Rock Fest at Hard Rock

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Rock Fest at Hard Rock In order for specific events and projects to be successful, an effective and efficient plan is necessary. A plan reflects the possible outcome of the project or event at hand. Planning is described as the method of deciding what to do and the process of how to execute them (Kerzner, 2003). It allows the integration of people’s values, attitude, needs, and preference in coming up with sound decisions. Good planning is signified by a fine short term decision that has major impact on long term objectives (Bartholomew, 2005).

It is a social activity that involves various people, thus participation and management of people is vital as results are affected by how people are involved, and is not confine in identifying problems that the group would encounter and finding out the easiest solution to them. It could become a good learning process not only for the problems at hand but also for future situations (Kerzner, 2003). In holding an event such as a rock fest with a 9 month plan horizon, time is of the essence. For the first few months it is important to secure the services of the bands that would play on the night of the rock fest.

It is the organizer’s first priority as performers have tight schedule and they might find it hard to tap their services on the night of the scheduled event. For me, tapping their services and joining them altogether in one evening would be the most critical path. About a month or two after the event was proposed, a complete line up of performers should have been finalized and the target schedule date should be revealed. Organizers may find it hard to look for that common time of every band, if notification would not come during the early stages of the proposed rock event.

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Preparing the schedule and the list of the bands that would play would be the most challenging part for the organizers. After the list has been prepared and bands have made their commitment to be included in the rock fest, the next phase for the project would be advertising and promoting it. These would run for the next six months and so. The phase would include ironing out every details of the contract of the bands that would play, tickets sales, promotions, sponsorships and logistics.

At this stage I see limited problem since Hard Rock Cafe is well known; posters, streamers and flyers could come in handy as funding for the project would not be limited and furthermore the organizer could easily make a tie up with their previous sponsors. The only thing that may derailed the project’s progress is if the project coordinator failed to come up with a catchy title, poster designs and taglines that would make the rock fest even more exciting. A month before the rock fest, the focus then would be preparing for the rock site, lighting and sound systems and security, contributes heavily to the organizer’s focus.

Good lighting and sound system add more spice and excitement to rock fest. Thus the beauty of the two elements is a must. Security, on the other hand, is a major concern to prevent unruly fans and mob from becoming more rowdy. This is another major challenge as many events are ruined by uncontrolled crowd. Bands unable to get into the venue and situation involving emergency cases would not pose a problem since a helicopter is on stand by ready to fly. With a good plan and proper management of resources from day one up to the night of the said event, there is no reason not to be optimistic with the rock fest’s result.

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