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Essays on Financial Markets

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The Role of Financial Institutions and Markets

Technology, globalization, competition, and deregulation all have contributed to the revolution of worldwide financial markets and the creation of an efficient, internationally linked market. However, these developments have created potential problems (Brigham 1995: 111). As the worldwide financial crisis, which started in the early summer …

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Non Financial Factors

Introduction This report will evaluate the financial performance of Tesco’s and comparing it to Marks and Spencer’s has the purpose of evaluating the company’s worthiness as investment. As a well knowing company around the world and having an important background in the retail environment Tesco’s …

Financial MarketsInvestmentTesco
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Lufthansa: to Hedge or Not to Hedge

If the DM/US$ exchange rate were 2. 4DM/US$ in January 1986, what would be the all in cost of the aircraft purchase under each alternative? What would be the all in cost of the aircraft purchase under each alternative if the exchange rate were 3. …

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Rhone-Poulenc Rorer, Inc Case-Study

Almost every aspect of the complexity of the merger can be explained through Rhone-Poulenc’s financial constraints. RP’s motives to acquire Rorer were to create crucial capital for its own strategic entry into pharmaceuticals. RP could not buy Rorer either in cash or shares due to …

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Financial Markets Assignment

FINANCIAL MARKETS & INSTITUTIONS ASSIGNMENT 1. Explain how interest rates decline following major Fed purchases of mortgage-backed securities. The FED implements quantitative easing by buying financial assets of longer maturity, e. g. , mortgage-backed securities, from commercial banks and other private institutions in order to …

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Executive Summary of Spritzer

This report will be based on the Spritzer Group, one of the largest bottled water producers in Malaysia (Spritzer, 2010). This report will contain an analysis and evaluation of Spritzer Group based on the annual reports which contains the financial statements of the last 5 …

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Datastream User Guide

INFOSTREAM MAY/JUNE 2008 IN THIS ISSUE GROWTH IN US CONTENT Negotiate the world’s “info-noise” with Datastream’s expansive and reliable US-focused content. NEW VALUATION RATIOS RELEASED 14 new Datastream valuation ratios have been released, giving you a detailed overview of markets and sectors as well as …

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Solution of Week6

Problem 1. 7. Suppose that you write a put contract with a strike price of $40 and an expiration date in three months. The current stock price is $41 and the contract is on 100 shares. What have you committed yourself to? How much could …

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Cpa Questions

Multiple Choice—CPA Adapted Chapter 14 – Long Term Liabilities 1. On July 1, 2010, Spear Co. issued 1,000 of its 10%, $1,000 bonds at 99 plus accrued interest. The bonds are dated April 1, 2010 and mature on April 1, 2020. Interest is payable semiannually …

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Investwrite Essay

InvestWrite Essay If you need help planning your financial future, then I am the one to help you. Through trial and error, learning from my mistakes, and just getting a better understanding of stocks, The Stock Market Game has greatly improved my knowledge on stocks …

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Financial Markets and Financial Intermediaries

Financial markets refer to mechanisms that allow individuals to trade on financial securities such as bonds and stocks with the sole aim of facilitating the growth of business investors to increase their incomes and wealth (Madura, 2008, p. 26). In a much broader perspective, they …

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If Venerus Implements the Suggested Methodology?

If Venerus implements the suggested methodology, what would be the range of discount rates that AES would use around the world? * 12% discount rate was used for all projects * Venerus felt that this model worked fairly well In 1990s this model of capital …

Capital StructureFinancial MarketsInvestmentLearning
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Regulations of Financial Markets and Global Financial Crisis

Since the inception of this world, people are following rules in one way or the other. Every aspect of our lives follows a pattern. The best patterns and practices are developed in to rules. If there are no rules, there will be chaos everywhere and …

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Abington-Hill Toys

Introduction Abington-Hill Toys’ new president, Vernon Albright, hires a new company comptroller, David Hartly. Hartly’s first task was to complete an analysis of the firm’s condition and generate financial planning for the company. Methodology Current ratio Acid-test ratio Inventory Turnover Ratio Debt-Equity ratio Gross Margin …

Financial MarketsInvestmentMoneyWorking Capital
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Bernard Madoff Fraud

