Saving Private Ryan Descriptive Writing Piece

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The cold breeze ran down my spine. Fear flooded my veins. Freezing water hitting me like a thousand knives penetrating my body. We were all hoping, praying that we would get out of this alive. The unbarring pain in my legs was slowly moving up my body. Not knowing how much longer could with stand it. The repulsing stench of sick slowly traveled around in the air. Cold sweat ran down my face, my heart was thumping louder and louder I could barely hear myself think.

As the landing craft drew closer towards Omaha beach I could barely breathe. I quietly prayed, knowing it was my only prospect of getting out of this alive. The craft came to a halt. I took what could be my last surviving breathes. Although the barrier between me and my fate was still up I knew was not safe. The ramp dropped. My heart beats slowly sped up, as started to see more of the beach knew what was to come was not good. Swiftly jumped from the landing craft into the sea.

The scene on the beach was catastrophic. My lip was quivering from the cold. The distance to the beach slowly drew closer. My clothes were dripping with the blood red water. I felt hands pulling at my legs from underneath me. There was nothing I could do to help them. My heart was racing as drew further towards the beach. As the water got shallower I felt a sense of relief as it was a struggle to walk, even though I knew the worst was yet to come. A huge wave carried me closer to the shore.

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The tangy taste of salt was lingering in my mouth. Gasping for breath, I reached the surface only to see the battle continuing. But this time closer. The sky was a depressing shade of grey. The smoke filled air occupied my lungs. Smoke covered the whole battle field. When finally reached the beach I had a shear moment of panic. My legs went numb and it felt like was going to faint at any moment. The sound of screaming soldiers only made me and my men want to stay alive longer.

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