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This lesson is just the tip of the iceberg. There is so much more to learn and so many other ways this can be applied to your life. There are different systems that bring quicker results for different things.  Let’s face it, sex is great. There is nothing like good old fashioned - no holds barred - two sweaty bodies tearing up the sheets - no commitment sex. And what is really cool, is there are some real experts out there who can show you exactly how to get more than your fair share of this kind of sex. God bless these guys… and girls for their wisdom and willingness to spread their knowledge on the subject. For many people this is what their goal is, and if this is what you’re looking for, then more power to you. In no way, shape or form do I look down at a person who ust desires sex without the relationship and commitment.

In fact, I believe that everyone in the world has periods in their lives when this is exactly what they need.It’s what the doctor ordered, so to speak. I have placed a couple of links at the end of this book so that you can check them out. I feel that these are the best sites on that subject. On the other hand, there comes a time when almost everyone wants to settle down. This is also great, but this takes on a whole different role from that one night stand. I doubt that anyone here would disagree with the fact that we have all happily had ex with a female who was miles away from someone we would consider for a permanent relationship.

Maybe she was beautiful, but she knew it and wanted everyone else to know it, too. Maybe she was a looker, but you had to get in line. Believe me, if you think that it is only guys that are looking for no commitment sex, you’re wrong. Plenty of women follow the 3 F’s rule. For whatever reason they may have been too dumb, too smart, too slutty, too uptight, too tall, too short, too fat, too boring, too wild… Or God forbid you may have had the unfortunate experience of having a couple too many drinks the night before.Well, this book isn’t on the subject of scoring tonight with a different lady than you had last night or that you will have tomorrow. Actually, this book can work in conjunction with that type of mindset, but odds are you are going to have to look at things slightly differently than you have been.

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Here’s the thing

If you have been using the systems that are taught by the connoisseurs of one night stands, then you have been avoiding the whole idea of commitment like the plague. As I said earlier, if that’s your game or was your game, that is fine.And it is or was a lot of fun, I’m sure. But, for almost everyone there comes a time when settling down with that one special person weighs heavy on our heart. Gadz, that sounds kind of girlie, but I think you know what I mean. Knowing that someone special is going to be there for you when you’re sick, need help with something or… maybe it’s just a steady piece of bone shaking ass that you are looking for. Whatever, you feel like it’s time to settle down.

Here’s the problem

If you have been using the systems from the one night stand guru’s, you are probably a little jaded. You have just spent night after night with babe after babe. The claw marks on your back haven’t healed since you sat down and read the first chapter of their book. So as far as sex goes, you’ve been there and done that. But now you are playing a whole new game than you were before. Now you want a cutie all your own. So what would have been fine for a one night stand no longer holds true for your current undertaking.

You want a steady partner, at least for a while, and maybe even longer, and dare I say it… “a wife. ” Okay, so the criteria that we used for our one night stand material is a little different than what we will end up using for a more serious relationship. It’s like he difference between a Big Mac hamburger and a dinner with all the trimmings at the finest restaurant in town. Both will take care of your appetite, but one of them you look forward to coming back to. You may have actually run across the perfect long term mate already. That little thing that you had sex with last night or last week or whenever it was might have been the perfect match for a long serious loving relationship. But you weren’t looking for that, so you probably wouldn’t have seen it even if she was the perfect match for you today.

It’s possible that some of you are thinking that you wouldn’t ever want to consider woman that would hop into bed with you on the first night, especially as long term relationship material. But if this is your thinking, it may be time to step back and take another look.

Consider these possibilities

  1. Just because she did sleep with you on the first meeting doesn’t mean that she makes a habit of it.
  2. Just as you may have changed your outlook on sexual relationships, maybe she has, also.
  3. If you have been using one of the better pickup systems that are offered online, then you are kind of taking it out of their hands.They could be very nice girls and would never have considered sleeping with a guy on first meeting. But you learned special techniques that overcame boundaries that she would normally have had in place.
  4. Who says nice girls can’t have one night stands? It doesn’t mean that they are going to continue this action after they enter a real relationship. Now having said this, I am not recommending that you go hunt up past sex partners to see if they may be the one. Believe me, using my system you will not have to do that, nor do I feel that you should even entertain that thought.

My only oint is that if you use my system and a past one night stand should end up being presented to you; don’t prejudge or assume you know who this person really is. Alright, so now we have established that you either have been, or are, or will be looking for more in a relationship. Before we move on I would like to bring up another point that I know a lot of guys are dealing with, and that is being “GUTSHOT. ” After being gut shot a time or two, you tend to get gun shy. I understand, and that may have been when you decided to take up the one-night stand approach to things. If no emotion is ttached, it is extremely easy to walk away with both testicles where they belong. But… …If fear is what is keeping you from entering a meaningful relationship (and you truly want one) I can assure you that using my system and actually following each point will get you what you want, and you do not have to fear the possibility of being torn apart by some bitch that wasn’t right for you to begin with.

