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Furthermore, we need to determine how to remain cost-effective with these proposed improvements to the marketing programs. Being a small e-commerce startup with limited funds and personnel, FT has struggled for over four years to create effective marketing programs and have seen very little positive impact of their past marketing efforts. The lack of an effective marketing strategy which includes targeted advertising has led to increased and somewhat unnecessary marketing costs because several of the marketing campaigns are built on the premise of "testing it out" and seeing what kind of response it gets.

The implementation of targeted marketing and advertising programs can not only increase From the Farm's sales revenue, but also be more cost-effective since the campaigns are targeted and relevant to their audience. In addition, an improved digital marketing strategy can help Forefathers. Com improve their overall market positioning due to the fact that they will gain a better understanding of their customers through the data that is collected and thus enable them to build a more effect online marketing strategy.

Furthermore, this enhanced insight of their customers can also enable them to improve their product placement and product offerings on their website. All of these things combined can definitely contribute to growing their sales revenue and more importantly, by having targeted marketing and advertising programs, they can ensure that every dollar spent is not a dollar wasted. Company Background From The Farm, Inc. (FT) is a privately-owned e-commerce company headquartered in Stockton, California which specializes in the sales and home delivery of gourmet and organic foods and produce.

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FT was founded in 2008 with the purpose and intent of becoming "America's Online Farmer's Market". According to a report done by he United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), farmers only earned an average of $0. 16 for every dollar spent on the food they produced (Canning, 2011). Fetes mission is to provide an online marketplace which connects customers with American Family farms by offering farm-fresh products and other specialty food items delivered straight to their door.

By allowing customer to purchase directly from the farmer though the website, they cut out the middle man, and therefore give customers the opportunity to taste and experience what truly fresh food and produce Economy Marketing Plan By chiseller sates like while also supporting the success and lively tot nard-working tatters all over the county. Forefathers. Com is currently funded by its parent company, Onions, Etc. , one of the largest onion distributors in the United States.

Currently, FT only has two full-time employees - the Chief Marketing Officer (COM)/General Manager and a Marketing Specialist - in addition to the Founder/CEO, one marketing intern, and one contract-based Marketing/PR Consultant. Any other tasks with regards to finance and accounting are handled by Onions, Etc. Personnel and all IT related tasks are outsourced to an outside IT firm and web design firm. FT has undergone major organizational changes in the past twelve months, in an effort to restructure the marketing team with the intention of implementing an improved marketing strategy in order to grow sales and increase brand awareness.

Due to limited funds and personnel, FT has struggled to create an effective targeted marketing and advertising strategy and as a result have not seen much growth since being founded in 2008. 1. 0 Market Summary and Target Audience Being that From the Farm is a small, family-owned company they do not have the financial strength that other larger food retailers have; however they still have a reminders opportunity to capture the market being that the food e-commerce market has yet to be penetrated. According to a recent report by marketer, as of 2012, U. S. -commerce sales have grown to $224. 2 billion and are expected to grow to $361. 9 billion by 2016. Currently, online food and beverage sales is the smallest U. S. E-commerce category, however, this segment reached sales of $5. 09 billion and experienced a 17% growth in 2012 (marketer, 2012). Another report by Nielsen indicates that the sales rate for consumer packaged goods online is expected to reach $25 billion by 2014. This trending growth can be attributed to the fact that more and more consumers are beginning to do their grocery shopping online (Nielsen, 2011).

FT can definitely capitalize on this emerging trend since the online grocery shopping experience is primarily fueled by a needs-driven experience since there are a greater variety of options available online. In addition, e-commerce allows for smaller companies such as FT to compete against "Big Brand" companies since the big brand physical advantages become nonexistent and opens up the opportunity to create a niche brand for customers who prefer to buy their food and rockeries online.

With a creative and effectively targeted market program, FT can reach a significant amount of customers online and leverage unique and exclusive products such as tropical fruits, figs, Piedmont beef, and fresh cherries to capture these customers. There is a huge opportunity to capitalize on the available internet marketing technologies being that there is so much data available through these marketing channels and the fact that many consumers are turning to e-commerce to purchase goods. According to a recent Digital Marketing Report by marketer, "88. % f US internet users ages 14 and up will browse or research products online in 2012, an 83. 9% of that group will make at least one purchase via the web during that year" (Apart, Teresa, ; Wang, 2011). Target Market Since From the Farm is a food e-commerce company, it is easy to assume that this website and its products can appeal to the masses. There is a large assortment of foods from fresh fruit and produce including exotic tropical fruits to certified organic meats to an array of desserts which means that FT has something to offer every kind tot customer.

