How to Write a Descriptive Essay

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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A lot of folks depict paradise as lying on some remote island overlooking a stunning sunset while feeling the sand between their toes. My conception may be somewhat different than most people. I can envision beaming music, and people as they frolic. Where the party never stops, it keeps going and going like the Energizer bunny. The scenery will be the most divine of anything on this earth, more so than overlooking the flawless, sugarcoated snow covering the Rocky Mountains.

Oh, my, the aroma coming from that city- like freshly cut bouquets of flowers on a sunny spring day. Forget about having a foul taste because it will leave only an everlasting angelic savor in your mouth. Paradise to me is cheerful music and people also, it has the most beautiful scenery one can only imagine. All the masses of people would start getting together holding hands in a circle with Jesus in the middle and start singing in a heavenly language. The city is filled with thunderous sounds of every instrument one can imagine.

Then, the angles pick up tambourines hitting them in rhythm along with the music, while people start dancing before the Lord. All of a sudden, Peter, Paul, Job, and all the great men and women of God lift up their hands and sing out with all of their capacity to Jehovah Jireh. A rainbow is prolonged across the land. It has the brightest colors of blue, yellow, pink, and orange. It is so beautiful; the majestic colors make one want to reach out and touch it. A huge waterfall sets at the edge of New Jerusalem.

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The water is so clear one could see a speck of dust traveling down to the bottom. As the water surges down to the base, it makes a voyage around the frame of the city. I can picture blankets of flowers all over the place for it illuminates the whole location and adds gaiety. Oh, how breathtaking the aroma is over there. The fragrance is a mixture of jasmine, magnolia, and lilacs. The savoriness is a touch of sweetness, like getting a honeysuckle off of the vine and putting it on your tongue for the first time.

Or the elation a baby gets from consuming a chocolate bar, and savoring every minute of it. Some would say paradise for them would be anywhere they view beautiful. But for me heaven is my paradise my future home. I can only imagine what the Lord has in store for me when I get to that great city. Until then I can only dream. But what I really want more than anything is to see Him and crown Him Lord of Lords and King of Kings. More importantly, my paradise would not be heaven without Him because He is the one that is truly paradise.

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