting harmed, a sound security framework is of most important for any association. In this way, to strengthen my foothold on Data Security, I completed a certification course on Microsoft Technology Associate-Security Fundamentals and scored 83% in the course offered by the Microsoft. This provided me the advanced skills needed to secure electronic assets, prevent attacks and build a secured network. It has also given me hands-on training on projects, and a profound knowledge about Network Security, Operating System Security, Security Layers, and Security Software.

During the term time at my college I have also participated in extracurricular activities like Presentations, seminars and organizing events that gave me a platform to interact with people from different background and with diverse culture which has helped me to learn more about social world. I have worked as volunteer for National Conference on Emerging Trends in Engineering & Architecture (NCETETA) held at Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering and Technology.

Participated in Smart India Hackathon 2017 held in Chennai (the main motto of this event was to find out the solutions for the social problems which was identified by the ministries and government departments of India, where the participants have to sit locked in for 36 hours to develop the solution!) Even I stood 1st for poster presentation for Environmental Awareness Programme held at Dr. D. Y. Patil College of Engineering and Technology.

Among the entire education system, the American education is considered to be one of the best world-wide because of its excellent combination of theoretical and practical knowledge which I believe is a perfect solution for a student for his/her understanding. Getting enrolled in an American university would help me to learn and develop the required practical skills which I believe is needed for me. This is because of the programs taught in the university have well organised and structured curriculum which is perfectly suitable for the field that I am looking forward to stepping in.

Among all the programs related to computer networks the MPS in Analytics program at Northeastern University looked eminent as the master's program covers the areas of critical importance to IT employers, such as - Probability and Statistics, Enterprise Analytics, Information Architecture, Information Security Governance, Data Management and Big Data, Predictive Analytics, Data-Driven Decision Making, and also GIS -and provides significant scope for career opportunities. All these units certainly ensure a good and strong career ahead.

The program at Northeastern University is suited for my goals as the faculties and the way the program is designed is quite impressive. I believe that to get linked with such faculties and program would give me a great opportunity to pursue my career in Analytics. I was also surprised by the facilities available at your university. As I discussed about this with my undergraduate professor, he also backed my decision to pursue my higher education at your esteemed university. I am confident, and I believe that with the required teaching I can be shaped into a well-balanced individual. I look forward in joining your esteemed university as a postgraduate student at computer science department.
Archana ViswwaranjanIndia

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