In almost every case where I have seen the guy get beaten down by some babe, there were numerous telltale signs that the guy should have cut and run long before that fateful end. More often than not this should have happened within the first few dates. Here is some really good news for you, though. Using this system and adhering to the steps, you will not only bypass negative relationship possibilities, but you will for the most part be presented with only the best possibilities and opportunities to fulfill your desires. One wish so make it count It’s the same old Friday night routine. Here you are getting ready to meet the guys at the club for a night of, “Who is going to out score who. ” You mile at yourself in the mirror knowing that you are top dog and always take more than your share of trophies to bed.

Still, it gets a little old. More and more you are thinking that it would be kind of nice to skip the constant game of one night stands. In the past when thoughts of settling down made their way to your conscious mind, you would blow them off with memories of last weekend’s successes. And there was the fact that you wouldn’t turn your back on your friends. But these anchors that have been keeping you in the game are starting to weaken and more and more you are thinking that a real relationship could e what you are really looking for. You pop the cap on a new bottle of “Egoiste Platinum,” and notice that your mirror is steaming up from the shower you just took. But as you go to wipe it off with a towel from around your neck, you find that the mirror is dry.

You do a double take because right behind you in the mirror is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen. Startled, you whip around to look dead in the eyes of what could only be described as a goddess. She smiles. “So that is what you want? ” she asks. You should be pretty tense about this whole situation. Where did she come from anyway?But, you feel incredibly relaxed and at ease. “Is what, what I want? ” “Do you finally want to settle down with the woman of your dreams? Do you want the woman that can be everything that you desire? ” “Do you want THE ONE? ” “Well,” you stammer.

“If I could find someone that was actually everything that I wanted, if she is really out there, then yes, I would like to find that woman. And yes, I would probably settle down. ” “Then tell me what you want. If you could have one wish to get the woman of your dreams, tell me what she would be like. ” She folds her arms and stares into your eyes as if she is looking into your soul. “I want you,” you blurt out before you can even stop yourself. You can’t believe you just said that.

It was definitely not following the rules taught from the pickup masters. She smiles even bigger and tells you, “That is very nice of you to say, but you don’t even know me” “And not only that,” she says “I’m not a girl. ” “WHAT! ” Now you are tense. You can’t believe that she… “it…” How could the most beautiful woman you’ve ever seen not be a woman at all? But in this day and age you know what it means. She is a marvel of science. She must ave spent millions on surgery. “So you’re a guy? ” you ask, still not believing it.

Her arms quickly drop and she places her hands on her perfect hips. “No silly, I’m a Genie. ” Oh thank God. It feels like a ton of bricks being lifted off your back…Wait a minute. That’s kind of weird, too. “So your name is Genie? ” you ask. “No I am a Genie.

My name is Dusty. ” “So,” she goes on, “this is the way it works. You tell me exactly what you want in a woman and I will deliver her to you. But, I will need to know exactly what you are looking for. So go ahead and tell me. ” “Well, I want her to be really beautiful. She will be nice and have a great ense of humor.

” You stand there waiting for her to appear. Dusty looks at you in disbelief. “That’s it? I’m supposed to create the woman of your dreams from a description like that? ” “Look” she says, “if you want me to place the woman of your dreams in your life I am going to have to know what you want. I can’t believe so many guys dream about having the woman of their dreams and can’t even tell me the color of her hair. ” Page 8 Copyright 2006 The Chosen Secret “Blonde! ” you blurt out, feeling proud of yourself. She doesn’t look as impressed as you had hoped she would. In fact, she ooks slightly disgusted with you.

Finally, after a few seconds which seem like hours, she smiles and says, “Okay, you decide what you want. Don’t leave anything out and I will be back. Get it right because I won’t offer a second wish. ” “Hey, wait a minute. I thought I got 3 wishes,” you say, feeling a little ripped off. “I’m not that kind of Genie. Get it right and you will live a life that is beyond your dreams.

Once you think you have her perfect in every way, write your description on this piece of paper and I will be back. ” In a blink she’s gone and a piece of ancient parchment paper floats in the air before you.You reach out and grab the paper just as it starts to fall. Wow, you can’t believe what just happened. There is no way you can tell anyone about this. They’ll think you’re crazy. You notice the phone is ringing and go to answer it.

It’s your buddy Tom. “Why are you still home? ” he asks. “I thought we were supposed to meet at 10:00,” you say, not feeling even slightly interested in talking to Tom. “That’s right,” he replies. “It’s midnight. Are you feeling okay? ” “Yeah Tom, I feel fine, but I think I am going to skip it tonight. Maybe we can get together tomorrow.

