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This Is because If we focus on Increasing the market share then we end up focusing on our needs and wants. However, through our offering, we focus on meeting the customer"s wants and needs, by designing services accordingly. Type of product: Ours is a high involvement, experiential product aimed to be marketed as a hedonistic product. To put it in a nutshell, the product is the experience one can feel or understand only after participation. Core Product: The experience of participating In adventure sports like: Trekking, Camping, Paragliding, Bungee Jumping and horse riding Is what drives our product.

While some of the adventure sports offered by us are also provided by our competitors, still we are the only one offering all of them together and that too in the lush green lap of nature. Core Benefits: When an individual "buys" the product he signs up to enjoy the core benefits of thrill, adrenaline rush, feeling of victory over fear and the feeling of Independence that he gets while participating In the sports activity he has "bought". To top It all, the discerning adventurer gets a feel of multiple sports. All at one location.

Thus, some of the key core product attributes are: meets the adventure interests of urban customers * provides adventure in natural peaceful surroundings with no space constraints * Sports/ Adventure Experiences Offered: provides each customer with a basket of varied experiences under one roof * within 50-75 km from the city * Real time experience as compared to virtual gaming worlds The Augmented Product: As is evident from the interviews, reports in the media and the results of our survey, the adventure seeking college goers and unmarried professionals are interested in the core benefits of adrenaline rush and feeling of independence.

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Therefore Adventure', apart from offering these core benefits, also aims at providing the customers the enhanced benefit of spending quality time with the family while out on an adventure trip. Based on favorable responses to our focused questions during our interview, the augmented product entails the following: a. Camping as a non-adventure family experience to be accompanied by bonfire. This would be marketed as a stand-alone experience. B. A Family Pack including adventure sports and relaxation, a weekend away from the hectic life, all together at a single place, thereby, providing value to everyone c.

Special product designed for large choice. Trekking, camping along with fun filled outdoor games can be excellent team building activities. Augmented product Attributes: * 2 day 1 night package for long term thrills * Complete family puller * Catering to all individuals and groups like students, professionals and corporate. Key Product Quality: Value for money with international adventure sports standards. Customization Offered: Pick and choose from among the various adventure sports packages offered.

Reliability: All adventure sports performed under the supervision of World class professionals Greatest focus within our service quality would be to ensure highest standards of safety. This would be done through rigorous third party audits and continuous assessment of safety systems in place. Branding: Adventure : Discover Yourself! Perceived Product Value with Price: Middle Market Service point of view: A. People: * Employees: The employees are a bunch of young and dynamic professionals who are refreshingly informal while approaching the different customers. Punctuality: Employees are always available on time for the customers 24*7 * Training: Employees at our club are people with a relevant degree in a course which links an understanding of industry provisions, social and psychological aspects of adventurous and extreme sports. As part of the course they must have gone through an integral residential field trip. Our staff is experienced and highly qualified in their respective fields. * Motivation: The employees are constantly motivated through a flat structure at our adventure club and given performance based rewards.

Feedback is collected from the customers and incentives are given to the employees preferred or recommended by the customers. * Teamwork: World class certified professionals competent enough to be able to handle emergencies faced. They are well trained to teach the outdoor adventure skills and risk management techniques with organizations like NOELS (USA), Outward Bound (I-J), along with a number of adventure schools of India like HIM, MIM. * Culture: All the employees are treated as the members off Family. All the success or failures are shared together as a team.

B. Physical Evidence: * Equipment: The entire range of equipments required for our adventure sports is mostly manufactured outside India. We plan to import good certified equipments manufactured in compliance with the International Safety Standards from best laity distributors e. G. The entire range of equipment for paragliding is imported from Supper, which is the most trusted brand in paragliding equipment industry. Also, bungee Jumping equipment is imported from Nanning Quenching Amusement amusement equipments. Facility design: We are located in a site in the north zone of Bangor, which is known for its lush green natural surroundings. The site is easily accessible through public transportation. We have adequate parking space, roads have been paved to our club from the main road, and our site is free from the pollution and noise of the traffic in the city. Our facility development partners have helped us with the best site for each sport, safety incorporation such as a bounded fence for some exclusive sports like bungee Jumping.

We also have relaxation zones where a family can have a great time together. Bounded Fence for Safety Relaxation Private zones for Family * Signage: The entire surrounding is marked with legible indications and signboards which help in identifying the location pertaining to each sport and also for food and stay areas. Support staff is available at designated points after intervals to help people get familiarized with the zones. Areas specially designated for sports bear instructions specific to sport along with actions needed when faced with emergency. Employee Dress: Our entire team is easily approachable for any kind of guidance or help during the process, because of the informal but common dress code that is in place. The outstanding color of the t-shirts helps as a quick clue for identification. * Reports/Statements/Guarantees: Annual feedback service reports to be emailed to all customers who have availed our services in the last one year including families, friends, corporate groups and individuals. C.

Process: Customization is the undercurrent of all our offers, which allows groups to interact with us about their interests and also seek help in identifying the best package which suits them. One of our assisting staff is assigned to each group to help them for the entire period of stay, for both single-day and weekend packages. 1) The simple sequence of steps involved in the process is as listed below: * Availability check: Enquire for availability of accommodation for the group by mentioning the size and probable time of arrival- This can be done through our website, www. Adventure. Com or through our telephone service.

There is an option of selecting the suitable package by talking to our control team employees, who have the expertise to offer the best package in line with the group's interest, demographics and any constraints. * The price for the entire package can be enquired at this time or after arrival, and the choice should be intimated to our personnel. * Arrival at Adventure, followed by indulging in the unique facilities offered * Excitement and fun while engaging in the sports * Go home with a lingering thrills Quality: All our activities are accredited by adventure activities licensing authority Pricing:

We shall introduce the product, Adventure, with a penetration pricing. Considering the nature of our venture, it is important that we achieve the following: * Attract the innovators and enable trial of the experiences and services. * Ensure maximum capacity utilization. * Deter existing players from adding capacity and offering the sports not yet offered. * Reducing the per customer cost of providing expert supervision and considering the high capital investments required in the project.

Pricing method to be followed: We have decided to price our offering on the principles of perceived value pricing. The perceived value of our offering was arrived at by a survey conducted in which various price points were offered to be chosen amongst. It is our endeavourer to ensure that there is a gradual increase in the customer perceived value through focused promotional activities, which are being discussed below. The going price, offered by substitutes and competitors was also closely studied before arriving at the price points.

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