Fetes customers will consist tot individuals who are 5 years old and up and have a wide range of preferences when it comes to food, whether it may be parents looking for healthy foods for their kids or health conscious individuals who prefer organic and gluten-free products or chefs and restaurant owners that need to order in bulk, From the Farm can accommodate a very diverse set of needs. Nonetheless, From the Farm's products aren't Just for those who want to purchase these items for personal consumption because From the Farm also offers products that can be sent as gifts.

As stated previously, From the Farm's customer base is averse since it consists of individuals with varying needs and preferences when it comes to food selections. The primary market that FT will target is the online grocery shopper market. The profile of typical online shoppers is as follows: single or dual- income households with no children and are technically save. Y, affluent, and time poor. This group consists of early adopters of new technology and is heavy internet users who regularly purchase goods online.

Convenience is a main factor for this group and they have little to no concern about product price or delivery charges. The there major category within this market is families with young children. Similar to the previously discussed category, this category includes single parents, dual-income households, middle-income and above average-earning households. The key differentiator is that this category has one or more children, typically with at least one child under the age of five years old.

This group consists of adults in their late sis to sis. The individuals in this category turn to online grocery shopping because it saves them time, is less hectic, and overall more convenient in nature. Other categories include college students and military families who are not located close to a standard-size store or who wish to purchase products found only in their home regions. In addition, the elderly, disabled and those individuals who find it difficult to get out of the house make up a significant share of online grocery shoppers.

As such, the share of senior citizens and disabled individuals has grown over the past five years and is expected to continue growing in the future. Furthermore, online grocery shoppers are more than twice as likely as the average internet user to go online to dead and post product reviews, download coupons and search for recipes, according to a study by the Nielsen Company from September 2009 (Panted, 2012). 2. Competition Competitive Landscape According to a report by Fishbowls, the online grocery sales industry has a low level of concentration, with the top four players accounting for less than 20% of the total industry revenue (Panted, 2012). Many retailers that sell food online are typically small to medium size private companies that operate on a state and regional level and serve niche markets. In addition, the industry is highly fragmented with about ,620 companies competing for the same customers.

From the Farm's main competitors include Farm Fresh to You and Local Harvest which are similar farmer websites that sell farm fresh, gourmet foods for home delivery. Farm Fresh to You Farm Fresh to You is Fetes main competitor being that they are the only other company who very closely mirrors the company's business model - home delivery of farm fresh foods and produce that can be ordered straight off of the website.

Also similar to FT, Farm Fresh to You grows some of the food on their own farm, but they nave also partnered up Witt other local tarts to LU II TTL the orders. Farm Frees to You grows and ships only certified organic produce. Currently, their website allows customers to select which type of produce assortment they would like to purchase and enter in their zip code to determine their delivery day. It appears that Farm Fresh to You uses a subscription model to render their services.

Their process is as follows: farm harvests food, customer chooses subscription service, customer customizes subscription, customer makes payment via check by mail or credit card online, farmer send out produce for delivery on region's specified delivery day. The obstruction service is not binding since customers can cancel their service at any time with no penalty. One advantage that FT has over this competitor is that unlike Farm Fresh to You, orders made on the website are shipped within 1-7 business days; therefore customers do not have to wait for a specified delivery date to receive their order.

Moreover, FT offers a variety of shipping options so that customer may receive their order the very next day if they elect overnight delivery. Local Harvest This website connects customers to local farms in addition to selling and delivering farm fresh products online. The website serves as both a directory of local farms as well as an online store where customers can place orders online directly with the farm and have the product shipped directly to their home.

A few of Fat's partner farms also list their products on this website. FT can leverage the fact that their website is much more visually appealing compared to Local Harvest's website and can provide a better shopping experience since everything is categorized and makes it easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Another advantage that FT has over Local Harvest is that every single product on Fetes website is available for livery whereas a number of products on Local Harvest are only available for local pick-up.

In order for FT to capture customers in other regions, it is important that they gather data on the demographic in those specific regions they are targeting and base their marketing programs off those findings so that they remain relevant to that audience. 3. 0 Marketing Strategies There are multiple channels that FT can utilize to distribute their online marketing programs -these main ones are Search Engine Optimization ; Display Advertisements, Social Media, and Email Marketing. Since FT is already utilizing hose marketing channels, the main adjustments that will need to be made are primarily on the marketing programs themselves.

