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The Beach. A storm brews above. People escape the beach, quickly grabbing their possessions as rain spits down on them. Music from cafes and fare rides come to a halt as their customers quickly disappear and the happy sounds of laughter echo around the empty beach. A gloomy shadow descends over the sea. Feeble light from the few surviving streetlights and lanterns appear to dim as the dark clouds move across the sky like a creeping panther. Birds silence their song and flee to safer places.

Sandcastles with small motes, which surrounded them, are now filled with seawater. Any last remaining footsteps disappear and are quickly buried beneath the sand. The wind teases the scattered rubbish… picking it up then quickly releasing it again. People shelter in cars waiting for the storm to pass…their windscreen wipers furiously fighting against the increasingly powerful rain. Waves rage upon the sand, sending sand back and forth as they go. They crash against the sea wall, shooting upwards and spraying the abandoned cafes and shops.

Yachts begin to rock with the waves; they are like a gymnast balancing on a beam about to fall any second. The pier fights against the drowning waves as they attempt to bring it under the surface. Trees surrender at the battering wind, forcing leaves and branches to be torn off their trunks. A bird-usually so in control of its own destiny-fights the beast as it toys with it playfully. The once clear sky is now full of thick cloud, staining the sky a deadly shade of indigo, forever darkening like a lid closing on a box trapping darkness inside it.

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The saturated clouds start to rumble. Below them, the streets are lifeless as no one dares leave their secure houses for the extreme weather outside. Thunder shakes the clouds, as its loud rumble echoes around the empty beach. The smell of the sea overpowers the old, lingering smell of chips and candyfloss, now only a stench of salt and seaweed are left. Sand storms are whipping up from the shore into the air and circling in the wind. CRASH! Lightning illuminates the sky and forks downwards to strike a boat, like a spear would to catch a fish.

The smoke from the explosion is quickly carried off by the wind and the remains of the boat are rapidly dragged under the waves. The weather torments seagulls with the sight of dead fish washing up onto the shore, yet there is no other choice but to stay in hiding. The icy winds whistle around every rock and under every doorway; not even warm houses can be protected from the chill of the storm. On the shore waves crash against rocks and onto the sand, shattering shells with its immense pressure.

The lighthouse is left to fend for itself on the cliff, yet its light has no purpose, as the sea is empty…no one would dare venture out into the vicious sea. The sound of rain now overpowers the quietening rumble of thunder. Rays from the sun push through the cloud and release the shadow from the sea. Wind still pulls at the sea splashing waves upon the shore, making pebbles jerk against one another. The trees release tension from their exhausted roots. Birds finally venture out into the unsteady weather after their long wait for food.

A tempting scent in the air of brewing coffee comes back and drowns the sea-salt smell. Waves still press against the sea wall sending a light spray of water up into the wind. A final deposit of light drizzle falls into the shore. The sun peeks through the last remaining cloud and lights up the shoreline, to reveal the dazzling sight again. The happy fare-ground tune starts again and the merry-go-round begins to buzz with life again, bringing with it once more the familiar sound of laughter.

A Day at the Beach

I am the kind of person who likes to go to the beach all of the time and in all kinds of weather.  I enjoy many warm, sunny beautiful days on the sand and in the refreshing water.

I also enjoy the scent of a rainy day at the beach and the sight of the rain joining the lake, as if the water is coming home.  Indeed, the beach has provided many happy memories for me.  It is one of my favorite places on earth to go both with friends and alone.  However, there was one very special day at the beach that tops all of the other times I have spent there.

On this particular night, the evening sun had just begun to set and the heat of the day was wearing off as I drove to the beach.  I was all alone this evening and had just enjoyed a nice light dinner at my favorite outdoor bistro with my cousin, Paulette.  We had lively conversation, as we always do, and I felt invigorated before I even headed off to my retreat at the beach.  All four of my windows were down, so the air passing through the car felt as if I were standing atop a windy cliff.  The breeze felt luxurious on my skin, as if I were slipping into soft silken sheets on a brisk evening.

I had the radio on my favorite station, and the music was as loud as I could stand it, but not loud enough to distract me from using all of my other senses to enjoy my surroundings.  I could still hear the wind rushing through my car and the lap of the lake against the breakers.  I could also hear the softer laps of water as I crossed over bridges and sections of road that bordered the water.

I could see the orange encrusted yellow sun setting over the shimmering water, with its rays stretching seemingly for miles.  I smelled all of the various scents of the lake and I could still taste the salmon salad that I had just enjoyed with cousin.  Life was wonderful. I was in touch with nature.

I pulled into my usual parking spot, a grassy but easily accessible rest spot along the road.  I casually climbed down the rocky wall that led me to my usual spot of respite.

