Descriptive Essay on an Attractive Woman

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An attractive woman is a woman who is attractive to you because she has certain attributes or she has certain inner qualities which appeal to your senses. Beauty is the qualities that god graces a person with. Attractive is how a person carries herself. I other words, the way she portrays her assets to the world.

The judgment of the attractiveness of a woman depends on a particular society, culture or time period but most of all it is a matter of personal preference (1). In spite of significant differences in opinion among different cultures, there are certain physical traits which are perceive as attractive by individuals irrespective of different cultures. Healthy skin adds a natural radiance to a woman’s face.

The general symmetry of the face and the proportionate size of the features like the eyes, nose and ears and their proper placement adds to the attractiveness of a woman. Generally, men prefer women shorter than his height. But in this age of fashion and modeling, men consider women with greater height as attractive.

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A woman is attractive when she has a low waist to hip ratio. In other words, she has less flab on her waist. And her body weight is proportionate to her height. Men of cross-culture believe a woman as attractive who is not too thin or not obese or over-weight. In Asian countries like India may prefer fair skin as compared to tanned skin in western countries but in general, men do not think a woman attractive who has very dark complexion. The smell of human body (not body odor) is sexually attractive to the opposite sex.

Though beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, according to ‘Physiognomy’, (2) beauty of the woman has to be judged on the whole considering all the parts together. An attractive woman has big and lustrous eyes with eyebrows like a perfect bow. Her hair is long soft and silky. Her nose is straight and of normal length. She has a round face which is soft and smooth to the touch. Her attractiveness is enhanced by her rosy cheeks and red and well shaped lips. When she smiles, she shows her perfect shaped pearl like teeth.

She has a smooth and conch like the neck. She has well shaped arms with soft, delicate and beautiful hands. She has a flat belly and narrow waist. A well shaped back and legs completes her beauty. Ideally, a woman’s height should be average. An attractive woman has a clean fragrance. Sometimes the application of perfume or cologne adds to the attractiveness of a woman.  A physically attractive woman also has a sweet voice.

An attractive woman has a proper dress sense. She dresses herself according to the demand of the occasion. She may not posses’ perfection of all her features, so she uses make-up to highlight her best features. An attractive woman is a good communicator and she is socially successful.

The attraction is not always the outer surface of the person, sometimes it originates from within. If a woman has loveliness of the soul, it adds ethereal glow to her beauty.

Therefore, an attractive woman is a woman who is not only physically attractive but also has some intrinsic values like good communication skills and presence of mind. She should be also good at heart. So that when people meet her, they are not only attracted to her physically but are also attracted to her soul.

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How do you describe an attractive woman?
An attractive woman is someone who is confident in her own skin and carries herself with grace and poise. She is also someone who is kind and has a positive outlook on life.
How do you describe a beautiful girl in an essay?
A beautiful girl is someone who radiates confidence and kindness. She is someone who is comfortable in her own skin and is not afraid to express her unique personality. She is someone who is able to make others feel comfortable and accepted, and who is always willing to lend a helping hand.

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