In creating campaigns through each of these channels, From the Farm must also take into consideration maintaining cost effectiveness of each campaign since their funds are very limited, it is essential that they pay attention to how each dollar is being spent for these campaigns and the value that they are getting from it. In a recent article in Forbes, Lily Option lists 7 Tips for Online Marketing on a Tight Budget (Option, 7 Tips for Online Marketing on a Tight Budget, 2012): 1. Know your market - This means clearly defining your audience. In determining a target market, the following questions should be asked: a.

Who will be most interest in the product? Men or Women? B. What is their age group? C. What are the customer's interests? D. What is their likely financial situation? "Once you have a thorough profile of your customer, determining how and where to reach them is much easies r" ( (Option, 7 Tips tort Online Marketing on a Tight Budget, 2012). 2. Set and reset Goals - Determine your primary goal or objective for each campaign, whether it is to increase revenue or brand awareness, having a clear goal revised a purpose and guideline when creating new campaigns.

Once goals are met, it is also important to set new goals in order for a company to continue improving. 3. Set a budget - There are a number of free services and platforms that can be used in internet marketing such as blobbing, social media, open forums, etc. However it is also imperative to determine which outlets are necessary to market the product and determine if and how much you are willing to spend to get the desired results. 4. Brand yourself - Set yourself apart from the competition, starting with the company's website. If possible, have the company name in the domain name and create a professional looking website.

In addition, leverage social media website to build a greater online presence; use these tools as a means of interacting with potential customers and build relationships with them 5. Search Engine Optimization - Use keywords that people are often searching for and creating backline's to the website. Couple stresses "the importance of not including keywords to simply rank your site, but using the terms your audience is looking for. That is what will get you the highest conversion rates. " 6. Blobbing - Original content on the site provides more opportunities for search engines to find the website.

In addition, it is also a great tool for generating leads and links to the site; however it is also important to make sure the posts are of high and relevant quality. 7. Social Media - These sites should be used to promote products, press releases, blob posts, current offers, and more. Furthermore, it can be used as another avenue for communicating with customers. Based on the information provided and the problem to be solved, these are the actions and solutions that I recommend FT to consider for each of the allowing marketing initiatives: 3. Search Engine Optimization (SEE) & Search Engine Marketing (SEEM) Knowledge of online consumer behavior and the utilization of keyword tools play a significant role in creating an effective SEE/SEEM strategy. Pete Capita identifies data as one the four components of a successful internet marketing strategy (Capita, 2008). Data is a critical component of internet marketing because it serves as basis for how a marketing campaign will be built. Data provides insight about customers in terms of their demographics, their interests, behaviors, etc. Reform, I recommend using the following services to help support their SEE/SEEM campaigns: * Compete. Com - Compete. Com provides in-depth web traffic analysis that focuses on online consumer behavior. Currently, Compete. Com offers two categories of information - site analytics and search analytics. The site analytics feature is a free service that allows users to enter up to five domain names and receive traffic volume for those websites. Search analytics is a paid, premium service that shows users the keywords that are driving traffic to their website as well as their competitors' website.

Compote's data methodology consists of: four distinct components: 1 . A multi-source panel which combines data collected from recruited panelists and licensed slipstream data from partners which results in a large and representative online consumer research panel (Compete a. K. , 2011) 2. Harmonistic algorithms that work together to "integrate Compote's multiple data sources into a unified online consumer research panel" (Compete a. K. , 2011) 3. Data normalization techniques that leverages scientific, multi-dimensional scaling in order to provide metrics that are reflective of the U. S. Internet population (Compete) .

Meaningful metrics that consist of site visitation analytics, audience profiles, media exposure, cross-shopping, conversion, competitive behaviors, and audience segmentation (Compete a. K. , 2011) The data that Compete. Com has available can help FT gain deeper insight into how their targeted customers behave when they are online and they can leverage this information to build campaigns that cater those behaviors. The main objective that they can target through this service is how to get customers to click-through to their site based on the display ads that are created through Google Towards.

