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The great view of the Grand Canyon At the summit of the canyon, I can feel the clouds that are drifting are really closed to me and I can touch the clouds in the sky if I stretch my arms out. The color of sky is various from bright blue to dark blue depending on each individual’s viewpoint. Looking upward, I can see skies splashed with cotton white clouds and the peaks of the canyon are wrapping in clouds. Even though there are clouds a lot in the sky, the sun drawing water is so beautiful. There is also a small plane for tourists who want to enjoy sightseeing the scenery from the sky.

The canyons stretch as far as the eyes can see. The canyons that were very deep and steep have a lot of vertical and horizontal stripes and its color is not same each other. The color of canyon is overall brown but the top part of canyon is red, the middle is yellow, and the bottom part seems to be gray or black color. I think the reason the color of the canyon looks different is the sunlight, because the sunlight has all different colors of light in it. As the time goes on, I can see more various colors of the canyons. Even shadow of the light also creates beautiful scenes.

The view of plunging cliffs also seduces visitors far away. At the bottom of the Grand Canyon, there is a little bit huge boat floating on the river that winds its way through the valley and it seems to move little bit fast. I am gazing down on the liver leaning over the railing and thinking. I could sit and watch the river all day long for admiring the scenery. The sunlight bounced off the river and dazzled me and the canyon casts its sharply defined reflection on the river. I am thinking that the water of the river is so clear I could almost see the gravel on the bottom.

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Around the river, beautiful trees line the river road. Some tops of canyon are hidden from sight behind lots of trees. However, trees are more located on the bottom of the canyon than the top of it actually and the trees throw long shadows across the enormous river. The land except for the river on the bottom is covered with all green color because of numerous trees. I am standing drinking in the peaceful landscape at the top of the Grand Canyon, admiring the view and feel my spirit seems to have been purified.

I think about myself and set achievable goals with the landscape seen from the top of here. The weather is pretty good to see a view even though there is a cold wind blowing slowly. The sunshine, beautiful scenery, and the sounds of nature make me feel fresh and give energy boost. I can feel complete peace of mind while seeing manifest view. The scenery here looks like monotonous, but the scenery is beautiful beyond all description. I am so engrossed in admiring the view that I lost track of time.

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