” Your mind is in a kind of haze and you can’t break it. Oh, I got you, buddy. ” Tom says. “You already snagged one on the way to the club. That’s you, quick out of the gate. I’ll talk to you tomorrow, then. Have a great night. Bye. ”

The phone goes dead and you sit on the edge of your bed staring at the blank piece of paper.  Every word and movement and facial expression that she made plays over and over in your mind. Suddenly you feel exhausted and lay back on your bed and close your eyes. What would the woman of your dreams really be like, anyway? Making it count When you open your eyes it’s morning.You can see the light coming through the window. You immediately think of Dusty and know it wasn’t a dream, even though your mind still can’t wrap itself around the idea.

The paper lies on your nightstand staring blankly at you, waiting to produce your dream girl. About now you realize that you feel like you could starve to death if you don’t get some food in your belly. It’s 6:30 on a Saturday morning. You didn’t even know that they made 6:30 AM’s on Saturday mornings, yet you’re already dressed and on your way to the diner for some breakfast. Sausage, eggs, hash browns, toast and coffee will do the trick.All of a sudden it comes to you that it’s strange that you know exactly what you want for breakfast. You can visualize exactly what it will look like, taste like and smell like, but you can’t put your finger on what you really want in a mate who will be with you for possibly the rest of your life.

You watch the waitresses moving around the diner as you wait for your breakfast and think to yourself, “Are any of these women the woman of my dreams? ” You quickly arrive at the decision that none of them are what you are looking for. The tall one has a great build, but she’s a little older than what you normally go for. The young one is okay, but she also seems kind of grumpy. “She probably had one too many drinks the night before,” you think to yourself. Your waitress has nice full lips and an upbeat personality, but she’s on the plump side and that really isn’t what you are looking for, either. As you sip your coffee after breakfast, thinking about the night before, a thought slowly creeps into your mind. “It’s too bad you can’t combine all of them.

Then you might have something. ” Startled by this revelation, you jump up and quickly throw a tip on the table and head back to your apartment. This is the answer and you know it. You ear through your apartment door and…  true Lessons, In Reality, It’s time to get real! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to create the woman of your dreams? I’m not talking about getting out your skill saw or a bag of play dough. I’m talking about creating your own living, breathing, soft, warm, real live girl. O I know it sounds a little bit out there, but I need you to keep your mind open. Right from the very beginning I need you to start thinking about what this creation will e.

I’ve done it, and believe it or not, it’s a simple process that anyone can master, no matter what the situation. Are you asking yourself why then, if this is possible, doesn’t everyone have their dream babe? I know where you are coming from, because I’ve asked myself the same question. And the answer is simple. Most guys don’t know that they can do this. Even if they did know, they don’t really know what they want, anyway. So if you can have anything that you want in a mate, what will it be? Will she have blond hair and blue eyes? How about black hair and the softest brown eyes you’ve ever seen?How tall is she? Is she a tiny 5 feet tall, or a 6 footer with legs that climb to the back of her neck? Is she a super model or the librarian type? Will her every move scream sex or will she be subtle on the outside and tear you up in the bedroom when the lights go out? Come on, start thinking. If there are no limits… (And there aren’t) What will she be? You will notice a key point here in my wording.

I said “what” will she be? Not “who” will she be? Don’t pick a certain person. Don’t try to out think the process. When you are doing your description it is fine to pick aspects of a certain person hat you like. But picking the name of someone who you already know or know of is not what this is about. You are in for a real treat because this is like nothing that you have ever seen before. This process has never been written of in any other dating book or how-to- pick-up-women book, because we’re looking for a long term relationship here, not a one night stand. As I stated above, I have nothing against one night stands.

Dating gurus are teaching you how to eat bushels of apples, while I’m talking about growing one type of apple tree that offers the best fruit you’ve ever had. (Sometimes you have to eat a lot of apples to find out what your favorite apple tastes like. O) If you are looking at just getting laid by a different woman every night, then there are books, conferences and lecturers out there that can get you set up for this kind of life style, and some are very good at what they teach. In fact I have included a list of these resources at the end of this book. Something that is important for you to realize is that this book isn’t huge by any means, but the information is staggering and will completely change your life.It is also important that you don’t take this lightly or doubt its potential. Follow each step and I promise that without a doubt you will achieve the results that you are looking for.

