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Technology and Operations management

Operations management involves careful planning and organizing of activities and processes to be carried out in an organization. In managing the operations, an organization has to control and assess the use of the available resources. Technology has been employed to help manage the operations hence achieve quality improvements in organizations.

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Technology use requires special knowledge and expertise for a success. Currently technology has been used to enhance management processes in many institutions. To benefit from technology use qualified technical resources are required (Belout, 2004). All the projects in an organization have to be managed well for a success.

Project Management
Project management is process by which resources involved in a project are carefully and systematically organized to help achieve accomplish a specific task. Project management therefore involves clear definition of the goals and objectives to be achieved using the available resources. Project management is done in phases. The phases start from information gathering, developing and implementing plans, assessments and maintenance (Free management Library, 2009).

To successfully determine the project scope and plan, an organization requires special knowledge and expertise. When right skills and expertise are used, user’s satisfaction will be met or exceeded. Project management therefore requires process improves to meet customer satisfaction and business process reengineering to achieve quality. Through business process, reengineering customer satisfaction can be met and even exceeded (Stanleigh, 2009).

Technology and operations management
Project management processes vary depending with the type of project and the goals to be achieved. According to Stanleigh (2009), projects are unique hence when managing projects each requires specific processes or resources to be used. Operations management involves efficiency hence quality production. To improve on operations an organization has to employ management practices in many aspects. Quality and project management has to be carried through planning well and employing qualified staff.

Proper planning leads to proper usage of resources hence avoid wastage. Improved efficiency enhances improvements in quality productions. Business operations can be reengineered and technology use adopted. Technology use for instance automation of processes has lead to elimination of some production processes by eliminating some processes, effective resource consumption and efficient production (Jackson & Klobas, 2008).

Management is very fundamental in all organizations. Management should be done in all operations carried out in an organization. Management of operations will ensure efficiency in resource usage hence quality productions. To achieve a continuous improvement, innovation and technology use has to be encouraged. Technology management has benefited many organizations. Through technology use, production processes have been reduced. Businesses reengineering has led to elimination of non-productive processes (Jackson & Klobas, 2008). Technology use hence leads to effective resource use and production processes.

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