Comparing and Contrasting Country and Rock Music: Similarities and Differences in Musical Atmosphere and Roots

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There are many genres in today's music for one to choose. Many of them are not so different, for example, Country and Bluegrass. Then again, some genres are completely different like Metal and Polka. There are many complex conversations and arguments over which genre is closest and farthest apart. In my opinion the hardest compare and contrast of them all would be between Country and Rock. Firstly, some may wonder why Country and Rock sound so similar.

Both of the genres come from the same musical roots. They come from the early nineteen hundreds genre known as Blue's music. They both have similarities in their musical atmosphere. For example, Jason Alden's country song she's country has a heavier rift and a slower, drop tuned beat for the average country song. On the other hand, Kings of Leon, a rock band, have a faster upbeat tempo, and a more acoustic feel for a typical rock band. For example, their song Back Down South has a southern, good ole boy country sound.

There are also ways that the two types of music sound different. For instance, Slipknot's feel is a more brutal, head banging, and violent sounding. As in their song Psychosocial, where the guitars are shredding and the drums sound as if hell is aging over. In contrast to that you have the country band Brooks and Dunn, whose songs usually have more of a down home, boot tapping harmony. For example, the song Boot Scoot Bogey in which has southern, mellow party melody.

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Secondly, they are alike, but yet very different in the concept of how they dress and display their image. You might see someone in a cowboy hat and torn Jeans, or you might see someone with long, dark hair and a black t-shirt. Most country bands prefer cowboy hats, dress shirts, tight blue Jeans, and cowboy boots. The lead singer of an average entry band usually has short, stylish hair with a clean beard. They are usually better groomed. But lead singers in a rock band have tattoos, piercing, long hair and facial and more drinking and drugs.

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