They will most likely have to invest in the Compete PRO account so that they can have access to the data they need, but the return on investment will prove to be much greater in the long run. By having a better sense of what type of ad copy and keywords generates clicks, From the Farm can create display ads that reflect this type of copy and use those relevant keywords to improve the click-through rate of those ads which can help boost their sales and conversion rates and ultimately, result in a greater ROI. Spy - Spy is another search analytics service that provides competitive intelligence by identifying the keywords hat websites are bidding on in Google Towards. Spy offers a limited free service as well a paid subscription-based service. The subscription-based service allows users to download competitors' Towards keywords, view the ad copy associated with the keyword, and how much they are bidding as well as how much they're spending per click. The value that this service can provide FT is multi-dimensional.

For one, they can see if they are bidding competitively enough on the current keywords they are bidding on and have the opportunity to adjust their spend accordingly. Secondly, hey can see how their ad copy compares to that of their competitors and create copy that is similarly effective. And lastly, they can see what keywords they are not yet using and ought to be using based on the results their competitors are getting from those keywords. Although FT is not new to using SEE and SEEM in their current marketing strategy, they can benefit greatly by utilizing these two tools prior to creating their campaigns.

These tools will deliver them tremendous insight into what campaigns may or may not be effective as well as give them an advantage over their competitors. Furthermore, when creating their SEEM campaign, there should be a 90/10 split between identifying keywords and driving traffic and conversions. 10% of the budget should be allocated to identifying optimal keywords for SEE, meaning keywords that do well and may be captured organically. 90% of the budget should be used to drive traffic and conversions (Baling, 2010).

Lastly, since they have been dissatisfied with the results being delivered by Captain Marketing, it is recommended that they hire an in-house SEE specialist to manage these campaigns instead of outsourcing so that they have more control over directing the efforts of this individual ND can more easily align their goals with those efforts. 3. 2 Social Media Marketing Social media is another avenue that FT can explore in terms of reaching their targeted customer base and more importantly, these sites house a tremendous amount of data that can be used to build more effective marketing campaigns.

According to a report on Social Media for Enterprise Marketing, social media is important to enterprise marketing efforts for two reasons: external, brand development marketing and internal business process/worker engagement marketing. Furthermore, social media marketing and engagement provides an opportunity to have unfiltered, authentic contact with your customer who can provide priceless insight on their perceptions about your brand, their intentions and their perceived needs (Nicolas, 2010).

There is an enormous opportunity for FT to increase their brand awareness exponentially since these social networking sites will allow them to reach customers on such a large scale due to their massive number of users. According to a new statistic by the Internet World Statistics, there are over 245 million internet users in the US and Nielsen estimates that social media sites and logs reach 80% of all active U. S. Internet users (Evans, 2011). Furthermore, it is projected that by 201 5 brands will be generating 50% of their web sales through social media and mobile platforms with a projection of $30 Billion (Bring, 2012).

For this particular marketing initiative, these are the tools and actions that I recommend FT to utilize: 1. Create a contest or giveaway - Ben Pickering describes four reasons why contests should be a part of a marketing strategy (Pickering, 2011): 1. It is a great tool for building your fan base - Contests tend to give consumers an incentive o follow or like your page, therefore it is a proven way to rapidly increase the number of fans/followers of a company's social media profile. 2. It enables you to engage your audience - A user-generated content (UGH) promotion such as a photo or video contest is a great way to do Just that.

CHIC contests tap in to the human drive to compete, and they provide an opportunity for everyone to experience their 1 5 minutes of fame. Most importantly, when participants upload their personal content (e. G. , a photo or story) to your promotion, they are naturally invested in your brand. 3. They are a rich source for data - Typically contests require users to enter information about them which as a result allows companies to collect their information to use for marketing purposes later.

Valuable information includes - email addresses, information about how they heard about the company and the content, their demographics, etc. 4. It empowers consumers to market for you - Contests are more likely to go viral due to the fact that when people get excited about something, they are more likely to share with other people, hence automatic word-of- mouth marketing on your behalf. FT has a wide range of products that they can remote as a prize or a giveaway in any contest they create, therefore it is a fast and easy way for them to promote their brand and not necessarily have to spend massive amounts of money to do so. . Faceable Ads - Advertising on Faceable is considered to be highly effective since advertisers can make use of the substantial amount of data that Faceable makes available about its users. Marketers can use information such as status updates, user interests, geographic location, and relationship status, among other things to create targeted advertisements when promoting their brand, product, or services. For example, FT can choose to create an advertisement about their gourmet meats and target users who indicate they are interested in cooking, food/dining, and health/well-being.