Abstract This report allows the facts to be known concerning the still mysterious case of Bernard L. Madoff and his longtime investment securities activities, which eventually turned into an enormous fraud of incomparable size. In this report, you will begin to understand how Bernard Madoff …

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Madoff Scandal

Introduction Operating from central Manhattan, Bernie Madoff developed the first and biggest global Ponzi scheme, an event of greed and dishonesty that lasted for more than 20 years, in which $65 billion dollars vanished from the pockets of some of the world’s richest people, charities …

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Risk Aversion and Question

Question 3 (5 points) Suppose your dear old Grandfather approaches you for investment advice. He knows of your great training in finance and statistics and gives the following instructions: “Obviously, I want to maximize my returns, but since my life is now quite boring, I …

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Continental carriers inc

I.Statement of Financial Problem Should Continental Carriers, Inc. use debt or equity to finance the acquisition of Midland Freight in 1988, either by selling $50 million in bonds at a 10% interest rate to a California insurance company with a maturity of 15 years, or …

Capital StructureFinanceFinancial Markets
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Continental Carriers, Inc.

Continental Carriers, Inc. (CCI) should take on the long-term debt to finance the acquisition of Midland Freight, Inc. for a few reasons. The company is heavy on assets, the debt ratio will only grow to 0. 40 with the added $50M in debt. Also, the …

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The Risk Factor of Diageo

Investing in the securities offered using this prospectus involves risk. You should consider carefully the risks described below, together with the risks described in the documents incorporated by reference into this prospectus and any risk factors included in the prospectus supplement, before you decide to …

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Bombay Stock Exchange

It is located at Dalal Street, Mumbai, India. In Aug 2010, the equity market capitalization of the companies listed on the BSE was US$1. 39 trillion, making it the 4th largest stock exchange in Asia and the 11th largest in the world. With over 4,990 …

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Financing sources of construction companies

Financing Sources of Construction Companies 1.         Introduction 1.1.      Financing in Construction Companies             Financing is one of the key ingredients of successful business. Companies in all stages of growth cannot escape from the need of proper financing management. Despite the fact that some companies never …

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Importance of Financial Markets

A market is a place where willing buyers and willing sellers meet. There are several markets; capital markets which includes stock markets and bond markets, market for goods and services (commodities), derivatives market consisting of future markets, insurance market and foreign exchange markets. The markets …

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Why is Intrinsic Valuation Important for Purinex?

Relative valuation is performed by evaluating the assets of a company with the current market rate of comparable assets. So to perform relative valuation we need to determine the assets and obtain the market value for these identified assets and then convert those to standardized …

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Mutual Fund in India

Introduction The Four Basic Components on which Indian financial system is based on are Financial Market, Financial Institutions, Financial Service and Financial Instrument. One of the most important components of Financial Instrument is Mutual Investment Fund (mutual fund). (Jaspal Singh, 2004) (Mason Dave, 1999) “A …

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Gordon Growth Model

What is Gordon Growth Model, “This model is use to determine the fundamental value of stock, it determines the value of stock based on sequence or series of dividends that matured at a constant rate , and the dividend per share is payable in a …

Financial MarketsInvestmentMonetary Policy
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Consolidation of Global Financial Exchanges

Introduction Exchanges in various geographical locations have been established to provide a physical marketing place where the buyers and sellers of shares and other securities could meet to finalize the transactions mutually. In the last two decades of the 20th century the stock market operations …

Financial MarketsInvestmentStock Market
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London: Economic Dominance Through Financial Markets

My experience at union Investment Management (I-JIM), an investment house located in Mayfair Village, sheds some light onto the attention explanations for this configuration. One of the things I noticed during my first few days of work was the Incredible time that the employees devoted …

BankFinancial MarketsPolandReputation
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Commercial Paper

In case of call/ notice money the eligible participants are free to decide on interest rates of the borrowing/ lending. The reporting of call/ notice is done through NDS- CALL. The institution participating in the CALL/ NOTICE has the freedom to choose the counter party. The …

BankingFinancial MarketsInvestment
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Study on Mutual Funds

OBJECTIVE OF THE STUDY The main objective of the present study to understand how mutual funds function in India. Specifically the study seeks to answer the following question: 1. What is the present status of mutual funds industry in India? How does it compare with …

BusinessCorporationsFinancial Markets
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A financial market is a market in which people trade financial securities and derivatives at low transaction costs. Some of the securities include stocks and bonds, raw materials and precious metals, which are known in the financial markets as commodities.