To create the woman of your dreams and make her a part of your life, your life may have to change in certain ways. Now those changes may be very significant or they may be slight changes. Sometimes it’s not necessary to make any changes at all. Some of the changes may be on the inside and some may be on the outside. But I promise you this: If it’s necessary for you to make any changes in your life in order to have the oman of your dreams, they will be positive and will do nothing but improve your life anyway, so why not? Alright, at this point I guess it’s time to get started. Here is a big point that I will be making throughout this book: This isn’t theory, this isn’t new age, this isn’t B. S.

and it most certainly isn’t speculation. The fact is: We create our own reality! And the woman of your dreams is no exception to this fact. This is backed up by science, religion and way too many actual cases to ever be considered coincidence. Now for some of you this is going to be a no-brainer and for others this is going to be way over the top. Look, the same information that has made people billionaires (yes you read that right) is the same information that they have used to have everything that they want, including exotic cars, mansions, private jets, yachts and yes, the perfect bride. There is no limit. We are taking this information and morphing it just slightly to be used in a particular way that may not be common for even those that are aware of its potential.

Believe it or not some people know this information and aren’t even aware of what hey know. Okay, so the first step to achieving what you want no matter what that is, is to really know what you want. I can just about guarantee that you don’t know what you want. You don’t really know what you want because you haven’t allowed yourself the freedom to really make that choice. Yes, undoubtedly you can tell me you want her to be beautiful and sweet. But that can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. Think of this process as placing an order.

If you go to a clothing store and tell them you want a pair of jeans, are you going to get Levi’s, Wranglers, Lee’s or Calvin Klein’s? Well, we have the same thing going on here, other than there are infinite possibilities. So it’s up to you to tell the order taker exactly what you want. Right now it’s time to get out a piece of paper and start creating the girl that’s going to make your heart go pitter patter again. If you think that the pitter patters are long gone, trust me on this. They aren’t. It’s time to create the woman that will bring that back. Here are some of the questions that you need to answer in order to create a true blueprint of what you are looking for.

First and foremost; do you really want to settle down (at least for awhile) with one pecial someone if she is everything that you are looking for? Before you just blurt out “YES,” think about it. As much as you are going to want someone who is committed to you, you are going to have to be committed to her or it will be a very short stint, and not a relationship at all. So if your answer is still “yes,” then start with the list of questions below. Add to them if you want, but don’t take from them. If something is mentioned that really doesn’t make any difference to you, still make a choice. For example: what color do you want her hair to be?If you really don’t care, still make a choice. Blonde, red, black, brown…and another thing is, even though there are probably more girls out there with brown hair, don’t try to hedge your bet by saying brown if you really want red.

This isn’t that kind of system. There is no hedging of bets. Try your best to cover every point. Let’s start with her general make up. Does she have children? If so, are they living with her or not? If she does have children, do you prefer boys or girls? Does she like animals? This doesn’t make a huge difference other than the fact that she could have 9 dogs 17 cats and 4 pot belly pigs.If you don’t mind that, then cool. This shouldn’t be a huge thing to consider, but having a pet and having a zoo in her home are two different things.

The only way that this should be a deciding factor is if you can’t stand pets and she has a house full of them or vise versa. What kind of lifestyle would you like her to be living? Do you see her as being kind of down on her luck and you are the knight in shining armor that saves her? Or is she middle class, upper middle class or someone who is extremely upper class and in the lime light of every social event that comes along? What does she do? Odds are you aren’t going to be sitting on a cold river edge baiting hooks together and betting who’s going to catch the biggest one that day if she is that high class lady mentioned above. Will she have an incredible education? I don’t think anyone is really looking for that half wit that we see on T. V. But to tell you the truth, it would be kind of intimidating to some men to be with a woman who has a far superior education and income. All things as far as the way she lives her life should be taken into consideration if it s something that could be important to you. Religion, cleanliness (is she a neat freak or a slob), does she let you spend time with the guys and does she want to spend time with the girls? Sexually, is she open or up tight? Is she into pking you with a cat of nine tails? Hey, for some guys this is supposed to be the thing.

For others, me included, we can skip that. Is she into threesomes? The thought of that is pretty exciting, being snuggled down between your lovely new girl and her best friend Tosha. But what if it’s her that is snuggled down between you and her best friend Burt? That isn’t so appealing, now s it? So before you make a decision, be very clear about what it is that you are asking for. I don’t want to take this subject into never-never land, but you know what you like, so add it. Here is a big one that shouldn’t be skipped; “Personality. ” This can make or break any relationship. I have met women that I thought were very attractive.

On a physical scale they were real 10’s, but after revealing a personality that had a rating of a 1, that brought them right down to about a 3 and I wouldn’t touch them with a 10 foot pole. On the other side of the coin, I have met a few ladies that were 5’s or ’s that shine with incredible personalities and move right up the scale to 9’s and 10’s. Don’t underestimate the sexiness of a good personality. Take a 10 that is barking orders and acting like a real bi*** and she can become your worst nightmare. In our mind’s eye we get hung up on physical beauty. But I know for a fact that you aren’t imagining this goddess screaming at you with a red face and clenched teeth. No matter what your babe looks like, in your dreams realize that she has the potential to be everything that you don’t want if you don’t get all of the pieces in place.