They can also narrow their segmentation by entering specific keywords that are relevant to the product in order to ensure that they are reaching highly relevant users that have a greater chance of being interested in that product which could essentially lead to those users converting into sales. When creating an ad on Faceable, the advertiser needs to take into consideration these three elements that are crucial tort nigh click-through rates Slogan, 2012): * High Relevance - An effective ad should be 100% relevant to a specific search query entered by a user.

For instance, if they user searched for "Tropical Fruit", the search results that appear need to be tropical fruit, in addition when the user clicks the link, the landing page that it is directed should be a tropical fruit product page. * Compelling Call-to-Action - The call-to-action should motivate the user to want to click the ad and also create a sense of urgency as to why they should click now. An example of a clear call-to-action for FT products would be, "Fresh Figs Now Available. Buy Now and Save 10%".

The advertiser needs to make sure that they are giving the user a reason to click their ad over any other similar ad that is displayed. * Value Proposition - Give customers a reason to want to shop with you. What can your online store offer the customer that goes above and beyond what their expectations? FT can leverage their "Love the Flavor or It's FREE" Guarantee so that customers can have the comfort of knowing that they are backing up the quality of their products and will gladly take care of them in the event that they are dissatisfied with it.

Similar to display ads on Google, these three elements re critical to driving a high click-through rate; the difference with Faceable though is that since users are there to catch up on their social lives, the ads that are created on Faceable need to have an element of being disruptive so the user will pay attention to the ad and hopefully click it (Slogan, 2012). 3. Twitter Promoted Tweets - Of all the promoted products that Twitter offers, it is recommended that FT only make use of the Promoted Tweets service since their main goal is to drive more sales on their website.

Promoted Tweets can be a hit or miss for Fête's social media marketing campaign depending on how effectively they use it. To get started, FT needs to take into consideration these three elements of what makes an effective tweet (Nonhuman): * Timing - Tweeting at the right time is vital to whether or not they will get the results they are after. Being that there is an average of 100,000 tweets per minute going out, advertisers need to ensure that their promoted tweet is seen by the audience they are targeting, this means timing their tweets to go out when they can expect the maximum exposure.

A recent study shows that the optimal time two tweet is between 1 to 3 p. M. EST Monday through Thursday since the peak traffic time is generally twine 9 a. M. To 3 p. M. EST Monday through Thursday (Rubin, 2012). * Audience - A common denominator of effective tweets is the encouragement of user participation. Companies can leverage earned engagement via rewets and users sharing their links externally. * Exclusivity - Use Twitter as a means of letting your followers be the first to know about new events, products and services. By presenting an element of exclusivity, it creates interest in users to be the first to know.

FT can use promoted tweets to share exclusive coupon codes that are unique to their Twitter followers. 4. Pinsetters - Since Pinsetters does not have any paid advertisement services yet, FT can leverage this site to launch a variety of marketing campaigns for free. Examples of the types of campaigns that FT can create are (Genius, 2012): * Custom Product Poniards - FT can create poniards that can be used to indirectly market their products by pinning images of their actual products and anything related to those products. For instance, they can post a photo of an entere that their product is used in and link a recipe to it.

A recent study shows that "59 percent of moms say they nave searched tort recipes and t reparations tips on the web or via social media while preparing a meal in the last thirty days" (NEWSGROUP Americas, 2012). This presents FT the opportunity to indirectly market their products to this group by using a recipe * Audience Specific Poniards - FT can also create poniards for each specific audience with themes such as "Kid-Friendly Meals" or "Meals on a Budget". This is another way that they can tie in their products by linking the image to that specific product page. Educational and How-To Video Poniards - An example of an educational or how-to campaign that FT can launch is y posting an image about a type of produce and giving a brief history about the farmer who grew it. This can prove to be effective being that one of their goals is to promote the fact that all of their products are freshly grown and shipped by hard- working farmers all over the country. * Exclusive product bundles - FT can poniards that are specific to a particular holiday or event and feature only products that are relevant and exclusive to that event.

For example, they can create a "Holiday Sale" poniard that provides holiday gift ideas paired with an exclusive offer for each f those particular products. * Coupon Poniards - Pinsetters is also a great way for FT to post their current promotions and coupon codes with a wider audience and can also be an opportunity to convert their Pinsetters followers into new customers and sales. One of the examples that FT can follow is a brand called Perpetual Kid, which is an online store that sells products that "entertain your inner child".