What Is Market Psychology? Market psychology refers to the prevailing behaviors and aggregate sentiment of market actors at any point in time. The term is often used by the financial media and analysts to explain market movement that may not be explained by other metrics, such as fundamentals.


Physics of financial markets is a discipline that studies financial markets as physical systems. It seeks to understand the nature of financial processes and phenomena by employing the scientific method and avoiding beliefs, unverifiable assumptions and immeasurable notions, not uncommon to economic disciplines.

Main kinds

There are many kinds of financial markets, including (but not limited to) forex, money, stock, and bond markets. These markets may include assets or securities that are either listed on regulated exchanges or else trade over-the-counter (OTC).

Frequently asked questions

What is financial market in your own words?
A financial market is a marketplace where securities, commodities, foreign exchange, and other financial products are traded. The term financial market" is often used to refer to the stock market, but there are many different types of financial markets, including the bond market, the commodities market, the foreign exchange market, and the money market."
What is the importance of financial markets?
There are a few key reasons for why financial markets are so important. For one, they provide a way for businesses to raise capital by selling equity or debt. This is important because it allows companies to expand and grow their operations. Additionally, financial markets provide a way for investors to get exposure to a wide variety of assets and businesses. This diversification is important because it helps to mitigate risk. Finally, financial markets are important for price discovery. They help to provide a way for buyers and sellers to come together and agree on a price for an asset. This price discovery process is important for efficient allocation of resources.
What is the introduction to financial markets?
The introduction to financial markets can be found in many different places, but one of the most common places to start is with an overview of the different types of financial markets. Financial markets can be broadly divided into two main categories: the primary markets and the secondary markets. The primary markets are where new securities are first offered for sale, while the secondary markets are where existing securities are traded between investors.The most well-known primary market is the stock market, where companies sell shares of their stock to investors in exchange for cash. The secondary market for stocks is the stock exchange, where investors buy and sell shares of stock from each other. Other primary markets include the bond market, where companies and governments issue bonds to raise capital, and the real estate market, where property is bought and sold.The secondary markets are where most investors trade securities. The most well-known secondary market is the stock exchange, but there are also secondary markets for bonds, real estate, and other assets. In the secondary market, investors trade with each other, rather than with the companies that issued the securities.The introduction to financial markets also includes a discussion of the different types of financial instruments that are traded in the markets. Financial instruments can be divided into two main categories: debt and equity. Debt instruments include bonds, which are loans that must be repaid with interest, and loans, which are agreements to lend money in exchange for repayment with interest. Equity instruments include stocks, which represent ownership in a company, and options, which are contracts that give the holder the right to buy or sell a security at a set price.The introduction to financial markets also discusses the role of financial intermediaries in the markets. Financial intermediaries are institutions that help to connect buyers and sellers of securities. They include investment banks, which help companies issue new securities, and brokerages, which help investors buy and sell securities.The introduction to financial markets concludes with a discussion of the regulatory environment in which the markets operate. The securities markets are regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which is a government agency that is responsible for protecting investors and ensuring that the markets operate fairly. The SEC enforces the rules that govern the markets, and it can bring enforcement actions against companies or individuals that violate those rules.
What is financial market and how does it work?
A financial market is a market in which people trade financial securities and derivatives at low transaction costs. Securities include stocks, bonds, and commodities. Derivatives include financial contracts like options and futures. Financial markets are important because they allow people to save and invest money.The two main types of financial markets are primary markets and secondary markets. In a primary market, securities are offered for sale to the public for the first time. In a secondary market, securities are bought and sold among investors.Financial markets work by matching buyers and sellers. Buyers want to buy securities at the lowest possible price, and sellers want to sell securities at the highest possible price. Financial markets use prices to match buyers and sellers.Prices are determined by supply and demand. The supply of a security is the amount of the security that is available for sale. The demand for a security is the amount of the security that people want to buy. When the supply of a security is greater than the demand, the price of the security will fall. When the demand for a security is greater than the supply, the price of the security will rise.Financial markets are important because they allow people to save and invest money. When people save money, they are buying financial securities. When people invest money, they are buying securities in the hopes of selling them later at a higher price. Financial markets allow people to do both of these things.

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