Will she be white, black or oriental or… What floats your boat? How old will she be? Give a range here and whatever you do don’t say it doesn’t make any difference so long as…? The other thing is don’t make it ALL important what your age is. While this does play a part, it shouldn’t be the only thing that you base your decision for age on. And use the head on top of your shoulders. Let’s just say for a minute that you are 45 or older and you are looking for a 18 to 23 year old mate. When you and your new babe jump out of bed in the morning, she throws on her oolest ghetto clothes while you slide into your Dockers. Next the two of you strap on the roller blades for a cruise through the park. The whole time you’re worried about falling down and breaking your leg, hip or face.

You go home and get ready for work while she goes and visits with her friends. Undoubtedly some of those friends will be young guys in the prime of their lives. Not that she is fooling around, but it can be kind of tough on a guy’s ego. You put in a hard day and get home and she has managed to put together a nice dinner; charred steak, an undercooked baked potato and a can of corn. Mmm, mmm Good. ONow she feels that she should be rewarded for putting on such an incredible feast by getting a night of club hopping. She’s young and wild so you will have to be the designated driver.

But that’s okay because you have to get up at 6 in the morning for an early day at work anyway. Luckily the bars close down by 3AM. When you do stay home and enjoy each other’s company, you recall the good old days in the 70’s and she tells you about the good times as a child in 1998…Oh the things you guys have in common. O I am not saying that you can’t have an incredible relationship with a young lady, and even a very young lady.But I am saying that it is more difficult and can be lonely for you and her. Let’s face it, if you are a middle aged or older guy, than it isn’t the stimulating conversations that attract you to a younger woman. It is that young firm body.

Well, I have incredibly good news, guys. Middle aged and older women are really getting with it as far as taking care of themselves. Not all of them, but there are more and more older women that are the bomb. So here is my suggestion when deciding on the age of a woman. Consider an age range of 10 years younger and 5 years older than you. Look, if you took the age out of the equation and she was everything else that you were looking for, what difference would it really make? Okay, so far we have her living structure, sexual appetite, race and age. So now let’s go ahead a look at what she is going to be physically.

Let’s start from the top and work our way down. We already covered hair color, but there can be a lot of other factors with hair. Length for example: Long (down to her butt. ) medium (the middle of her back) shoulder length or short. How do you see her? Will it be straight, wavy, curly or kinky? Now that was just hair. How about the color of her skin? Don’t think for a minute that you have that covered in the race category. Again, you have a lot of options.

Just as an example, let’s say you picked a Caucasian woman. She can be very white, she can have a slight tan, and she can be olive or even have a dark tan. Of course her skin will be soft, but anything that you can add to your description will make it that much easier for your Genie to deliver. So add it. This is going to sound a little weird, but do you see her eyebrows as being thicker Katie Holmes) or thinner (Cameron Diaz) or very thin (Claire Forlani)? I know that us guys don’t think about things like that often, but every point of creation plays into its beauty. Her eyes: Wow, have you ever looked into a woman’s eyes and found yourself mesmerized? You know the old saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul. ” I have fallen in love with a beautiful woman’s eyes.

Tell me you haven’t. Eyes are not that easy to describe sometimes, but do your best. The important thing in all of your descriptions is that they make sense to you.And try not to leave anything to chance. The same applies to her nose. Will it be a little petite nose or more of a Roman nose like Barbara Streisand has or something in between? Lips are easy for me; it’s those lush plump pink lips that shine from a slow lick. For you it could be just the opposite, thin lips pursed to do some serious kissing.

Even describe her teeth. Nobody wants snaggle tooth, but will she have large white teeth or tiny teeth? They can both be attractive. How do you see her smile? I have heard that a small gap between the front teeth is a sexy thing.Describe the shape of her face, her forehead, her cheek bones, her cheeks, and her chin. Try to describe it all. If you just think of a head as being round you might need to think a little harder. Go glue a set of eyes on a bowling ball and see how pretty that is.

Building a Girl can be a lot of work

About now you might be thinking that this is a lot of work and isn’t really worth it. I know about writer’s block and a cramped writing hand, but we are talking about the most important decision you will ever make in your life.Do you really want to leave it to chance? Look, even if it takes you a week or two to put the whole description together, it’s worth it. If you get stuck in a certain area, then this is a great opportunity to go to a public place and check out the women. O As a woman walks by who has a positive aspect you might like your new mate to have, describe it to yourself. Better yet, take a pen and paper and write it down.

