Impact Oil Marketing Companies And Oil Refineries On Environment

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The activities and operations of oil marketing companies and oil refineries have a direct impact on environment and people. Therefore, it is imperative for such companies to follow business ethics which ensure that their activities are not having any negative impact on the environment and the people who have a stake in the organization in any way. BP knows the importance of this and it has taken some steps to ensure the safety of environment and the people who work with it after coming under criticism by various interest groups for not adhering to safety laws of environment and people.

BP has divided its safety component into three parts namely, personal safety, process safety and environmental safety. Personal safety component covers the safety of the workers and employees who work in the organization. The reported recordable injury frequency was 0. 48 per 200,000 in 2007 and 2006 which was below the industry average. The improvement in personal safety is directly linked with improvement in process safety at BP. The processes of BP are now safe then ever before which have been ensured by a leadership which has a strong commitment to safety and by ensuring a culture which has a strong preference for safety.

Besides ensuring personal safety and process safety BP is also taking steps so as to ensure environmental safety. BP in 2007 implemented a group practice called the Environmental Requirements for New Projects following its approval in November 2006. The new environmental requirements require the firm to screen for any potential environmental hazard associated with a new project before launching that particular project. Moreover, since 2007 BP has not launched a single project which was declared to be unfit by the world conservation union.

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Like BP, Shell also makes sure that it follows the universal business ethics which help it in protecting the environment and the people who have a stake in its operations. Shell in it’s oversees operations hires the local people and uses the services of local contractors and suppliers. This policy of Shell ensures that the local people are treated fairly by the organization and given a just chance to contribute towards its goal of providing energy to its customers. Besides this, shell is also committed to lower its emissions of harmful gasses and chemicals.

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