I noticed that tonight, I was alone.  There were no other beings around me and not a car passed for at least forty five minutes.  During this time of solidarity, I enjoyed myself.  I took time to be introspective and to have a conversation with myself.  In a spot where I had come and enjoyed the company of many people in my life, I now spent time getting to know myself.  I felt at peace and whole by the time the first car whizzed past my encampment.

While being alone may not suit everyone, in it I found strength and happiness.  A very typical day and a very common place ended up leading to my most memorable day on the beach.  The stretching miles of sun rays on the water, the cool, crisp, clean air, and the heavenly breeze brought with them a peace I had never experienced before. The atmosphere was perfect, the day was beautiful, and I was enlightened.

Sunset on a Beach

The sun peaked through the horizon, if saying a final goodbye to this California beach bed. Before leaving she gave me a gift of pure peace and serenity. Holding my eyes prisoner to the heavenly sight she put in front of me. While my feet were held into the grainy sand in desperate need of warmth and the smell of salt invading my nostrils. The beach is warm, with a captivating view, and has pure peace. The beach is where my problems and stresses are released, where nothing goes wrong, it all just fades away along with the sunset.

The struggle to open ten-pound eyelids after a nap leaving you drooling and wanting more especially for what feels like the worst day is the worst possible feeling, and to the most irritating ringing noise makes it even harder. Once you remember the reason for this makes you eager to wake up quicker than realizing you have five minutes to get to school, and school is a fifteen-minute drive. Stepping out of the bed to feel the unforgiving wood under my feet, tip toeing as if waling on ice, my body soon got used to floor. In search of a black and white bikini this room has become the aftermath of a tornado.

In the middle of the disaster something sticks out at the corner and see there lies the bikini. Attempting to rush out of the house the clock tells there is still enough time till sunset. Throwing on shorts over the bikini and a black hoodie, trying to balance an apple in my mouth with keys entwined with my fingers, and hopping on one foot trying to force a shoe onto the wrong foot. Finally, making it to the car and putting the keys in the ignitions the car roars to life, beginning the ten minute drive down Sunset Blvd. which is quick.

A smile begins to erupt my face when the view of the ocean is seen, then pulling up to the perfect parking spot in view of the ocean. The chaos and failures of today begin to fade and the peace begins. Getting out of the car the sun’s rays instantly hits my eyes indicating she is getting ready to leave. Looking on the phone it reads six-thirty, the sunsets today at six forty-eight, having almost only thirty minutes before she goes to enjoy alone to have with her.

Taking off my shoes so sand will have no chance at irritating my feet later, the warm beady sand gets in-between my toes sending them cozy vibration, along with the smell of the sea invading my nostrils. Walking in search for a seat, my eyes spot children running alongside each other playing and building castles, while couples stroll along the waves that invade their toes every eight seconds. While walking you can see their footprints imprinted into the sand temporarily before being taken back by the ocean. Laying a plaid red blanket so sand will not creep into my clothes, my body collapse onto the sand.

Pulling my knees to my chest and laying my head onto my knees and begin to let all the stress and negative energy flow gently with the wind capturing them like a dream catchier sending them off to be killed by the sun’s rays. Closing my eyes envisioning at this moment the beach reminding me of a sweet grandmother, there is no need for speaking because she already seen and felt the pain from past experiences that mom and dad had forgotten. When you cry she gently wipes away and tells you stories from her past mistakes so you feel like someone understands and makes you laugh at her past altercations.

When you have anger she shows you peace with a simple smile that warms the heart. Opening my eyes and hear again the beautiful sound of giggles coming from children running along the sand with the waves violating the shores, and seagull’s scavenger hunting for their next meal. Soon people begin to sit in their towels or blankets holding each other smiling and laughing, all comes to a halt when the sun begins to return to rise in her new home, but not before she leaves us all with a breathtaking view of her heart that holds us prisoner till she finally leaves.

What seems like hours the street lights finally begin to flicker on, and that is when everyone begins to pack their belongings to leave yet another beautiful sunset at a California beach. Packing my belongings and taking one final glance of where once shined a light of pure passion and serenity, a smile again tugs on my lips to remember that feeling of getting a gift. A gift to which that is imprinted into my memory till my death bed. Putting my belongings in my car a thought pops in my head.

That everyone has their place of peace where nothing can go wrong, where you can smile for no reason but for the memories that no camera could capture, and to unwind and surrender to a place of tranquility, for some it is home or their mind, but for me it is the beach. The atmosphere the beach has from the weather, the feeling, and the view is what draws one in like a melody. The weather ever so warm with a gentle breeze that blows hair like a blow dryer on cool. The feeling of pure peace and serenity, having a full body cleanse from all the negative energy.