Then go home and add it to your creation. Just please make sure to take the time to do it right. Another thing; sometimes it is easier to create a list of what we don’t want. It is mperative that you don’t add anything in anyway to your list that is negative. When you have completed your description it should be loaded with positives. For example, don’t say that she’s not short. Instead, say that she is tall.

Okay so let’s get on with it. Just continue to work your way down. Don’t skip from the head to the shoulders - there is a neck in there, ya know. So describe it. Next her shoulders, her arms, her back and breasts. You get the idea. Then her belly, waist, hips and butt.

I think you know what comes next. Just continue on until you get every single detail that you can think of. This is your creation so ake her perfect. Now then, how tall will she be? Again I recommend a range, but you also have to keep in mind that you can make this hard on yourself, too. Let’s say you want to have a Thai wife. If you are thinking of someone in the 6 foot range, you might be looking for awhile. God doesn’t make a lot of those.

As I said earlier, don’t try to hedge your bet because you will get what you want. But at the same time, how long do you want to wait? If you are looking for a girl with one blue eye and one brown eye, this could take some time. Yes, there are babes out there that have this going on, but it is an oddity. Now you would probably think the next thing would be weight, but nope, that is something that I recommend you stay away from. Why, you ask? Well, because guys suck at this. And so do women. There are a lot of variables to consider.

Here’s the thing; you can find a 5’3” girl that weighs 115 pounds and she can be a little flabby. On the other hand, you can find a 5’3” girl that weighs 130 pounds, and she can compete and win in a ladies’ body building competition. This same principle applies to breasts. I may not know what the bra size is, but I an imagine what those perky breasts are going to look like and I can describe them to where my mind understands it, also. So instead of putting a number on weight or breast size, just make sure that you have your desires covered in your physical description. So there you have it, a complete description of your new babe creation. I don’t care if you built your babe in a day or it took you a couple of months; it’s nice to finally know what’s in your future.

O Let’s take this through a few more steps, though. It will make the delivery much quicker using these additional techniques. These next two are more mental rather han writing a description on paper. Let’s cover her voice. This is probably the most difficult part of your creation. Odds are you are not going to be able to write this description down. So here is what I recommend: Let your mind run through a situation where your lady says your name.

For example, you try to get out of bed without waking her, but she opens her eyes and holds out her arms and says your name. What will her voice sound like? Once you have it you need to anchor this in your mind. You will be coming back to this often. I will explain why in a minute. So hear it a few times in as much detail as possible, but most important is focusing on the voice. Load this into the data bank in your mind and don’t lose it. This next step is another little bit of a stretch, and that is to see her moving.

For example: Walking through your front room, sliding into bed or making dinner. See her smiling, see her joking and laughing, see her giving you that sexy look. Whatever you can come up with, where she doesn’t just look like a computer rendering in your mind. Also imagine what she will be wearing. Style plays a big part in our perception of people.Again, you aren’t going to get her to clean fish in her evening gown and you aren’t going to get her to a dinner ball in a baseball cap, t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes, either. But she can play both roles if that is what you wish.

Okay, now back to the pen and paper. Write out a couple of events that you will share together. Special moments, and no, I am not talking sex, although you could add this if you want to, but I am just talking about special fun times where you are enjoying each other’s company. Here is another big one that will help the delivery system of your new babe. Add touch, written and mental.This would include holding her hand, feeling her breath on your neck as she whispers in your ear, and holding each other while you fall asleep. Imagine the feel of her hair running through your fingers, her lips against yours while you are embraced in a kiss.

The idea here is to get our modalities working. Those of course are sight, sound, touch, taste and smell. Taste probably isn’t going to play that big of a role, but speaking of senses we need to add scent, and it’s very easy to do. Simply go to any department store and go through the ladies’ perfume. As far as anyone needs to know you are buying erfume for your girlfriend. Once you find the right scent that is appealing to you, buy it. Calling on Dusty Startled by this premonition, you jump up, throw a tip on the table and head back to your apartment.

This is the answer and you know it. You tear through your apartment door and run to the bedroom to grab your sheet of paper from the nightstand where you left it. You quickly go to your desk and sit down; just before your pen touches the paper you realize that this is way too important to chance a first draft.So you pull a notebook from your top drawer and start making notes. You quickly describe the backs of her knees, the tattoo on her back and the shape of her ears… There has to be a better way, you think. “Okay” you tell yourself, “I have to settle down or I will miss something important. I have to come up with a system to include everything and I have to take my time to make sure that I have it just right before I put one mark on the final paper.

”You slowly and methodically write out the most complete description that you can muster up. As the hours whittle away you become caught up in who he is and how perfect it could all be if you just had the right girl…This girl. You have read back through your description countless times, making adjustments as you go, and you sometimes catch yourself day dreaming about the fun you will have together. It’s now early Sunday morning and you haven’t eaten or slept. You decide to catch a cat nap and then go get something to eat before you place anything on the real paper. You are a little worried about sleeping longer than you want, but you feel like you should at least get a little sleep. An hour later your eyes pop open and you feel fully refreshed but hungry, so ou head back to the diner and grab a bite of breakfast; pancakes with a side of ham and coffee.

