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The first thing I notice is the sky, a bright blue color without a single cloud in the sky. Then, the water which is as crystal clear and shimmering in the sun like a diamond. And the smell, it is nothing like you could ever imagine. The salty aroma fills the air and seeps into my nostrils producing shivers and chills throughout my body. I can hear the ocean waves crashing and sense the mass amounts of sunscreen floating through the air. Can hear children screaming and laughing and they run for their lives when the icy water touches their toes.

Seeing girls laying out and taking in the heat waves which produces a dark sun kissed tan on their skin. I throw my hair up into a messy bun and off go sprinting in the burning hot sand, with my surf board tucked under my arm. I leap into the chilly ocean and instantly my heart skips a beat. Begin to paddle out and can feel the water droplets evaporating of my skin under the blistering sun. As I begin to stand up on my board, the wave's crash over my body pulling me into the water. Then continue this pattern until my legs are weak and my arms can paddle no more.

It is just then hear my ether call my name, "Hannah time for lunch! " scramble out of the water and head up to the jeep. We down our lunch at a rapid pace and my little sister runs back to the edge of the water to build a sand castle. I listen to her play and giggle in the California heat. Her little hands constantly working to build her masterpiece. I decide it is time to relax, so I grab my favorite novel and lay out on my beach towel. With the waves crashing and the birds flying in the distance I am in my safe haven. My toes grasp the sand between them and a jolt of warmth travels through my entire body.

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It is at this moment all of my stresses seem to disappear and I am in a wonderland of warmth and happiness. During my tip to the beach time does not exist. Six hours could go by, but in my mind it seems as if it has been a short 30 minutes. It is not clear to me the time until I notice the sun slowly setting beyond the horizon and a cool breeze causing goose bumps on my sun kissed arms and legs. My father comes down from the jeep with a sweat shirt for both me and my sister. He hands me a cool glass of lemonade and the water droplets condensate on the outside of the bright red cup.

All three of us sit on a blanket and watch the sun as it sets over the ocean. The beautiful colors of pink and orange are breathe taking. A brilliant ball of fire, millions of miles away, but so apparent and bright here on the sandy shore. The sky contains the most peaceful colors as it fades off on the horizon leaving the sky dark without its presence. At that moment I know what this means. The setting of the sun symbolizes my time here in my safe haven is over and I must depart from my happy place. Gather up my novel, surfboard, ND towel and make my way back to the jeep.

My little sister complains and fusses about how she does not want to leave her castle. As her castle is washed away by the incoming tide, so is her innocence. My father carries her on his shoulders as she is passed out snoring. That scene causes me to go back in time just a few years past when was the same age and I can remember myself sleeping upon my father's muscular shoulders. As we drive away I think to myself... So long until next year. And watch my safe haven slowly diminish the further and further we drive away.

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