New Product Launch Marketing Plan, Part III

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Public relations and sales promotion will play a major part of LiveWell’s ability to stay in the growth stage, attract new customers, and keep loyal customers that wish to lead a healthy lifestyle. Healthy chocolate’s message to the public is to “Live healthier and happier with every bite”. To enforce the credibility of healthy chocolate’s message, all of the chocolate products can get labeled with university research on its ability to produce anti-toxins, reduce blood pressure, and claim any other discoveries healthy chocolate can achieve.

Public relations for healthy chocolate will involve sponsoring events for publicity such as the Special Olympics, hosting disabled veterans sports events, and holding fitness fairs to identify with individuals who want to become healthy in the target market, increase the product’s name, and to express commitment toward social issues. “Companies can promote their brands and public name by sponsoring and publicizing sports and cultural events and highly regarded causes” (Kotler & Keller, 2012, pg. 529). The brand image of living a healthy lifestyle will get promoted through public relations and can get used for sales promotion of the product.

“New products typically merit large advertising budgets to build awareness and to gain customer trial” (Kotler & Keller, 2012, pg. 505). Hosting a disabled veteran sporting event or the Special Olympics is not only a less expensive advertising campaign but will encourage the trial of healthy chocolate through samples at these events. ” Marketing communication activities contribute to brand equity and drive sales in many ways: by creating brand awareness, forging brand image in consumer’s memories, eliciting positive brand judgments or feelings, and strengthening consumer loyalty” (Kotler & Keller, 2012, pg.478).

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The two additional advertising methods that will be used to target LiveWell consumers will be word of mouth (network marketing) and print advertising. Word of mouth is one of the oldest forms of advertising. Advertising LiveWell healthy chocolates this way will allow current distributors to invite potential distributors to learn about the products by listening to presentations from company representatives. In addition to, listening from satisfied clients who share how much they enjoyed the products and the ability to make extra income.

Unlike print advertising the consumer will have the opportunity to taste the product Print advertisement is another effective method to advertise our LiveWell healthy chocolate product. Individuals have a trend to be interested to new data and perceptive of things of concern. Print advertising targets and draws the audience attention to products and amenities as they are reading or glancing through ads, magazines and newspapers. LiveWell-Healthy Chocolate will be delivering three primary messages in its marketing plan that will be consistently applied to describe and position the healthy chocolate’s benefits.

The main message for LiveWell will be “Live healthier and happier with every bite. ” This main message will be our slogan. We repeatedly will use it so that consumers are constantly reminded of our products benefits as well as its superior taste. The intention is to make our product and its slogan familiar in every household in America, so that we may gain more recognition and become more popular by word-of-mouth, advertising, etc. Another message that we will apply to describe our product is focused on its health benefits. The health benefits will be used to position the chocolate chews as a healthy chocolate.

It will be distributed through channels that will support its premium positioning. We will advertise and promote our products’ heart health benefits as well as its antioxidant properties. The third primary message we will be delivering to consumers is the quality of taste in our product. Not only is our product good for the consumer, but it also has a rich, decadent taste that leaves individuals feeling very fulfilled. The main message to consumers will be that the chocolate is luxurious, tasty, and good for your health sweet sensation.

This general message will be communicated to the target market across all promotional tools. Secondary messages we will be instilling in the public are that our product is great for adults and great for kids. Although, we will be primarily targeting adult consumers, we will also frequently mention that this chocolate is a much healthier alternative to the chocolate most children eat. We will make mention that adults should replace their children’s favorite candy bars with LiveWell, so that even their children will have the opportunity to grow up healthier and happier with every bite.

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