It seems strange, but now that you know exactly what you want, you don’t feel that other women are so important. Yeah, the desire for sex is still there, but you don’t feel that a “NO” would be that big of a deal now. Even for a seasoned pro like you, sometimes “No’s” are hard on the ego. Now if Page 23 Copyright 2006 The Chosen Secret you get a “No” from a little cutie, it makes no difference, she’s obviously not the one anyway. You start thinking that at this point you know before you even approach her hether or not it could be her. You smile; this could have given you a real edge when you were going for that one night stand. You quickly finish breakfast and don’t stay for the customary after meal cup of coffee, but head straight back to your apartment.

You sit down with your notes in your favorite chair and read over them one last time. In your mind this is the perfect woman. If you could only find a woman like this you would settle down and be the happiest guy in the world. Feeling slightly tense, you pull the special paper out of your desk drawer and begin to copy your description onto the paper. At the end of the first page you realize that there is no way that you are going to get your whole description on one piece of paper. You flip the paper over to start on the back side and under it is another piece of parchment. By the time you are finished you have filled 6 sheets of parchment paper.

You breathe a sigh of relief and shake out your hand from writer’s cramp. You read through your description to make sure you have made no mistakes. Now what? Dusty never gave you any directions on what to do once you finished, she just said she would be back. Hopefully that doesn’t mean 100 years to a Genie. You decide to make some coffee, but when you look up there is already a cup of coffee in front of you and Dusty is sitting on the other side, smiling. “I hope it’s the way you like it,” she says. “Let me see what you’ve written,” and before you can hand her the paper it appears in her hands.

She scans the paper and her smile gets even bigger as she reads. You feel a little pink and warm around the collar. It never dawned on you that she might actually have to read it. What an idiot, you think to yourself. How else is she going to deliver the gal of your dreams if she doesn’t know who it is? You nervously take a sip of coffee. WOW, killer coffee. The best you’ve ever had.

You think to yourself that you should have added that she can make killer coffee to your description. Dusty finishes the last page and looks at you, smiling. “You did really well. Now I have 3 questions for you. ” “First, is this what you really want? ” “Yes,” you reply. “Okay,” she continues. “Second, do you believe that you will really have a person like this in your life? ” Well, there is no doubt in your mind that this little sweetheart would be pecial, and you know that you would treat her right, and you really haven’t asked for anything that was way out of line.

“I believe I can have her if she is delivered to me,” you answer. Dusty is looking straight into your eyes like she is reading your mind. “Now,” she says, “and this is important; do you really believe in your heart, body and soul that I can deliver this beautiful woman to you? It is crucial that you answer this last question honestly”. She continues to stare into your eyes. You think for a moment. You analyze what you know, that she appeared in your bathroom from steam and made paper appear from nowhere. Then she materialized in your house and created coffee out of thin air.

Then she grabbed your papers without ever moving. Not to mention the multiplying paper. You quickly come to the conclusion that you have no reason in the world to doubt her. “Yes, I believe you can deliver her to me. ” “That’s all that I needed to hear, she says. “Here are your papers. ” As she hands you the papers, she closes her eyes and reaches forward to give you a kiss.

It seems to you that she is longing to do this, but just as your lips are about to touch, she is gone. You look down at the papers in your hand and there are only two. One says “Universal Contract,” and the other is a set of instructions.


Alright, you have created the exact details of what you want your babe to be. Now it’s time to start the process of manifesting her into your life. What you are going to do is create a contract with the universe. This would be much easier if you had Dusty, but that probably isn’t the case.

I know this sounds ridiculous in a way, but I can tell you that it works.Use the example above if you want. You can change it around to be more comfortable for you. Whatever you do, don’t take this lightly, don’t look at it as a joke or a waste of time because any negative feelings that you have about this can render it useless. The number 1 rule is HAVE FAITH! And you will succeed. There will undoubtedly be times when you struggle with this; maybe you already have, but do your very best to stay positive and know that it will happen. As you create your contract I highly recommend that you do it by hand and use your best penmanship.

Try to make it fancy if you want.When I wrote my own contract to find my perfect wife, I tried to make it look like an old legal document. If you are into calligraphy it makes it even better. The first thing to do is title it with “Universal Contract. ” Then write out your opening. After that add all of the details, being certain not to skip anything just because your hand is getting tired. Then finish up with the closing statement.

