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Current Event: Coronavirus Oil Crash

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In this Detroit article which is, “Saudi Arabia making oil output record is big” this is about Saudi Arabia increasing its oil by a lot of million barrels per day. (Detroit News) The lower oil prices made less demand in traveling by air because of the coronavirus. (Detroit News) This will lower gas prices of gasoline in america. In this Detroit news article it talked about, “a gallon of regular unleaded gas in the U.S. was sold at $2.38 a gallon and a month later it dropped down to $2.46” (Detroit News). This means the gas fell down because Saudi Arabia kicked up its output and the coronavirus. These were the leading causes of low gas.

This relates to class because we talked about oil. In class we talked about how crude oil has gotten into the water of Flint and no one drinks the tap water in Flint. As we are digging for the oil the oil leaks into the ground spreading into water making the water dangerous. Like lead poisoning and bacteria growing and just overall terrible nasty tap water. Also in class we talked about Obama saying we should go to renewable resources. Yeah we can do that but some countries don't have the natural resource to switch to renewable resources.

In this USA today article which is, “Teneese tornado victims but now they’re just memories now in the world” this is about people who died from the Tennessee tornadoes. The article mentioned tons of people, but I am going to talk about one. There is a couple who are named Albree Sexton she is 33 and Michel Dolfini is 36. (USA Today) The article talks about she was a good bartender and he was a nashville police officer. They have died from the horrible Teneessse tornado.

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This relates to class that we talked about in class about climate change. The conservatives say the environment is meant to treat us not to care for it. The conservtive are referring to the moral order. The consertvie say they don’t believe in climate change, but in class we talk about what the conservatives really meant. Putting this way, consertvie are saying climate change is a fairy tale, what they really mean is they refer to the moral order. Meaning if we start caring for the environment there will be less jobs. Meaning if less jobs people will have a hard time surviving in the world. Also, in class we talked about if climate change keeps the way it is, it is only going to get worser in 20 years. Meaning there will be no more water, more earthquakes, tornadoes and hurricanes. This will lead to people moving to Michigan because we have everything.

In this politifact article which is, “In Boone Country with about a 1.7 percent of unemployment rate, they can’t get the job openings” is about people who are unemployed in Missouris. In this article it says the unemployment rate I mentioned is not true, but overall the rate is low. In Boone county they are giving more money to the workers than a regular retail market. (politifact) They are pushing laws to make people who have crimes are able to work and get jobs.

This relates to class because we talked about unemployment in class. If this happens this will lead to another great depression just like another recession. Where people can’t find jobs or work and have hard time in the world. This also leads to what we talked about in class about going to renewable energy jobs. People can switch to this but we in MI have a lot of wind while other states have the sun so they can use solar panels. We in MI are a cloudy state where we don't get that much sun then other states.

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