Essays on Socialism

Essays on Socialism

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The Berlin Wall as a Cultural Heritage for Berliners

The Berlin wall is common for its cultural heritage, and it is still one of the city\’s first sights to see. The wall had a special aura that was treated as a holy relic that spoke for the deliverance from the cold war. The people, …

Berlin WallGermanySocialism
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Pages 3
The Historical Background of the Communism

Many scholars have defined Communism as the creation of a free society whereby there are no social classes and also a society where the wealth of a state is shared equally among the citizens. Social class is a separation of society because of their social …

Words 1598
Pages 7
Marxism and Oppression

Adiga’s criticism and examination of India’s institutions supports the Marxist belief that the state, and its overruling superstructures, is oppressive. According to Marxists, the state was created to be an “instrument of force and violence for dominating, suppressing and exploiting the poor (Sharma). One example …

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Pages 5
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Was the Labour party`s foreign policy under Tony Blair a success?

The years of Labour Party rule under Tony Blair were characterised by an interventionist foreign policy which saw troops being deployed toKosovo,Sierra Leone,AfghanistanandIraq. An analysis of the stated aims of these interventions as well as the outcomes of them, on balance, leads one to conclude …

DemocracyForeign PolicyIraqSocialism
Words 1170
Pages 5
The Failure of the 1848 Revolution

The revolution of 1848 was one of the noisy and bloody one and spread almost allover the Europe. There were three major reasons for the 1848; economic crisis, the emergence of liberal political activity and the tendency to the right. France was the one of …

Words 682
Pages 3
Policy in Theory and Practice

What is the social administrative tradition? Social administration developed when the welfare state was undergoing a period of growth, when there was a high level of optimism about its potential achievements and a high degree of consensus about the fundamentals such as Education, the National …

Words 1106
Pages 5
Kolb Model

Tata Motors’ Singur Case (Nano Controversy) Introduction I have taken the case on Tata Motors Ltd. The case was all about on the Tata Nano Singur Controversy. This controversy refers to the Tata’s Nano Factory at Singur in Hooghly district in West Bengal, India. Since …

Essay ExamplesSocialism
Words 2458
Pages 10
Stalin: Evaluation of His Leadership

At the time, Stalin seemed like he was the greatest person on Earth. He made himself seem as if he was above everybody, both physically and mentally. After all of the revolts that were occurring in Russia, he just took over. He went into power …

CommunismJoseph StalinMarxismSocialismTotalitarianism
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Pages 4
What Is Capitalism?

Capitalism is a system based on economic enterprise involving exchanging within the market, it is a private economy where profit-seeking establishments employ salary-earning employees to carry out the production of goods and services (Stanford,2008). Advocators of capitalism are those who support an economic system based …

Words 2145
Pages 9
Bureaucracy and Liberalisation

After independence the newly emerged Indian State was characterized by the dominant role in all the spheres of society. It was a welfare state whose objective was to secure political, social and economic justice to all the sections of Indian population. The Westminister model of …

Words 752
Pages 4
Russian Revolution In “Animal farm”

Animal Farm Essay Animal Farm by George Orwell is a compelling book that represents the Russian revolution. Although sing through the eyes of animate beings may look like a infantile construct, George does good into doing certain that the book carries out the message of …

Animal FarmCommunismMarxismSocialismTotalitarianism
Words 789
Pages 4
Marxian Theory of Economic Development

He attempts to explain that all historical events have been influenced by economic conditions. The key concepts in his explanation are mode of production and relations of proud. The term ‘mode of prod. ‘ refers to a particular social arrangement of prod. Corresponding to a …

Words 613
Pages 3
Florence Kelley

Florence Kelley (1859 – 1932) Florence Kelley, A Woman of Fierce Fidelity Florence Kelley is considered one of the great contributors to the social rights of workers, particularly women and children. She is best known as a prominent Progressive social reformer known for her role …

Florence KelleySocialism
Words 1556
Pages 7
The Role Of Intellectuals In The Rise Of Marxism History Essay

Marxism refers to the socio-political and economic universe position which proposes socialism as a political political orientation to transform society into a better entity. The conceivers of Marxism were Karl Marx together with Friedrich Engels who lived in Britain but had originally migrated from Germany. …

Words 2452
Pages 10
An Utopian Society

Utopian society where all your needs are taken care of by someone else sounds wonderful to many people. In a socialist society, everyone is taken care of, given a job, and the government handles the “business end” of things. Capitalism, on the other hand, is …

Words 781
Pages 4
National Power

National power is an imperative element of the state system.According to Prof. Morgenthau national power is a mental connection between the individuals who practice it and those over whom it is worked out. It gives the previous command over specific activities of the last mentioned, through …

Essay ExamplesInnovationSocialism
Words 1489
Pages 6
The Relevance of Marxism Today

East Africa has been, for a long time, entangled in ideological identities. These have been to both extremes, Marxism and Liberalism. This is what has been called capitalism and socialism in other words. In the words of East African, Mwalimu Julius Kambarage Nyerere from Tanzania, …