Always include a “This or better” phrase and also “For the greater good of all” phrase. And finally, Sign and Date your contract. Now that you have your contract written, put it in a safe place where it won’t get messed up.I keep my contracts (I write them for other things, too) in a special folder no one else sees. What you don’t know is that from the moment you started this little project of creating the woman of your dreams, you were putting things into motion. But at this point it’s time to really blast your order out to the universe. This is not going to be an overnight process in most cases.

Sometimes you will see results very quickly and other times in can take quite awhile. The speed at which you experience results is based primarily on 3 things.

  1. Your true desire.
  2. Your faith in the system working.
  3. The reality of what you are asking for.

Let me quickly explain.

  1. If your desire for this woman isn’t strong enough (a 9 or 10 on a scale of 10) you will not get as good of a result as you might have if you looked at it as being “all important” .
  2. I can’t stress enough how important it is to have faith. It is the blind faith scenario. We all have doubts sometimes as to how things are going to work out. But it is essential to your success that you KNOW that what you have asked for is on its way. You must try to stay positive and have complete and total faith as much s possible.
  3. We talked about the reality factor of you’re asking for. Here’s the thing; if you live in a drafty one room cabin at the edge of a swamp and drive a rusted out ‘64 Ford pickup, going after the beautiful big city social light might be a little over the top.

You might be better off focusing on the incredibly beautiful Peggy Sue instead of the elegant Tiffany. Let’s get back to the steps now that we need to take. This is a daily process. When you first wake in the morning, realize that this could be the day that you meet your lady.Just because it didn’t happen yesterday has no bearing whatsoever on what today will bring. Forget reading the paper or listening to the news with your morning cup of coffee. Instead get out your contract and read it.

Just because you know what it says already doesn’t make any difference. Read it word for word, and even do it a couple of times. Also, you might read it out loud if you are in a place where you can do this. The spoken word has much power. If you find your mind wandering and you are thinking about her, it’s okay.This is a good thing. Just go with the flow.

After you are done reading, it’s time to mentally go through the process. Remember, thoughts are things. Throughout time thoughts have played a very important role in the creation of everything that we have as human beings. If you did buy perfume, give a little shot of it in the air. Don’t blast the room; just give a hint of her fragrance as if she had just walked past you. Close your eyes and imagine some of the good times you will have. Maybe your first meeting, a special occasion, or standing together looking at the stars.

Imagine he softness of her skin as you hold her, the touch of her hand, and her breath on your neck. Attach emotion to this. Imagine how happy you will feel sharing your time together, how proud you will be to have her at your side at company functions. Think of how envious your friends will be when they meet her. But she is all yours, true blue to the end. Once you have finished this process, put up your contract. You will go through this process at least twice a day.

You will do this once in the morning and once every night. If by chance you can sneak in a mid day, that’s even better.Always try to clear your mind of the negatives that you may have built up during the day. The fact may be that you had a hard day, but it has no bearing on the way that you feel towards your soon-to-be mate. Next, take a few seconds at different times throughout the day and just realize that she is coming to you at this very moment. When you take these little reinforcement breaks, be aware that these thoughts are super charging the universal delivery system. Speaking of the Universal Delivery System, this falls in line with point number 3.

You can’t sit in your cabin by the swamp and expect Peggy Sue to find you. You have to have delivery systems in place. Go out where there are people, become friends with as many people as you can, male and female. The places you go and the people you meet will all be part of the delivery system. There is no reason to change anything that you currently do unless you are a recluse. Otherwise, still go out and pickup on girls if that’s what you want to do. Party with the guys, do whatever you like doing.

At the same time keep in mind that you never know if maybe she is watching you, o try not to be an ass in the process. I could go much more into detail here, but I’m going to go ahead and close. Before I do, let me make one point that is very, very important. Please understand that I am in no way back-peddling from what I have already told you. But for just a moment, let’s say that you are having dinner and the waitress who is serving you has an incredible personality, she’s cute, she’s single and there seems to be something kind of butterfly-like going on in your stomach. You mentally go through your list and realize that she can’t be the one. Your lady has blonde hair and blue eyes.

Jody, your waitress has brown hair and brown eyes. But gads, they are the softest most beautiful brown eyes you have ever seen. STOP! You could be blowing it. In the universe there are powers that we don’t come close to understanding. Somehow, some way, the universe knows more about what we want than we do. This is covered in your contract by the “this or better” clause. Now there is no doubt in my mind that you can hold on and the universe will deliver exactly what you have on your contract.

But that person could be going through a breakup right now and won’t be ready for the relationship that you have n mind for a year or two. So the universe found Jody. No, she isn’t blonde with blue eyes, but the universe pegged her as being your perfect match. And rarely will you find that the universe is wrong. On the other side of the coin, just because someone matches your physical description doesn’t mean they are the one, either. But, trust me on this. You will know what is right and who is a special gift created just for you.

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