Perpetual Kid gained organic exposure through Pinsetters beginning in 2011 by finding ways to engages with customers in many creative ways such as drawing a picture on the box an item is shipped in. Customers pinned pictures of Perpetual Kid's products, as well as pictures that had been drawn on shipping boxes by the staff. In the summer of 2011, Pinsetters was driving only 0. 20% of Perpetual Kid's total traffic; by January 2012, it was up to 2. 63%. In addition to increased traffic, Perpetual Kid also increased Pinsetters-driven sales conversion rates.

The case study asserts that Pinsetters traffic converts to a sale at more than twice the rate of Faceable traffic which suggests that creative consumer engagement on social media can lead to efficient sales conversion (Horton, 2012). 3. 3 Email Marketing FT has been using Constant Contact from the very beginning, so the adjustment to be made in their email marketing efforts lies in 1) increasing the frequency of email campaigns and 2) ensuring that each email campaign is sent only to relevant people. Currently, FT is only sending out monthly newsletters to a general customer list and newsletter subscriber list.

The recommendations for this marketing initiative are as follows: 1. Maintain a consistent and frequent schedule of sending out new email campaigns. The more emails are sent to subscribers, the higher the open rates and consumption of content (Frederickson, 2012). . Create segmented lists based on these four segments: Gender, Purchasers, Non-purchases, and Geography (Perihelion, 2010). These segments can be dissected even further, if desired. For example, the purchasers group can be further segmented into segments of specific products that were ordered in the past.

For instance, the segment can be broken down into product categories such as: Fruit, Gourmet Meats, Gift Baskets, etc. An example campaign could be sending related merchandise offers such as product recommendations and cross-selling other relevant product and can also be paired up with a special account or some type tot rewards or loyalty program. 3 Once email campaigns are launched, continue to track the recipients' behavior for additional segmentation (Kirkpatrick, 2012). This can be a useful tool into gaining a deeper understanding of which products customers are most interested in based on which links they clicked on in the email.

This can essentially help determine which products and those relevant to it should be featured in upcoming email campaigns. The most important thing for FT to do is to use the data from their website in order to dissect their email sits into segments to whom they can deliver the only most relevant content to through their email campaigns. A recent case study discusses how email segmentation effectively reduced overall advertising costs by 73% and generated a 3,000% ROI for one company. The key takeaway is that "segmenting a database and using those segmented audiences for targeted email efforts is an effective marketing strategy.

To accomplish this, at least two elements have to be in place the database must be large enough to warrant segmentation, and each record must contain enough data to conduct the segmentation" (Kirkpatrick, 2012). In summary, we can conclude that FT can continue to use some of the systems and services they already have in place and supplement those systems with those that can further support their marketing efforts. Compete. Com & Spy can provide relevant and useful data that FT can use when determining what market segments to target based on each specific campaign.

Furthermore, they can remain cost-effective in implementing these new marketing programs, by capitalizing on free services such as Pinsetters to market their products to prospective customers by pinning highly relevant and interesting content on their profile. And for services that cost, they can still maintain cost-effectiveness by regularly monitoring their campaign performance and adjusting them accordingly to ensure that the money being spent is generating the results that they are looking for.

Lastly, through the effective utilization of these technologies, FT can expect to see an increased level of traffic to their website, increased sales, and overall brand awareness based on the examples and case studies provided of other brands utilizing these same technologies. 4. 0 High-Level Implementation Plan In order for FT to successfully create and implement these new marketing managing and ensure their effectiveness, they must take the following steps prior to deploying them: 1.

Extract and utilize data from all the necessary sources - The data that is available through the website, Compete. Com, Spy, and Faceable are instrumental to these marketing programs because it is the data that will serve as a basis for each specific marketing campaign and initiative. FT must carefully select the data they pull so that they can ensure its relevancy and accuracy prior to using it as a basis for the campaigns. 2. Determine what type of market segments to create FT must also consider what particular groups they want to focus on initially.

They must also determine how broad or how deeply segmented each group will be so that they can create campaigns that most accurately addresses those particular groups. 3. For the purposes of determining which types of campaigns should be implemented and also how to distribute them, FT must research best practices for creating targeted advertisements and marketing programs so that they can establish the guidelines and approach for each marketing initiative. 4. Determine the methods of marketing communication - FT must decide which method of marketing

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