CapitalismMarxismSocialismSpecial Day
Words 2270
Pages 10
How Economic Systems Impact Society

i.) In business activities, you can take two routes; socialist and capitalist. In a socialist business environment, you would be dealing with public or common ownership. When there’s socialism in business there is an equal say, and it would include equal power relations, and maybe …

CapitalismEconomic SystemSocialismWelfare
Words 451
Pages 2
How far did Stalin’s social policies change

How far did Stalin’s social policies change the lives of women and children In the years to 1945? Following Stalin’s succession to power in 1929, once again, Russia was transformed. As part of Socialism In One Country, Stalin focussed his intentions internally. This involved the …

EducationJoseph StalinSocialism
Words 1708
Pages 7
Compare and Contrast Communism, Socialism, and Capitalism

What is communism? Communism is a term used broadly to designate a ‘theory or system of social organization based on the holding of all property in common, actual ownership being ascribed to the community as a whole or to the state. ’ It refers to …

Words 2046
Pages 9
Freedom vs. Restrictions on Consumer Behavior

In capitalistic system, consumers have the complete freedom regarding their consumption. Consumers are at full liberty to buy whatever products and services they choose and are able to afford. It is the consumers who dictate what are to be produced and in what quantities. This …

Words 529
Pages 3
Growth of the Labour Party

Although the First World War played quite a large role in the growth of the labour party there were many other factors that contributed to their rise in popularity. Such as, the split of the coalition, the representation of the peoples act, and finally Clause …

ContractEssay ExamplesLiberalismSocialism
Words 672
Pages 3
Stalin Movie review

Is a biography/ drama HBO film. The movie Stalin Is about the life of Stalin from the time Lenin became ruler to when Stalin died. It shows the life and career of the leader of the Soviet union, Joseph Stalin. Stalin is portrayed as a …

CommunismMarxismMovie ReviewSocialismTotalitarianism
Words 277
Pages 2
Current Historical Examples Constraints Opportunities Work Organisation Economics Essay

Work administration ( WO ) has a great and important impact non merely on a micro-firm degree but besides on national and planetary degrees as it influences political, societal and economic systems. WO is a wide construct with no rigorous definition as it deals with …

Words 3963
Pages 16
Economic Systems

There is more than one way for an economy to organize its economy. The government may decide what’s best or the government might stay out of it, leaving the economic system- structure of methods and principles that a society uses to produce and distribute goods …

CommunismEconomic SystemSocialismSociety
Words 2304
Pages 10
Economic system of different country

General Characteristics of Agricultural, Industrial, and Information Age Economic Systems Agricultural Age Economic Systems: During this age Japan’s economics were limited to trading with foreigners who were deemed a non threat. There economic system was nowhere near what it is today because they were a …

CapitalismChinaCountriesEconomic SystemMacroeconomicsSocialism
Words 1295
Pages 6
Cold War Argumentative Essay

The cold war was a tense relationship between the Soviet Union and the Americans. The reason why they were fighting was because of the way their countries ran. The Soviet Union communism is a political way of thinking and an idea of how society should …

CapitalismCold WarCommunismMacroeconomicsSocialism
Words 331
Pages 2
Totalitarianism Soviet Stalin

To what extent was the Soviet Union a totalitarian state by 1939? The term ‘totalitarianism’ emerged in the 1920s and ’30s, to describe the dictatorial regimes which appeared at that time in Germany and the USSR. The Soviet Union was undoubtedly totalitarian by the late …

Words 784
Pages 4
China – Political and Economic Balance

Even a few decades ago, China was not considered to be a significant entity in the global political economy. China emerged from the relative isolation and autarky of the Maoist period with the assumption of the de facto power by Deng Xiaoping in 1978. However, …

Words 779
Pages 4
China economic survival

The financial crisis that exploded in September 2008 transformed a benign global political and economic context into something more malign (Razzed Sally, 2011). On one hand, the end of 2011 sees the lethargy of Western economies continue with their futures uncertain. On the other, China …

Words 1225
Pages 5

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Socialism is a political, social, and economic philosophy encompassing a range of economic and social systems characterised by social ownership of the means of production, as opposed to private ownership. It includes the political theories and movements associated with such systems.


What exactly is socialism?
Socialism is an economic, political, and sociological philosophy that encompasses a range social and economic systems, each of which has social ownership of the means for production. Social ownership can be either collective, cooperative, private, or equity.
What are the main points of socialism?
A socially sustainable society has six fundamental components. It must include (1) an economic system that promotes shared prosperity and builds productive forces in a sustainable, sustainable manner; 2) a political system that supports strong people's democratic efforts to implement the people's agenda; 3) a strong,...
Who is the writer of Essay on socialism?
Oscar Wilde's 1891 essay entitled The Soul of Man: Socialism is a defense of charity and a libertarian socialist vision. Wilde's conversion into anarchism following his reading of Peter Kropotkin's works led to "The Soul of Man" being written.

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