Exploratory essay

There are many students that excel in reading and writing but moieties there are writing challenges that even they come upon on. And with approaching them, are their minds in the most activeness that they can be in? This begins a question of if students were to emphasize all these habits they already have, will that achieve themselves a fuller active mind with greater flexibility in their reading and writing? And is this an idea that all students should be taking an advantage of.

Every year we have all these new students entering into their college lives ready to stretch their knowledge and learn all these new techniques in school. Taking with them, everything that have learned in high school and beginning to build more on those things. Learning how to approach all these different challenges and growing towards becoming more intellectual in their writings. But before they can begin to approach these things, they need to find where they stand in reading and writing.

To know how well their abilities are and what is it that they need to begin working on so that they are ready for the bigger writing challenges that will come before them. Knowing the habits of mind is what is going to help them understand here they stand it will help them improve and position themselves for every new writing assignment they encounter. In high school these habits of mind criteria helped me understand more about where I stand in reading and writing.

The habits of mind include things like curiosity and openness where you want to know more and begin to approach things in different ways. This helps me understand that in high school, curiosity and openness is what helped motivated me to seek for answers and explore new ways to find the connections and information I needed. Having engagement and creativity is what gave me that sense to build on the new things I learned and begin to approach things differently.

My ability in high school with persistence and responsibility gave me a constant need to keep on trying and share my ideas with others and acted upon them. And lastly, the habits of mind include habits of flexibility and metrification. Flexibility helped me recognize different situations and helped me learn how to approach them and metrification is what helped me reflect on everything to improve on the newer things. Knowing these habits of mind criteria has helped me understand what my threaten are and what are the things I need more strength in.

We all have different abilities in reading and writing and there are always certain areas that we can improve in. After learning what these habits of minds are, it has shown me that I can become a great writer and I know the places I need to improve on. I do believe that these habits are the pinpoints of becoming a great writer and if we emphasize these points, then it can only bring a bigger improvement for every student in college. It’s a foundation that can help people improve in their reading and writing skills and help them have a broaden mind.

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