Then a view that can captivate any onlooker’s eyes, like an angel falling out of the heavens to disappear as if nothing happened. Putting instant memories with family and friends like a video tape in a VCR replaying the laughs and smiles. The beach can always leave you with a smile on anyone’s face no matter the stress or torment the dealt with that day. The beach is like a gift; something given voluntarily without payment in return, as to show favor toward someone, honor an occasion, or make a gesture of assistance; present. It might not be in your hands but it can always be felt, and never seems to fail at satisfying.

The Beach Descriptive Essay.

Ddirk Mrs. K English 9 A October 24, 2012 Descriptive Essay The look of glee on people faces is the look that you might expect from a child on Christmas day. Why this look? They are on the most amazing place on earth truly it’s a gift from God Himself the “beach”. The beach is a quiet and peaceful place but at the same time it can be so noisy because the number of people that are on this beach is as if the new iphone 5 is being sold. You just have to allow yourself to become that carefree kid again and let go.

As I look out to sea I hear and see the waves crashing down so eager to get to the shore line and I think how can something so beautiful be so deadly at the same time? I am completely unaware of my surroundings as I am lost deep in thought. I hear nothing. Then I am taken aback by the sound of a child’s pure laughter a sound that you would only expect to hear from a child but wait! It’s not a sound of one child laughter it’s a sound of a whole family completely care free and undaunted by the problem they have, for now the biggest problem they have is who’s sand castle is the best.

All they want to do is enjoy these memories in the making and have fun. If you are not careful you might let go of you worries and fear and become a child again. On this sunny beach the hot sand is messed up from people walking on it, making sand castles, hand prints from little kids who are so eager to get themselves messy and my personal favorite foot prints in the sand from big and little kids all alike. I look at the sand as I am walking and I realize just how many sand dollars, seashells and rocks are hidden in the sand just barely visual to a wandering eye.

It is like they are playing a game of peek-a-boo with you, not wanting to be caught but also not wanting to be unaware of their surroundings. As I reach out to pick up neat sand dollars that are hairy it’s almost like you are picking up a spider or something that is gross, seashells that are so cold that you would think they had been in the freezer, rocks that are so flat and smooth its unreal, and drift wood that is so smooth you don’t get splinters. The sound of seagulls squawking is so loud that you think that you might go crazy if you ere another one squawk again, yet this apart of the beauty of the beach and they too are an amazing part of the beach. Yum... the smell of the beach goes from smelling like a fish hatchery, to the smell of people cooking food on the grill and then you suddenly realize you too are hungry. Its lunch time and it’s time to try to get the sand that is inevitable off of you. I walk into the water unaware that the water is as cold as ice the water reaches my toes first and my instant reaction is to scream.

I scream and run out and I am greeted with the stares from the on goers I am instantly embarrassed and suddenly feel like everybody on the beach is staring at me and is wondering what is wrong with that girl? I should have known that the water would be cold because it’s always cold what was I thinking? I guess I was still in awe of the beauty of the beach I think to myself I will and will never get tired of this amazing and beautiful place for as long as I live. It has been I long day and I am exhausted from such a long day of fun.

As the wind on my face is like a fan blowing directly in front of me, cooling of the beach and the people from the heat. I think to myself what makes the beach wonderful is the sound of children’s laughter, the squawking of those annoying seagulls, the smell of the fish hatchery, the grainy feeling of the sand that always seems to get into your mouth no matter what, the smell and the taste of the salty water that you swallow and just the smell of outdoors and wood burning.

Those are the things that make up a beach; without those things it would not be near as exciting. As I watch the sunset I realize that the worries of the real world may sometimes not allow a person to become a child again and how sad to think they are on an amazing place with so much beauty which you should be carefree and they can’t because they are not able to let go. I love the beach! I believe it was and is a blessing from God.

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A stormy beach is a beach that is experiencing strong winds and heavy rain. The waves are usually large and powerful, and the sky is often dark and cloudy. The atmosphere is usually quite dramatic and can be quite beautiful.
How do you describe a beach in descriptive writing?
A beach is a tranquil and peaceful place, with the sound of waves crashing against the shore and the smell of salty sea air. The sand is warm and inviting, and the sun is shining brightly in the sky. The horizon is a beautiful sight, with the deep blue of the ocean meeting the bright blue of the sky.
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An example of descriptive writing about a storm could be: "The sky was dark and ominous, with thick grey clouds rolling in from the horizon. The wind was howling, whipping up the leaves and debris into a frenzied dance. The thunder was a deep rumble that shook the ground beneath my feet."
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A storm is a powerful and awe-inspiring force of nature. The sky darkens as the clouds roll in, and the wind picks up, carrying with it the smell of rain. The thunder rumbles in the distance, and lightning flashes across the sky, illuminating the landscape. The rain begins to fall, and the storm is in full force.

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